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Practicing Telepathy - Shifted To Telekinesis?


I had buy a book which teaches how to develop one's psychic ability. The first practice which my friend and I tried to do is the practice for telepathy. It was written on the book that there should be two persons facing each other and they must be about 10 feet far from each other. Me and my friend followed the instructions. I am the subject and my friend was the target. There's only 2 minutes for the practice. My friend will think of something and I will read his mind. The first flash of image that will appear on my mind is the correct image my friend is thinking. There should be at least 10 seconds of the image shown in the mind. If the image changes below 10 seconds, the image is wrong. The practice goes on, and all of my predictions are wrong.

We shifted to another practice. I am the sender and he is the target or the receiver. I have to think of a shape, and I tried to think a star image. The distance is also the same as the first practice. The time limit is also two minutes. When we were about on the 30th seconds, he was pulled by an unknown force. I saw him trying to keep on sitting, but he is forced to lie on the floor. He told me that my force is strong. I am still doubtful about that. He said that I might have the ability of Telekinesis The phrase I am just keeping on my mind all over again that time was "We're practicing Telepathy, then I had cast Telekinesis?".

My friend's not a liar when it comes to mentalism. He wants to be a a mentalists that's why he accepted my offer for the practice of psyche abilities. I can say that I had Telekinesis, about 10%. Besides, I had read on the book that clairaudience is a sub-ability of Remote Viewing or Psychopathy which it's manifestation is Lucid Dreaming.

What do you think, guys? Do I have the ability of telekinesis? I am still doubtful.

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StarPsychic (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-28)
If you have empathy you have telepathic ability.

The problem with books is they give ways to develop it that can't suit everyone.

I would suggest meditation alone first to develop, then practise being quiet and finding stillness in the midst of busy places, then daily continue to practise noticing what you sense intuitively about people in smaller groups, then one to one.

You will be fine-tuning yourself to develop telepathy and eventually you will pick up people's thoughts and eventually, if you are clairaudient, will also hear them...

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