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Visions of a Future Past


When I was younger, I was quite psychic. I did not realize it at the time. I thought that everyone heard voices who told them what was going to happen all of the time. I took it for granted. If anything was lost, I would find it.

As I got older the voices stopped, and I was just left with visions. Since about being the age of 20 to 21, the only thing I get really strong visions about is people's deaths. The way they are going to die and when. I am not talking just about people who are ill, and you might think "well they are going to die anyway". I will give you just two examples (the ones I am willing to talk about). I used to work for a furniture firm, the boss was a really tall spindley bloke. He did not like me, but one night he insisted on staying behind to get some jobs finished. I was the last out of the factory, I just stared at him working, knowing something wasn't right. My foreman popped his head in saying "cmon Pete let's go". I stared a little longer. He looked back once but turned quickly away, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. I left.

That night I had a total feeling of strangulation, I could just see metal bars in front of me. I realized I wasn't me, I was my boss. The next day Frank found the body. He had tied a long piece of plastic (material that you use for packing) to the drive shaft of the fork lift truck. He had slung the other end over a beam. He undressed then stood on the forks of the truck, foot either sid. He then pulled on the leash lifting the forks and him. When he reached the top of the beam, he tied the other end of the leash around his neck. He pulled slightly on the leash again in the opposite direction to let the forks go down slowly giving him a sense of slight strangulation. Unfortunately something went wrong. The forks went all the way down, hence strangling him to death.

My next story is shorter but more prolific. I had a vision that I was floating over my granddad. He was in hospital. There where visitors around him but I only recognized my Uncle tony. My granddad did not see me. Then I noticed a nurse that no other person seemed to see, she said "seven days", then told me to look at the clock, it said six am. I should have gone to see my granddad in that time but I did not. He was not ill, there was no inkling. It was a Sunday when I had my vision 6 am, he died 7 days later on a sunday 6 am.

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dreamweaver (2 stories) (11 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-26)
I know that having visions of or "knowing" when someone is about to die can be very hard and disturbing. I usually "know" when someone is about to die. The thought just pops into my head randomly. It doesn't even matter if I know them that well. I hope it gets easier for all of us to take.
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-23)
That is what happens to some Psychics.
When I begin to get premontions of deaths for example movie stars or singers and things like that I will talk about their movies and songs and say well its almost their time to go and sure enough they do.
When its about time for an older person to die I get very tired and lay down to rest and watch television and not do much then I will notice my hands are resting in front like they do in a casket and I will say I am so tired I feel like I am going to die.
By the next morning I will get up the mood passed and I will be revitalized and going about singing and making plans.
I will then listen to the news and see the person died, usually old and tired and now free in the spirit world and I know it was their time to go and they knew it.

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