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Vision of a Man Followed by Sickness


A month ago, I was laying in bed half between sleep and waking. So here I was, half blurred vision and waiting for sleep to come. Suddenly, I felt cold as ice although I was under layers of blankets. And, out of nowhere, I see this man! He's bald, no shirt, black pants, earrings in his eyebrows and nose, tattoos on his arms and shoulders, and eyes black as night. He's in front of me crawling and reaching as if to touch me. I snapped my eyes open, becoming fully alert. He was gone. I looked around the room. Nothing. My fiance was still laying next to me snoring as usual. The house was quiet. All was as it should be.

A few days later, I began to have trouble breathing at night when laying flat in bed. I felt as if I were suffocating. No matter how much air I took in, it still didn't seem to be enough. Then, it started to happen at places other than in bed. I was at the office one day, just sitting there doing nothing, when it hit me like a blast of hot air. I couldn't breath! I was on the brink of passing out when I staggered up and went outside for air. After about ten minutes, I was fine again. It's happened about twenty times in various places since then.

A few weeks later, I began to break out terribly all over my face with some of the worst acne that I've ever had. My skin has always been pretty prone to acne. My face was literally covered from forehead to chin in huge red boils. I could squeeze them but if I did, they became much worse. I bought cleansers, creams, and all sort of topical gels. Nothing worked. So, I just put make-up over them and began waiting for them to disappear. Remember, the breathing episodes are still happening at this point.

Now, it's been a month, and the acne has finally cleared up but the breathing problems persist. So, I decided to go let the doctor check it out. I went two days ago. He said that he can't find anything. Everything seems normal. I went home a bit irritated that I've had all of these problems and nothing is there. That evening, I noticed a bunch of tiny bumps on my lip. Great! Now I have fever blisters, which I've never had in my life! I went on with my evening and went to bed. That night breathing seemed nearly impossible in bed. I got up and opened the windows gasping for air. Ten minutes later, I was fine again. I went to bed and woke up feeling terribly ill. The fever blisters on my lip had multiplied in size and I now have a lump the size of a m&m in my throat. I went to the doc yesterday and he says I have HSV (a form of herpes simplex virus). How did I get it? I have no idea. We are some of the cleanest people that I've ever met!

However, my question is this. It's been exactly a month since all of this began. Exactly a month since I saw the man that night. Could this be some sort of psychic experience? Could I have predicted/ foretold this sickness? If you've ever heard of anything like this to know someone that it's happened to, leave a message. I'll be happy to hear from you. Thanks.

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GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-30)
I don't know if you are still checking comments after all this time. I feel you saw something in your sensitive nature, psychically. And it effected you physically. It happens. Well, it's been awhile since you wrote. Let it go. Stand powerful. I have a bit of a temper and no patience with bad stuff. I try to be nice. But, don't let it get you upset. Take care of here and yourself. Let the otherworld do the same. My advice.
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-06)
I personally believe this man appeared in an Evil Form to foretell this illness in the future and it took the doctors all that time to diagnose it.
I believe now that you have been diagnosed this breathing problem may disappear as you calm down.
I also don't know what symptoms this Virus can cause in people other than the breaking out but I think the medicine the Doctor Prescribes and perhaps some research on the Web to learn more about the Virus will help put your mind to rest and tell you more about how to handle this.
I see commericals on television about people who have it and as I understand it its very controllable with medications.

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