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The Story of Missing Teamster Jimmy Hoffa


After I learned I could gather information as a Psychic Detective I decided I would meditate on the case of Missing Teamster Jimmy Hoffa. Over the years much has been written about what happened to former Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa, but the body has never been found and no one has ever been arrested or paid for the Crime.

Of course no one will ever go to prison for the crime because in the information I gathered some of the people involved in the crime were very old who participated in disposing of the remains of Hoffa. Their punishment will have to fall to a Higher Power who by the way is the keeper of the book of life in the Spirit World and he has what I perceive to be a technicolor like movie camera trained on earth and on that film is everything that each of us does in our everyday life from birth to death and then, when it's our time to die he and the spirit of the dead go over these sins and they deal with it in the Great Beyond.

For some reason that Keeper of the Akaskic Records has given some of us the gift of getting a glimpse into that file and he tells us where people's bodies are buried and who put them there. He then asks us to write about it to prove that he is very much alive in the Spirit World and has this Record of life trained on Planet Earth and we will not get away with anything and he will deal with us one by one as we finish our life here on Earth and join him in the Great Beyond.

I saw Jimmy Hoffa come out of the VIP Lounge at Detroit Metro Airport and walk across the parking lot. I then saw a car with three men in it drive up alongside Hoffa and drag him into the car and drive away. The car went onto the Expressway and drove to many homes and Hoffa at that time seemed to be going along with them as they tried to talk him into doing something and I guess, at that time, he thought they had just done an intervention to talk to him.

Whatever they were trying to get him to agree to didn't work and the next thing I saw was a cottage at the lake and Hoffa was there with another man. Hoffa was then stripped down to his shorts and shot. The next thing I saw was a car parked in a country area and many men were there with shovels and they took the tarpoleon wrapped body out of the trunk of the car and carried it to a clump of trees where they dug a grave and buried him. On the way to the burying spot I looked to my right and I saw an old abandoned amusement park and I heard the words Orien and Crystal Lake. Orien and Crystal Lake of course are in the State of Michigan.

After I began sending this story out in the eighties which always disappeared without a trace I began to get mafia signals in publications and the words Lake Orient and Crystal lake were mentioned and this is how the mafia sends signals to people in the Press to back off.

I have been told by my source in the Spirit World that Hoffa's body was buried in a Housing Division near Crystal Lake and it's doubtful that it will ever be found. Over the years many people have come forward and said they know where Hoffa's body is buried and there has been many searches and the earth has been dug up on Farms and many places but the body has never been found.

I personally believe if the body has been buried in a Housing Development, there had to be people connected to the building project who knew that they were helping to conceal Hoffas body, because as we know, when excavations take place there is much digging and I don't see how Hoffa could be buried under a home in a Housing Development without anyone being aware of what they were doing. This is how the Mob and Organized Crime Works.

I am not at this time going to point to which branch of the mafia ordered the murder of Jimmy Hoffa because the man who did that has died of old age and I can't see any good reason to do that here and most of the people involved in the murder and burying of Jimmy Hoffa have died of old age themselves and my purpose of writing this story here is to help to solve the Mystery and also to tell other Psychic detectives that sometimes you can have this gift and gather information which could put you and your family into danger from some of the most vicious criminals on Earth.

My Life has never been the same since I began doing this and it may never be the same again and since I am myself now in an advanced age I feel it's time that I dump some of these stories on the Public to tell the World how I became a psychic Detective and all the things good and bad that have happened in my life since the day I began all of this.

Would I change it if I could go back and do that? Not on your Life, I have learned to keep my head down and only reveal certain things about my personal life when I write and so far the guides have been there to warn me of dangers in my path and this has helped me to avoid the same fate that many of the people I write about met.

The Mafia is a not a thing of the past as many believe they have just gone uptown and now they head some of the most powerful companies and organizations in America and throughout the World.

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BlueDreamer (18 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-16)
Your amazing I hope to someday get to do the akashic records ❤ -namaste
Lisa (guest)
17 years ago (2007-11-26)
Wow, thankyou for this info! As you mentioned in the first paragraphs, I truly do believe that every single person is going to get a life review of what they did with thier lives, and those in the Mafia, or Illuminati, are going to be judged along with all the rest of us.

Too bad they use their talents to rob from others and play God with the masses. They're putting thier souls in a very negative area and I wouldnt' want to be them before my Creator.

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