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The Cemetery


This story I am going to share happened way back when I was still on the beginning of being a Paranormal Researcher. We already went to our school that is said to be haunted. This time, we decided to go to the cemetery. We are excited to know if ghosts and spirits really inhabits such place like that one.

Together with Lord and Requiem (they were not researchers nor investigators), we passed through our school. The guard told us that we needed to ask the permission of the principal to continue our quest. We don't have the time to do what he have said, so we left the school. We first went to the nearest cemetery, a private one. We introduced ourselves as a parapsychology students and are needed to finish our term paper about ghosts and spirits. The guards accepted our request, but they told us to return the next day. They told us to return around 4 o'clock in the morning. We gave our thanks to them. I asked my friends if they still want to proceed and we must wait until 4am. "Pwede tayong matulog sa simbahan" I told them. But they don't want to. Lord suggested to us to proceed to the next cemetery. Requiem and I agreed.

It was already 8:30pm, we were walking into the next cemetery sharing stories and information about paranormal. We only have 6 candles, match box, mercury thermometer, a notebook and a ball pen, audio and video recorder, and a cellphone camera. These are not enough. We really need a flashlight, but we don't have one.

Lord recorded the sounds when we were walking. We don't even notice that he is doing so until he told us what he's doing. A few minutes later, we decided to listen to what he have recorded. While at the middle of the audio file, we heard an ear-aching sound. We had goosebumps and became teary-eyed. We can't explain the phenomena. Lord said that it might be a sound recorded from someone who is singing in the videoke. But we can't remember someone singing in one of the houses we had passed through.

We ignored the thing until we reach the cemetery (a public one). The graves are on different positions. Some are above the other and some are on the pathways. I told them to lit the candles for each of us. I also told them not to use the remained candles for it is going to be sacrificed to the dead. I handled the thermometer, notebook and ballpen then. I also have my own candle. Lord holds the audio and video recorder and two candles. Requiem has two candles and the camera.

The wind is cold and strong, enough to blow the candles. Every time we lit our perspective candle and walk through the cemetery, the candles are blown. And Every time the candles are blown, we use to return at the entrance of the cemetery. "Pasensya na po. Hindi po namin kayo ginagambala, may binibisita lang po kami" the phrase we use to say all over again as we step on the graveyards beneath. We lurked the cemetery until we have used all the candles. The remained candles were also used, because of the strong wind. We have finished our quest with our way back to the entrance. The front of the cemetery has a basketball court. A group of boys are playing basketball. We sat on front of the cemetery and watched. The court where the boys are playing are a bit far yet still can be seen. As we were watching, I also examined the mercury thermometer. Nothing unusual, beside of the fact that mercury thermometer is rarely used in questing because of it's complicated usage. A few minutes later, the guard came and asked us "Anong ginagawa niyo dito? Pumasok ba kayo sa loob?". We told him that we were just resting in front of the place and watching the game. "Akala ko pumasok kayo. Kasi tapunan iyan ng mga namatay na batang wala ng magulang" He said, but I think that's just to scare us. The guard left us. We realized that the guard wants us to leave the place. So we did.

This quest proves that ghosts and spirits don't inhabits the cemetery. There is a chance to happen, but the possibility is very small. Ghosts more likely to occur outside it. The recorded audio proves that. The dead children that is thrown inside the cemetery? I think that's bogus. The guard just want to scare us. On the wind's case, the climate is just fair. That is the reason why the wind is strong, enough to blow the candles.

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