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The Mystery of Natalie Holloway


The Natalie Holloway Story is back in the news again. Shortly after the disappearance of Natalie Holloway and while everyone was looking for her a few days after her disappearance, I, as a Psychic Detective, decided to meditate on the case and see what I could learn. When I begin gathering information on a case, I like to start soon after the person becomes missing and before there has been much written in the press so it doesn't color the information I gather.

I sit down and write the person's name and the circumstances on paper and time and date it and as time goes on and sometimes immediately I begin getting information on the case. So I have my timed and dated notes, then day and night as I sleep work and whatever I am doing, more and more information comes to me in bits and pieces day and night until I have pieced the mystery together and then at that time, I will go to my computer and write with the Guides in the Spirit World through automatic writing so I don't forget any of the details of the case.

I do not have my timed and dated notes at my finger tips so I am going from memory as to what I saw as I gathered information on the case.

At the time there was much speculation as to her being kidnapped and sold into slavery and all sorts of outlandish things so I wanted to know what I, as a Psychic Detective, could learn to help in the case and also to at least solve the problem for myself. I had in the past meditated on many high profile cases and the information I got always proved to be true as the case unfurled so I hoped this one would be no different.

The First thing that happened is Natalie appeared to me in the Spirit World looking towards Aruba and I knew this meant she was already dead. As I continued to Meditate on the case, I saw a struggle on the beach and a voice from the Spirit World said he had sex with her then killed her and I believe the word was Strangulation.

I heard several of the boys names and was told that one had been alone on the beach with her and had sex with her then killed her and I suppose that was to be sure he was not arrested for Rape. After that, others became involved and I heard at least one of the other boys names. After that I saw several young men with something wrapped in a concealing way carrying her onto a boat and then after the boat went out into deep water, I saw them slip the body off the back of the boat. I heard the words sonar and I knew this meant the body had been taken out into deep water and it would be very hard to find.

After I had gathered this information, one day I was watching another psychic detective on a television show and someone asked her about the Natalie Holloway case and she said more than three people were involved and a boat was also involved, so basically that other Psychic detective gathered some of the same things I have about the Holloway case and I thought if she made that public on National Television, then I feel I can also tell my story here.

Another reason for me writing about my Psychic Experiences here is to tell others interested in Channeling for Spirit and meditating on crimes, you never know what you will learn and sometimes in some cases, you could be putting yourself into danger by the things you learn because when murders are concealed, sometimes there are people out there who might go after the Psychic Detective if they get too close to the truth.

I am not necessarily talking about this case but the Profession of Psychic Detective Work in General.

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revsilverson (guest)
15 years ago (2009-06-22)
i think it's great you guys want to use your gifts to help solve crimes but I don't know how much support from law enforcement you are going to get. Allison dubois was an exception to the rule. Also having been involved in psychic investigations and missing persons you must be prepared to "see" some very gruesome, sickening images. Stacy peterson has been contacting me and her body is little more than green slimy glue and bones at this point. She is in the water somewhere but part of her is buried in a park nearby.

Clairite- if he hasn't crossed over he has some unfinished business here first. You will need to find out what that is, then tell him to cross over into the loving light of the Divine Spirit. There are spirits waiting to be reunited with him. If he is concerned he has done something terrible and fears the wrath of judgement just explain to him that the Divine Spirit loves us all and does not want to cause us any pain.

Love and Light
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-07)
No, intoxication, been out drinking that night... Not that uncommon actually, the whole thing was just very 'poor' in my opinion, personally it's over why talk even finish what's already been done, there are more cases that are in progress and should be looked after... Though I can understand the reason for these people to be prosecuted and to deal with that, but they should be dealt with quickly because most of this is quite ridiculous.
annie mouse (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-05)
I knew from the beginning that natalie had passed I also knew that she had drown. Perhaps was not dead when they took her, scary, I see her tripping and falling on the beach. What ever that means. Or there is more to the story. More likely. Maybe she hit her head on something?
convulsing from a head injury?
whereabouts (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-04)

Given what has just came out about Vandersloot (sp?), it appears that you are dead on.

I'd like to invite you to a private psychic forum on missing persons. The forum has just started so there is not a lot of information posted yet. Currently, we are discussing and pulling in information from Lisa Stebic but I am also working on Stacy Peterson.

Due to the serious nature of the Peterson case, cannot explain here, the forum is on an INVITE ONLY basis and the psychic information on the case is restricted and can only be viewed by registered members. Again, the forum has just started, you are the 2nd to be invited.

If you are interested in participating in a private forum whose efforts are solely to solve the missing persons cases and bring the victims home to their families, please Email me at whereabouts [at]

Also, I have insights about JFK Jr's assassination, which, I might add, was first predicted by Nastradamus and I would be happy to share my insights on that with you if you are interested.

Regardless of the outcome of my invitation, keep up to wonderful work. You seem to be very gifted.

As an FYI. I've talked with JiminMokena verbally about Lisa Stebic and Stacy Peterson - he is real. I met him in a forum about Stacy Peterson and from there we discussed some insights with respect to the two cases. It sure is a small internet world, huh?

AS an FYI, I tripped upon your site while looking for the name "Rosemary" who was associated with Stacy Peterson. I googled, "stacy peterson psychic rosemary". I was not looking for you, but I'm certain I was supposed to find you.

Lisa Stebic is desperately reaching out to me and has FULL CONTROL over my television set! If you are interested, please Email me and then I will explain to you WHY I feel it is important to keep the psychic information on both of these cases private.

Namaste and very best regards to you,

Psyichckim (3 stories) (46 posts)
17 years ago (2007-12-13)
have you ever heard of morgan nick? Her poor mother has been looking for her to come home for twelve years she was six when she was abducted from a softball field in alma arkansas if you can e-mail me please about what you get I feel so sorry for her mother I feel you have been so accurate with everything else you have posted my e-mail adress is kimberjess05 [at]
thank you
kim 😊
Clairite (guest)
17 years ago (2007-12-13)
Dear CTV:
Thank you for your story. As long as I can remember I have had these gifts and over the years they have grown and become stronger. It is difficult because when I came out with my gifts in my 30's. People only wanted to be friends with me for my gifts - found it very draining so I subpressed them until recently. Now they are back stronger than ever and not really sure what to do with the information until I read your story.

Less than a month ago there was a suspious death close to a family member even tho I never met the person who passed, I'm receiving a lot of detail information. When I say it's just my imagination I will get validation that it is not. Not only have I gotten detailed info about the accident, I have received info on the moment when he passed, were it was, who was there (names and personal descriptions), how it happened and personal messages for his family regarding a gold cross necklace. I saw my reflection and I was wearing the necklace and when I went to touch my neck it was not there. He told me that he wanted to let his mom know he loved the necklace that he received from her on a special occassion such as a confirmation, graduation etc. (it was not a birthday) but he never wore it. Says never big on wearing jewerly but it was special and meaningful to him and she is upset about it.

He has given me so much information and I feel his presence 24/7 this is the first time I have ever felt this type of presence so close. It started with dreams. There was no communication in my dreams so I asked him what I could do to help in a meditation state and since then he has been here. I sense he has not crossed over and would like to help him pass. Any suggestions as to helping him will be welcomed. Peace love and light ~ clairite
Crystal (guest)
17 years ago (2007-12-12)
I get that all the time and I see a lot it my mind and in my dreams and I don't know how to tell my boyfriend and his mom is even a psychic. Help!
im Crystal S.and I'm from wisconsin and I'm 13
Shell (guest)
17 years ago (2007-11-28) I had them mostly when I was a teen. I once dreamt that I was at this boys house sitting in his yard with other people at night. The yard had a grave yard in it. Suddenly a black figure ran by with a dog on a leash. I woke up and told my friend who had been sleeping over. We got dressed had breakfast and turned the radio on to finish getting ready. We heard the news... A boy we went to school with was hit by a car by the grave yard accross the street from his house.

Another time I remember telling my boyfriend that I keep seeing his car (not him) in an accident. One day he came into class and told me to stay away from him. That his brother had wrecked his white car. See he didn't have his license yet.

Last night I dreamt that Madeleine Mccann was sitting in a chair petting a cat or holding a stuffed toy and I commented that she looked older.
In the dream I guess she had been found but looked bigger, older. I hope that comes true.

Before these dreams started to happen we had A poltergiest in our home that communicated with all of us by tapping on the floor. That lasted almost a year and he became very freindly. Meaning he didn't do anything bad to us. So there is no doubt in my mind that it is possible that nothing is out there. There is spirits.
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-25)
This is how you first begin getting these kinds of messages.
I believe the isolated rest area was to say always be careful in these places and instead visit the better lighted ones when traveling.
The one with lights and the trooper near the rest room, said even the lighted ones can be a danger and so always travel together and if that is not possible take your breaks at restaurants and those kinds of places along the interstate.
The story of the man in the truck further said sometimes truck drivers can be put into danger.
Our town has an infamous truck stop where pimps and their women ply their trade among truckdrivers and this one could have been approached by these people and didn't like it and they may have thought he would report them to the police as you saw in your dream with the trooper near the bathroom.
Usually these truck stops are outside of town and its the troopers who drive about to see that everyone is safe.
Sometimes our dream messages are scarey and if you eventually get into Psychic Detective work you will see that this is true.
ditto (guest)
17 years ago (2007-11-24)
I too had a dream come true. It was a couple of years ago. Iwoke up at 3 am and could not go back to sleep. This dream was very disturbing. My dream went like this...
My daughter and I are driving down the highway. It is dark, we pull over at a rest stop, not the ones with all the lights, but just a picnic table. I am sitting at the table, when my daughter walks up carrying a servered head. I yelled at her to drop it, and we jumped in the car. We went a few miles down and found a rest stop with bathrooms and lights. We got out and headed to the ladies room. As I approached the ladys room and glanced at the mens room door. There was a tropper standing at the door with a body hog tied and no head. For some reason I thought the trooper was involved and yelled at my daughter to jump in the car. I woke up from there.
As I said I awoke at 3 am and could not go back to sleep. My neighbor came over later that day and wanted to know if I had watched the news. I had not. She then told me a truck driver had been found in the back of his truck hog tied and with now head. I had goose bumps go up and down my arms. I have always wondered if I had indeed seen the murder shortly after it happened.
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-24)
The First thing you might like to do is read some books about Edgar Cayce, that is how I learned more how to do this.
I also read books by Spiritual Writer Ruth Montgomery who writes with her Guides Thomas and Lily and I also went to a local Spiritual Church and associated with other mediums and took a few classes there.
In doing this I lost my fear of the spirit world that many seem to have when first coming in contact with the Spirits of the Dead.
After that the Guides and realtives beyond the veil of death just appered to me and we began to walk and write.
dreamweaver (2 stories) (11 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-24)
Dear CVT6702,

I was wondering if there was any information you could give me on how I can strengthen my abilities. I have spent many months deciding that I do want to develop my abilities to be able to help the spirits that try to contact me to resolve issues of importance to them, such as their deaths. If there is any help or suggestions you may be able to offer I would be most grateful. I would really love how to channel my abilities and use them more at my own demand. So far I randomly have dreams or "see" things in my "minds eye". It seems possible that my ability could be similar to yours, if sharpened.
I can also be contacted at lbeckystout[at]yahoo[dot]com
Thank you so much for your consideration,

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