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After some of the Spirits began appearing to me, I would spend hours daily trying to further develop my Psychic Abilities and even some of the Spirits were shocked and surprised at some of the information which was coming to me from a place High in the Spirit World which I call the 'Akashic Records'. I also at times refer to it as the 'Book of Life' because it can not only go back in time and replay stories to me, it can look into the future and predict earthquakes and tidal waves around the World and can even look at least 2 years into the future in my estimation as far as my ability to do so goes, and predict deaths from accidents or health problems and when I can reach the people in these predictions I can save them from accidents or health related deaths if it's something a visit to the doctor and tests can find and it's treated in time.

I have learned with these looks into the future we can sometimes change our destiny, and so I am one of those people who does not now believe everything was meant to be, I believe some deaths happen because we can't reach the people in time to save them, from accidents and illness. I believe we can get prior warnings about all sorts of illnesses including cancer and change our lifestyle and diets and the like and change our destiny.

The things I have learned didn't come to me overnight but is something I learned over more than 20 years of communicating with the Spirit World at all levels. For example shortly after the Kennedy's appeared to me in the Spirit World in the summer of l986 they began telling me a story about how they knew Marilyn Monroe and things like that and they told one story that I found it hard to believe when I was taken to a hospital in California and discovered that Marilyn Monroe had miscarried a child by John F. Kennedy.

After that they said, "well if you don't believe us then you should write some questions down on a writing pad addressed to the 'Keeper of the Akashic Records' and ask any question you want to and see just what comes to you". I had no idea what would come to me but I thought why not?

At the time I was sitting in my bed as I quite often did back then, taking notes and asking questions, then as I slept the answers would come to me and they would continue to pour information in to my brain the next day and day and night and this has been going on all these years and it's a never ending stream of information and now it comes so fast and furious and is just part of our everyday talking sessions.

I now just come to the computer and write with spirits as we recall the predictions and answers that I have asked about. But getting back to how I continued to tap into this source of information I asked questions like:

"Tell me all about the Kennedy Family and my asking the Akashic Records to tell me all about their associates in business, their personal life and in Politics".

I wanted to cover everything that I could think of, and see what came to me. At the time I had no idea what I was about to learn about one of the most powerful families in politics and America and I had no idea when I wrote the words Associates, in Politics, Business and their Personal Lives what was about to come to me and when it did, I didn't always know what to do with the Information and as a result I have more than 20-years of information that is so deadly to many in many cases that I am wondering what this would all do if I reveal all the things that came pouring out to me from the 'Akashic Records and the 'Book of Life' where every incident that occurs in all of our everyday life from birth to death is recorded.

This information came to me in Technicolor Movie like quality that is much like watching a high production movie of Hollywood Quality.

I saw things like Joseph Kennedy Senior fighting with some woman at one of his private homes and he hit her so hard he killed her. Who was she and why? I am not yet sure because that has not come to me.

I learned during the Civil Rights Movement in the 60's when Robert and John F. Kennedy were there trying to cement better relations between blacks and whites they had sex with some black women and some of them produced children which may still be running around as half-breeds with red hair.

I learned that Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, the paragon of Virtue to the Black People, used to venture far from their Minister training and RFK's catholic upbringing and they smoked the peace pipe so to speak by trading off women so that each of them could sample the nectars of the others race and ethnic background and I guess it's much like someone saying "what do you feel like tonight Martin?" And he would say "oh send me over some of those blondes tonight, and I feel like one of those Northern girls tonight."

As we know back then the FBI was accused of spying on Martin Luther King through wiretapping. Well as you can see I haven't quite known what to do with some of this copy but I did send out more than 13 Manuscripts over the years but unfortunately they all disappeared without a trace and so have no idea what will happen to all those waterproof boxes of information that I have stored somewhere so they will not become damp and yellowed with age. And yes Marilyn Monroe was killed when she threatened to destroy the Political Careers of the Kennedy Family not only in the sixties, but for decades to come and so she had to go.

And as you can see the Kennedy men were assassinated and they were killed by the Mafia who retaliate against each other. When the High Echelon of the Mafia decide that people within the various ranks have to go they have a Summit Meeting behind the Scenes and they discuss this at great lengths before it's decided for sure that it's time to do this and when the plan is put into action, they choose who is to participate in the Crime and the ones they choose have little choice but to participate because at that point it turns into a 'Kill or Be Killed' situation, but then I suppose some of the Fans of 'The Last Mafioso' and some of those shows like 'Sopranos' know just how the Mafia works.

Of course when you are watching these things in a TV Show and or a Hollywood movie, the word 'Whacked' and 'Wise Guys' sounds glamorous, that is until it's time for one of the 'Wise Guys' to get whacked then the laughter stops.

I decided to just add a few things here to tell wannabe Psychics what it's possible to learn from the Spirit World. I have also contacted many Major Networks, Newspapers and even Tabloids and since I have gotten no answers I guess no one much is interested in what I know and so I guess I will just think about this as we go along and once in a while, 'Psychic Granny' will just sit here and tell some of these stories until it's my time to go to the Spirit World and after that, I guess whomever happens up on these vast files of pages will do whatever they choose to with them.

My relatives have said they want nothing to do with it because they can see what knowing these things have done to my life, and they advise me to keep my mouth shut, close up the files and never open them again, but being someone who has always wanted to write I now have access to all the information and ideas I want from the After Life and I never have writers block anymore and who knows just what I will write next time I decide to post somewhere.

I just thought I would write here to tell other wannabe psychics yes, there is lots of stories in the Spirit World as people tell us who killed them, but on the other hand who is going to believe that Dead People are telling me this from beyond the Grave? Quite often while I am telling these stories, I think about a Book I read back in the Seventies I believe it was that was called 'The Last Mafioso' and at the time I felt the book was written by a low life snitch, who was beneath redemption but now that I find myself here writing words like 'Psychic Granny' as someone in the Spirit World is helping me write I realize that I have fallen about as far as Jimmy the Snitch, and I owe it all to my Psychic Guides and the 'Akashic Records' which I have been told as I said before, is where God records all our dastardly Deeds and Good Deeds that everyone on Earth does in their Everyday Life.

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quixoticqt (2 stories) (53 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-16)
Thanks for posting this. Coincides with what my mom got from talking to God.
As my mother once told me, "the truth will set you free!" Whatever it may be doing to your life I know for a fact that it will set whomever it should be free.
Thank you for posting this.
I know my mother has this information sent to her as well and she can't let it out. Only when the "Holy Spirit" tells her it's okay to tell a person then she would.
May God bless you for being so bold to write this information down. I know it's got to be hard when you think you're the only one in your area to know the truth and not be able to let it out a lot of times.
BTW, my mother is not a psychic. She talks to God. That's where all her information comes from. We're a family that believes more in the spiritual world then the physical. We believe in God/Jesus/Holy Spirit has dominance over situations.

❤ Qt
happy (5 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-03)
your a very special person with a highly gifted talent. Who cares what other people think. I believe your an honest person who is just trying to help. You come a cross as a very sweet person and I am glad I came a cross your true stories. In away it gives me hope knowing we do live on and we will see our loved ones again. God bless ❤ Kim
isisevangeline (3 stories) (172 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-20)
Its good to know someone good as you tapped into these records and were entrusted. And not somebody else, who could be greedy and do bad things. I only hope the next person will be as wise as you.

Wishing you to have a safe trip in your next life. It was fun. Knowing your story.
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-18)
Josh, things like that happen because it's uaually to help you. A similiar scene happened to my grandparents, they were at a nice resturant eating at a table all by themselves, when a man pulled up a chair out of nowhere and started to chat with them. My grandfather of course being him, was highly skeptical and a bit protective, though they got to talking and... Later he said that he was a reiki master all the way from China's temples. Now, of course my grandfather thought this guy was completely crazy, but my grandmother had written down his name and place. Low and behold I got the number and now ever since then I have practiced this method and hope to learn from him one day. Life is too funny.
josh (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-18)
i was working in a resturant and a compleat stranger said to me, that he was a medium and there was a spirit at the side of me ringing a bell, I was busy in the kitchen on my return he had left
does anyone know its meaning ?
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-08)
You can E-Mail me at Kitty1392 [at] and I will try to answer if the information comes to me.
Sometimes the information does come to me but it comes over a period of time and in bits and pieces I get the answer.
Kelly (guest)
17 years ago (2007-11-07)
Hi Rosemary

Ive read quite a few of your postings, and I'm pretty facinated. I was wondering if I could contact you via email?
Can you ask quesitons of the holders of the Akashic records, on behalf of others?
Something tells me you have some information that could help me personally.

Thank you
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-04)
As a follow up to the above post and things that have happened to me as a psychic I would like to direct you to a story I Published in:
That Story deals with the reaction to some of these things by three of my relatives in the Spirit World and Dr.P. Who died in l985 and shortly after his death met up with my three relatives in the Spirit World and what they have been doing with their time, since then.
As I write these stories on various sites I am telling everything that has happened to me both good and bad since I first began developing my Psychic Abilities and how it all began and who knows when it will end?
I know one thing for sure I will stop channelling for Spirit when its time to go and I too go to the Spirit World.
At this time I am trying to get information on a Serial Killer from the Chicago Area and this information comes to me in bits in pieces over a period of time.
Magpyes (1 stories) (4 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-04)
That was really interesting to read. Thanks for posting it! It has give me and my partner inspiration. 😁

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