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A Visit from Hollywood Actor Don Knotts


Last night actor Don Knotts appeared to me in the Spirit World to remind me I have been picking up health related information about his old friend Andy Griffin and he said I should find a way to contact him and tell him there is another Health issue in his future and he needs to keep on top of things by keeping his Doctor's Appointments and of course, if he doesn't feel well, he will need to go, whether he has an appointment or not.

I pick up many of these looks into the future for people connected to Hollywood and other Public figures and I can't contact them personally so don't really know how I can get to them to advise them, but thought I would just mention these things here, you never know when someone might read this and actually know someone personally that I am writing about.

I have also been picking up a health related problem in the future for the actress who played Mamma on Mammas Family and at the time her name slips my mind because someone in the Spirit World is blocking her name from my mind as I write, to be mean because he is angry at me that I wouldn't write something he wanted me to write about.

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CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
17 years ago (2007-12-04)
I will try to write you in an E-Mail and we can discuss what you have gotten and I will tell you what I have received on the Peterson case and see what we come up with by exchanging bits and pieces of Psychic Information.
mlkc05 (1 stories) (18 posts)
17 years ago (2007-12-03)
Please tell me what you think about this! I feel it is urgent regarding Stacy Peterson. Thelast blog you were on is one where I was also. You suddenly started talking about this case. I have been keeping in touch with the man who brought this case to the forum and more and more everyday I am trusting myself and what is coming through. I truly believe that you came through the blog when you did was to also help me understand and TRUST the dream I had. I think Stacy led you there to me so That I could tell him what I saw in my dream. I have meditated on it again and again and have some very interesting...developments(?) I am very curious to know if you somehow knew that what had come through to me would help in some way? Please, please, let me know what you think whether it be here or at my email:mlkc05 [at] Thank you! I promise I will not bug you anymore! 😊
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
17 years ago (2007-12-03)
to Wondering guest:
The reason I didn't come up with the name Vickie Lawrence is because I have four possessing spirits sitting inside my body who sometimes block my thoughts just to prove they can do it.
Their soul purpose for their existance seems to be to cause people to doubt some of the things I am writing about.
Yes I claim to be Psychic and I have written about many good things that have come to me as a Psychic, but I also write about three mean realtives and Stergio who have been sitting inside my body since l986 as possessing spirits challenging those in the Universe Higher up to prove they can force them out of my body which to date they haven't so I do the best I can in working around these four.
I write about them so people know the good and the bad about Spirit Channelling.
wondering (guest)
17 years ago (2007-11-27)
You claim to be psychic but you couldn't come up with the name Vicki Lawrence? I'll be keeping an eye out in the entertainment news to see if you're right.
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-04)
Thank you that's good to know.
I ususally look celebrities names up on the Internet they normally can be found that way.
dreamweaver (2 stories) (11 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-04)
Hi, I don't know if you know how to contact Andy Griffith, but I used to work with him years ago. I believe he still lives in the same house in my home town. I don't live there anymore but the film studios I worked for would know how to get a hold of him. And the woman you're thinking of is Vicki Lawrence. You may contact her through the firm that represents her, try their office it might be best to send her an email or letter. Contact me for more information about celebrity's. I worked in the business for years!

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