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Spirits Don't Mess With Me


Hi there, first time writing a story, just want to say, love the site, now to begin. Through my life I have studied supernatural things, psychic powers, even sensed a couple of ghosts, even if they try something on me they do not dare, when I sense them my body gives them a message basically saying "you might think I don't know what you are but I do" with that, instantly the spirit or spirits flee.

I am developing not psychic abilities for my family has not inherited ability in our blood line, I can sense energy levels off plants and people, I can, when I focus, know and sense if they will strike or ask a question, I can see the aura of the moon when it is full and shining, I can manipulate my energy at a small level able to almost sense anything. I do not believe in god because it is an acronym meaning "Guardian Of Death" GOD, he decides the fate of the spirits, they become reborn in my belief, I like buddha he is peaceful. I study more chinese then jesus himself, spirits will be decided on when soaring the Earthly plain.

If anyone who read this has a question about there experiences I am happy to help, contact me at [at] hotmail [dot] com, you can trust me, 5 years of study is in my site. Thanks for reading, hope it gives you courage to fight your spirits haunting strength. Bye.

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GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-26)
Lifeforce - thanks for the post. For me it was different and a learning experience. Perhaps your family is sensitive, just not aware or unable to sense and communicate it. My family, on both sides, had major trouble in this area. I am a Jesus person, so perhaps not the best to write, but I understand growing pains. Have gone through a few lately. You are young and learning so be willing to listen. I am amazed when reading posts. Others know so much. Humble yourself. I'm pretty confident, so have had to make an effort. Kids can bring us to our knees which is perhaps why we need them. Still, life is fun. In the hard times, and they will happen, remember to look beyond and be grateful for the good stuff. We don't always get our way, oddly.

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