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When I begin getting looks into the future about events to come, and or when I begin getting information about serial killers and all sorts of things it comes to me in bits and pieces, not only in dreams, but as I rest with my eyes closed or even watching television and even in the kitchen while I'm working about. It comes to me in thoughts and words which form mental pictures at times and the information is a never ending flow, until suddenly I connect the dots when I hear a story on television or read about it in a newspaper or even a news type magazine.

Several months ago I again said "well there is another serial killer out there" and when they find him, he will be one of those clean cut family men whom no one would suspect of doing such a thing. This has happened to me in the past and I will get all the details behind the scenes and the kind of person the man or woman is and what kind of job they have and how their families and the community sees them, and when this information begins to flow to me, I never know where it will lead me. But as time goes on thoughts and pictures and words will continue until the day that connection is made in a news story, or a person comes up missing then my Guide in the Spirit World will nudge me in thought and say: "Now that is what the information you have been receiving is connected to".

Several months ago the information began to flow to me one day in the kitchen and continued as I said, things like this and that about the serial killer and then one day I was watching television and I saw a woman missing from the Chicago Area and I began to meditate on it. At first didn't get much information and what I did get, I am not given permission to write about yet, but just wanted to say how this all begins to flow and how it all reaches a climatic end when I learn what happened to the person and who the killer is.

I am still getting information on the Chicago area and have no idea just what the end conclusion will be, but eventually it will become clear to me. The other night as I lay in bed preparing to go to sleep, I saw a woman, and a man came to her from behind and held her chest and reached around with his right hand and slit her throat. I then saw a middle aged looking man bald on top, his dark hair fringed around the bottom. He was dressed in tan trousers and a white T-shirt and he stood by a porch and I had a feeling it may have been a cement porch without railings and he was looking at me and looking under the porch from the right side.

At the time I didn't have any idea where this man was or who the victim was whose throat was cut but I do feel this man is connected to it. Yesterday when I was on the Internet I saw the story about the missing woman in chicago who disappeared and her husband says she ran away with another man and left he and the two children.

The woman with the cut throat may or may not be connected to the policemen wife or him, I am just writing about what has been coming to me. Yesterday I read a news story on the internet from the Chicago paper telling about a Serial Killer being loose who has killed several women and several more are missing, and they say one woman was found in water and she was killed by blunt force and they also say her throat was slashed. After reading that Story I am wondering was her throat cut from the left side by a right handed man who comes up to her reaches around and slashes her throat?

Does the Psychic Information come to me not only about the Serial Killer from Chicago but is there a connection between the Serial Killer and Stacy Peterson or are they two separate cases and two separate killers that I am picking up in this psychic information?

As time goes on I will learn what happened to Stacy Peterson and I will learn who killed her and where her body is. Last night as I meditated on her story which I copied from the internet, I saw several things, one was of a woman who had removed her wedding ring and had it on her right index finger, and she held her right hand up in the air and wiggled her finger at me so I would be sure and know that her disappearance had to do with the fact she did not want to wear that wedding ring anymore.

I am told in this case by my source in the Spirit World the investigation investigation into the case of Stacy Peterson could be hampered by the blue wall of silence and also because there is corruption within the Chicago Police Department just as there is in many cities across the united states and around the World.

I know at this point I don't have all the information, but just thought I would write to tell others who have Psychic Experiences and who are just beginning to open up their Psychic Gift the way this information comes to me.

I am at this time still awaiting more information on the Chicago Area Serial Killer and also on the things I have asked about the missing Stacy Peterson the mother of two and the 23 year old wife of the middle aged Policeman whose third wife died of alleged drowning in the bathtu. Now with the disappearance of the fourth wife, I read that case is being reopened.

I believe the currant Mrs. Spillman may be dead but who killed her, I am not sure yet, I am now going to surf the net and see if I can recognize the man who was shown to me the other night in connection with the woman whose throat was cut.

Just wanted to write here a bit about how these cases play out when I begin getting this Psychic Information and I am doing this after reading some of your posts about how information is beginning to come to you and sometimes you don't understand what is happening to you or what you should do with it.

Hopefully my experiences as a Channel of information from the Spirit World will help you in your continuing development of your Psychic Gift.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-19)
If you're having problems with spirits harassing you, and you've tried everything, including catholic priests. Then I recomend you to go to a priest of the greek or russian orthodox church, & tell him your problems... You have nothing to lose! I GUARANTEE he will help you cause he CAN! Unless you want to continue living in sin, or practicing occult stuff like channeling/comunicating with spirits, tarot, spells etc... In which case not even the most powerful spirit in the universe: JESUS CHRIST can help you! Because by practicing these sins, you're opening the door to demons. IF YOU FIND YOURSELF IN A HOLE, LEARN TO STOP DIGGING! Don't become your own worst enemy! Visit website: 'real angel and demon encounters'. Timfaraos [at]
JiminMokena (guest)
16 years ago (2007-11-17)
Perhaps "Stillman" is Lori Stillman, missing on May 1, 2004 in New Jersey.
Lisa Stebic was missing on or around April 30th to May 2, 2007. Interesting coincidence. I'm privately investigating the Stebic case. If you get any images, thoughts, etc., please feel free to e-mail me. Thanks.
Abby (99 posts)
16 years ago (2007-11-10)
Dear Rosemary,

No, you are not being mean. No, you are correct, it is your life, do as you wish. And, yes I have been attacked by very negative, unearthly beings and I have had to learn for myself to handle them. For by the grace of God/Goddess I go. As for being possessed like you are, I do not know what it is like, but I "know" for myself that this will "never" happen to me. Never!

My best to you upon your journey. I will no longer be posting on this site, so no reply is necessary. How befitting that this would be my 100th post! What a laugh on me!

Blessings, Abby
CVT6702 (guest)
16 years ago (2007-11-10)
To Abbey:
Do you personally know how to protect yourself from spirit attacks such as I mention, or do you just do rituas and surround yourself with white lights and believe that you are protected?
Has a Spirit ever actually approached you in a threatening way and tried to force you to do their bidding?
I am not trying to be mean here, but just want to know if you have ever actually had to deal with something like I am writing about, and if yes how did you end such a situation?
I know that I can't at this time just say go away, and as I write I am not whining I told everyone all the good experiences I have had then, I thought it was my responsibility to tell them that along with the good helpful knowledgeabe Guides, came several realtives and others who demanded that I send the others away and work with them exclusively and when I said no then I developed the problem I have and I wanted to share my experience to warn others what can happen when enemies in the Spirit World who may have been Enemies on Earth come into the situation and decide to try to destroy the calm that I want to be a fact in this situation.
If you know how to end these things I would be happy to know how.
Yes I have contacted the Deliverance people and they are on their way but since they have many bookings before they reach my town I must continue to try to find a solution myself.
To my knowledge none of my Guides know how to actually end my situation, and since the Mean Spirits won't come out and demand that they prove they have dominance over them I am for the time being stuck.
My personal opinion after many healings from other psychics hasn't worked the real truth may be that no spirit in the Spirit World really has control over any other spirit but of course that remains to be seen and as soon as I talk these spirits outside my body to try to force the Guides to prove they have dominance over these four I will know the answer.
I know personally from Experiences that Crucifixes, and Holy Water and Prayer so far has had absolutely no effect on this sitaution and solving it.

Until I find a solution I am taking Dr. P. Local, national and international in published stories on various paranormal websites and as I search the Web I see that many sites accept scary stories, and while I didn't set out to be this kind of a Psychic my situation forces me to do in search of a solution.
Abby (99 posts)
16 years ago (2007-11-09)
Dear Rosemary,

Thank you for answering my question in regards to the meaning of your nickname.

Yes, I do understand that you are possessed by others, as you have posted it many times. In your best interest, it is my hope you will take my suggestion and take action and get someone on the list I suggested to you, to help you get rid of these unwanted attachments.

It is like going around and telling people you have cancer and doing nothing about healing yourself in a way to get rid of it or learn to live with the fact that it may be a terminal condition and to take it from there.

Telling others that you have a label does not make you that label nor does it define you. It may get you control of others emotions and get their attention, but who wants another's pity. I would rather have a hand to help pull me off the stuck on label. Telling others over and over again will not change the label, only your action will make any change in the label or in anything within you and within your life.

It is my philosophy that you can waste your life away complaining about what is wrong with your life or you can take the bull by the horns and make a necessary change to make a better life for yourself no matter what. Then after you have done every thing you possibly can do and do it again; then and only then, you have a right to complain and have a "poor me", pity party.

I do so like that old phrase, God or Goddess, helps those who help themselves.

Thus, it is my great prayer that you will release yourself from your chosen prison and your chosen jailers.

Like the ancient adults before me, I am telling you this for your own good, as well as mine. Every time someone lifts themselves out of the hole, so does the human race.

I have faith in you and that you can be released and free to lead a life free of unwanted attachments whether dead or alive.

I am here for you if you need any further assistance, but I will not be your crutch or co-dependent to further your need to have these unwanted attachments.

Sincerely meant in Love and Concern,
Abby ❤
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
16 years ago (2007-11-09)
Just letters and numbers known to me which I used instead of my given name.
I have had some problems with my realtives and others who do not go along with the Paranormal and I am writing under this name so I don't need to deal with them and what they believe about those who communicate with the Dead.
Hopefully as time goes on they will become more enlightened and become less judgmental in what I and other Psychic Channels do.
Abby (99 posts)
16 years ago (2007-11-08)
Dear Rosemary,

I can surely relate to your story, and the way you receive your information in pieces. I also have the same type of piecemeal information that flows into me as well. It is like receiving puzzle pieces and trying to put the puzzle together. I have learned to just take it all down and not have judgment on it, but to let it flow. I find that if I give the information as it is given, it usually works out in the end for the person or persons meant to receive it. This is especially true for information for those people I do not know personally. I have a tendency to get in my own way when I try to put my own personal spin or judgment on the information or message. I also have had to learn by trial and error how to recognize what the symbols mean to me and if the message is meant for me or someone else.

I have had to learn how to decipher what is symbolic and what is given as it is going to happen in this 3D physical reality. This is difficult, especially in the case of future information where I have no reference point, because the event or experience has not happened yet. Thus, I am still learning to get out of my own way and take it down as received much like you do from your channeling and automatic writing.

Once again thank you for sharing how your ability works for you, and helping to confirm my ability and others abilities through our same and/or similar firsthand psychic, intuitive and sensitive experiences.

Blessings and Thanks, Abby

P.S. What does your nickname, CVT6702 stand for?
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
16 years ago (2007-11-08)
As I read this story I notice the word Spillman is in the copy instead of Peterson and I have no idea what the word Spillman means at this time, and this also is how things appear as words pop into my thoughts and the writing.
I reread and edited this copy before posting and I didn't catch the name Spillman so know for some reason my source in the Spirit World wants that name in the copy.
Perhaps that name will become clearer to me as time goes on.

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