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How I Get Ideas from Those in the Spirit World


It's 1:42 a.m. on November 4, 2007. As usual I began to get Psychic Information before I awaken and I get up and write the ideas down, then sometimes I lay back down in a darkened room and the ideas and pictures continue and finally I get an idea that brings me out of bed, and into the kitchen for a cup of coffee reheated from the pot I made yesterday, and after I drink that it will be another pot while I work on the computer with the Spirit's writing wherever and whatever they tell me to.

This morning one of the Guides awakened me and began talking about an idea he has now that everyone is doing cameras and their stories which they are posting on the Internet and things like that and he has been giving me some ideas for how we could get more attention for our work and get more people interested in the Paranormal and help us better prove life after death and what it's like there from the moment the Spirit pops out of the Human body and goes to live in the Spirit World.

For example one night as I slept one of the trusted guides zipped my spirit out of my body and suddenly I was out there in the Universe and the cold wind was blowing around me and I was looking back at earth, out there a Mind without an Earthy Body and it was at that point in time I knew I was experiencing what everyone experiences when they die and their Spirit leaves their Earthly body.

I know from this when a Spirit leaves the Earthly Body and goes to the Spirit World it takes with it all its intelligence, and memories both good and bad and depending on how they died, peacefully, or through violent means you can see that some of the Episodes on Ghost Whisperer is just about what people experience and sometimes they do hang around earth angry and sometimes seeking vengeance against those they blame for their death or feel wronged them when they were on Earth.

Now that I have gotten past that explaining of what happens when people die, I have gone further in my thinking and I am asking myself how will this knowledge that I and other Psychic Channellers have impact the way people and scientists think about Human Intelligence and the Human Brain and suppressed memories and or knowledge and how will they react to all of it and or will more scientists take more of an active interest in what is being written about the Spirit world and life after death and perhaps do more research than they have done in the past and keep a more open mind?

When I got into this Spirit Channeling back in the late eighties I had no prior experience at all in doing this but over the years as I worked with and talked to many in the Universe I am just talking about these things like everyday things and the Guides have become like everyday people that I talk to and the mystery is disappearing, but as I visit web sites and discuss these things with people some of them who have limited knowledge of these things or who have been so brainwashed down through the years they find it hard to believe that I could just have freedom to collect all these ideas from the Spirit's day and night as we communicate, but I am hoping in the future more people will be open to these things and less af raid of dabbling and set out to learn more and help me and other Psychics to open up the Secrets of the Universe and get more Scientific minds interested in what we are learning and stop calling these things Weird Sciences, because as I see this we are on 'The Threshold Of Tomorrow' and I suspect one day this will be much like space travel was in its infancy.

Now look where we are in Space Research. One day I hope that Spirit Communication will be as old hat as Space Travel is and then when it's my time to go to the Spirit World, I can find someone like me and continue to write like this through automatic writing and continue to help the world learn more about the vast Universe as I am doing with the Guides.

As I finish the mornings writing I will tell you when I sit down here to write about what I am learning with those in the Spirit World I never know where this Automatic Writing will go. As you can see I just sat down here and began to write and we covered many subjects which I had no idea we were going to write and as time goes on more and more spirits join the writing and it ends up being a paper about almost anything and that's how Automatic Writing works at least with me it is.

Well I may see you here or on some other message board as time goes on because each day when I get up and as the day progresses they tell me which message boards to visit because they know who posted something and what they want to answer and the guides make all the decisions as to what is being written that day through automatic writing. For all I know later they could have me send something to a Tabloid, or a Newspaper, or someone in Television and or they could have me working in the backyard raking and bagging the leaves that fall at this time every season. The guides and I have been through a lot of seasons since I first began communicating with Spirit Back in l985 when I first visited the little Spiritual church where this all began.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-23)
My dear CVT6702! I accidentally deleted this message half way through, but no demon is going to stop me, because I feel for you!... Because you said you're possesed by 4 demons. Well, I can help you, FOR FREE!... To get demons out of your life, mind and body! (unless you enjoy them being in you, or you make money out of them talking to you, and through you... In which case you have sold your soul to be eternally with the devil! You must act today, while you still have time on earth...don't wait anymore!). I won't tell you, that in the bible/old testament, God forbids us to comunicate with/channel spirits, or predict the future, or cast spells, BECAUSE YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT... Now, I don't know if you are really possessed, so to find out, tell a friend to secretly, without you knowing, put a crucifix- cross, or a rosary or bible on your back, and you'll shout: 'you're burning me!', or go into a fit, if you're really possessed!... Invite a greek or russian orthodox priest, to sprinkle your house, yourself and family with holy water, and drink some, the demons in you will certainly react to that, if you're possessed. Next step, tell the orthodox priest your problems, he'll be glad to help you, because he CAN! You have nothing to lose! Trust me! Furthermore, pray and fast from meat and dairy whenever you can. Read the bible and psalms, and PRACTICE the bible. If you want more supernatural help, go to any of the following orthodox churches, where there are whole -or parts of- saints' bodies, and tell the priest your problem, and ask him to read exorcism prayers on you, or plain prayers, to bless you. Millions of people with demonic, health or financial problems, have gone to these orthodox saints' churches, and HAVE FOUND A CURE AND A SOLUTION! These churches are: 1) Russian church: 'JOY OF ALL WHO SORROW', where body of saint John Maximovitch is. Adress: Geary boulevard, San Fransisco, U.S.A. 2) Church of saint Nectàrios, in Aìgina, Greece. 3) Church of saint Geràsimos, on island Kefalonià, Greece. 4) Church of saint Vasìlie (Basil) of Ostrog, Montenegro, Serbia. 5) monastery of saint Patàpios in Loutràki, Greece... And many others! (look them up on the internet!). Give your poor self a break... Go on a summer holiday to these places! Now, you MUST UNDERSTAND THAT GOD LOVES US, no matter what, because he is our creator! And that the sorry a*s DEMONS, HATE OUR GUTS, AND ARE JEALOUS OF US, BEING GOD'S CHILDREN! LOL! My dear, that's my heartfelt advice, take it or leave it, your destiny IS IN YOUR OWN HANDS, from this day! God bless, go with the prayers of Saint John Maximovitch the wonderworker! Good luck! Visit website: 'real life angel and demon encounters'. My phone: +61416412185, see ya!
constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-22)
Re : Messages from the Spiritworld :
If contacted Souls/Spirits would just let it be known that they ARE the Souls/Spirits
of the deceased, that their persons have died and ARE dead, that would be much appreciated. The messages are just as VALID as if they had come from the deceased person !
constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-22)
Hi, my name is Erika. I have been studying a number of your psychic experiences, and to me they are very valid! I am very interested in what has been written about "spirits and ghosts" !
According to my Soul/Spirit/Ghost/Psyche, all psychic experiences are a matter of the PSYCHIC world contacting those who are open to it. I believe that we are dealing with semantics ! To many the soul is different from the psyche and the spirit, and Ghosts ?
Ghosts ARE the Soul, the Psyche, the Spirit ! Those psychics who experience Ghosts are actually experiencing the Psyche,Soul, or Spirit. Therefore, the Psychicworld is the Soulworld and the Spiritworld.
In some areas the word "Psyche" is used, in other areas one speaks of the Soul, and in other areas the "Spirit" is named with regard to encounters with the not so known
other realm.
Also, there is the thinking of an AFTERLIFE. Many people believe that they themselves will survive death and keep on existing in another dimension. That is not so ! Our SOULS/Spirits/Psyches will survive, not we ! Psychics who contact our deceased loved-ones are contacting their Psyches/Souls/Spirits. Those who contact their aunt Marie are contacting aunt Marie's Soul/Spirit/Psyche ! Sometimes, if aunt Marie has just recently died, if it is a young soul, it itself believes that it is still its person ! It believes that it is aunt Marie ! It often takes time for a small soul to understand that its person has died ! Larger souls sometimes go along with this thinking for a while since for a small soul it is almost unthinkable that it doesn't have its person any longer. Only after some time this small soul is being prepared to accept its person's death ! Once it can do that, it is being prepared for another life !
In the manuscript : The agony of Psychism
I have given many examples of the "SOUL'S"
afterlife, mainly taken from notes about deceased family member's souls. You can find "The Agony of Psychism" on this site :
"www.agonyofpsychism"com and use as your search engine. Also, you can find it under "psychism". It is free of charge, you may down-load it or just study it. I am sure that many of your questions will be answered ! I am sorry, but there was no time
to BOOK-EDIT it. We are living in the end-times and my Soul-group believes that if the manuscript is not read now it won't be read any more.
May God bless you all!
Katie (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-19)
hi I have dreams about the spirit world then some of the people out of the spirit world come and visit me there not real there spirits/ghosts. I have had these dreams all my life and wondering why I'm having dreams of another life. There was only me going through this. Last year I had loved one's being in my dreams and other people's loved one's I was wondering why cause other people's loved one's maybe 1 or 2 were trying to tell me something but when I woke out of the dream I forgot. Some of them even visit me when I've forgot what they told me. Like there's this boy who was in a past life flashback he came and visit me and when I saw him I recognised him but wondering where from I knew that It weren't from this life but another life. Then just today I clicked on its him from that past life flash back! He was wearing a symbol on his blue clothes of a white seagull does anyone know what that means cause it must mean something can anyone help please? 😊
katieppafl (3 stories) (12 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-01)
Hi. I have the same experience communicating with a spirit guide/guardian angel. This communication started for me back in April 2007 and I will get names and phrases that I look up and the information guides me to things I was thinking or asking about at the time. It was weird at first because I would wonder if I was looking at the right information. But its kind of repetitive so I know I could not be coming up with this on my own. Sometimes I'll ask a question and I'll get an answer right on target with what I was looking for. Its kind of like I have my own personal, invisible helper guiding me along the way. I treasure this gift, I never thought anything like this was possible. My family doesn't believe me, I think they feel I'm crazy, but until someone experiences it for themselves, its hard to believe I guess. It's fun. Glad to know other people have the same experiences as me.
Gaelrid (5 stories) (53 posts)
17 years ago (2008-01-12)
If the spirits are controling you so much, don't you feel like a puppet being manipulated by invisible master? (I can't really get an answer to this question, cause if the spirits are making you write, then the'll probably answer "no".)
John F. (guest)
17 years ago (2007-11-11)
"Men became superstitious not because of imagination, but because they fail to realize they had imagination..."

"The mind a place of itself can make heaven of hell, hell of heaven..."

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