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Each time I write here, I write because a Guide appears and tells me what he wants us to write about next and eventually I get around to doing it because as I work, I am also taking many notes behind the scenes and interacting with people in my everyday life and sometimes it takes me a day or two for he and I to get on the computer to write about more information I have received over the years.

This morning I am going to write about a particular white haired Guide who seems to be the Top Guide in my World as he resides high up in the Spirit World and has access to or control of a place I know as the Akaskic Records. He is not always happy with the job I am doing and sometimes believes I am a little too timid to put out some of his ideas that he gives me about organized crime and Earthquake and other dire predictions, but I am trying to do the best I can and we have been together for a long time and if I follow his instructions and help him get his ideas to the world, we are fine and if I don't, he just walks away and let's me work out things the best I can and finally I do get around to doing what he wants me to do.

His motto early on was, if you don't bother to listen to me and do what I am asking you to, why bother. One time he told me if you don't work in the right way and pass on this information, which I want to better mankind, then I will just have to find someone else to work with, and I do have other Channels, but they are assigned to do other tasks and it's your job to help me with the nutritional, research types of writing so we can help to solve some of these problems.

The other day I wrote in another segment about the Folic Acid and Birth Defects that he gave to me. Now he wants me to write about his Baking Formula and how it came to me and what I did to pass it along to others to be helpful. One day back in the latter eighties he came to me and said he wanted to turn my kitchen into a laboratory where we could test his ideas on foods and their compositions and how it is beneficial to know just how to use these compounds in foods to keep us healthy and help us live longer. He says every plant, animal and everything created is put here on Earth for the nourishment and natural healing.

He said we would compile a formula for my brown hair. I bought a five pound bag of Enriched or unbleached flour and to that, we added a cup of raw wheat germ, 1 cup of raw wheat bran and a cup of whole wheat hot cereal, such as Ralston or Mothers Whole Wheat cereal. This was my first efforts and there would be more formulas to come and they would be meant for others with different hair colors.

In the meantime I mixed this formula and made bread from it using yeast and following the general recipe for white Yeast Bread and it was delicious, and still looked white because it didn't show the fortified qualities that wheat germ, wheat bran and the whole wheat cereal had added to it yet it added more nutrition.

At the time he said he made it this way so that people who liked only white bread and wouldn't touch a more wheaty bread wouldn't be able to tell the difference and in doing this, I could sneak a little extra nutrition into the breads that our family was eating at the time.

Back then about the only bread available in the average market was white, whole wheat, pumpernickel and rye. You could buy other nutritious breads but only if you went to a health Food store and bought the Heavier Health Breads which many ate but were not accepted by white bread eaters like my family and others.

Everyone in my family and my extended family loved the bread and I wanted others to share in this, but didn't know how to go about it since I didn't want to start a baking company and I also knew this had a lot of regulations governing it, not to mention liability insurance and all the other trappings of business and I didn't want to get involved with that because I just wanted to be a psychic channeling for my Spirit Guides to gather information to prove Life After Death.

I personally didn't know what to do with the information that was coming to me day and night, fast and furious, and I had no one to help me so one of the Guides suggested I take packages of our pages and send it to a designated spot which he had dubbed a clearing house and tell them they could do what they chose to with it such as directing it where they thought it would do the most good because I didn't personally know how to handle it.

Even my relatives back then wouldn't believe what I was telling them and I didn't want the information to go to waste and I was busy continuing to gather information which was coming fast and furious now about all sorts of things. I also chose some baking companies and sent the formula off and told them the benefits I thought they could offer to the World and told them to do with it whatever they choose but hopefully they would feed it to the World, because I didn't know how to distribute it.

My Guide who gave me the formula had dubbed it Multigrain and as time went on, more and more good Multigrain Breads were appearing on the Market and now I have almost stopped making my own bread and now I am buying their breads and eating them and as I eat my way through them, I am studying my hair the way I did with our first formula and seeing which ones fit my own hair color and body type.

As I went along, I learned that the Flour Formula he designed for me was for my specific hair color and the inherited traits I got from my ancestors and by eating this bread, I discovered that my hair can remain the same young color it was when I was say in my Twenties.

I experimented back and fourth with this and I have learned as long as I eat the multigrain formula he designed for me and my hair color, or if I eat several I have found on the Market my hair will remain colored and young looking.

If however I stop eating the bread and go back to eating white bread, even enriched white bread my hair color will fade and within a day or so my hair will be almost completely white and dry and porous the way most older after menopausal ladies do.

I then read on a Web site about some Doctors doing research into aging and grey hair and they say they have learned that Gray Hair denotes dying Stem Cells and I thought, well, that is something I don't want to deal with yet and I think I should be trying to tell others this and so I wrote to the Researcher and told them what I had learned by baking this bread and using it and how my hair could go to naturally young and healthy and or back to white old lady hair, which is dry and porous.

I don't know all the scientific things that goes with what I am talking about, I only know what works for me and when I learn something I think others might like to know I write about it. I will say in addition to the Bread I now and always have taken a good multi-vitamin and in my case I make sure I get at least 50mg of the B-Complex Vitamins because the B-Complex Vitamins are known as the Spark-plugs of life.

However I will point out that the B-Complex Vitamins and other things will not save me from Gray Hair unless I eat the Multigrain Bread that is right for my hair color and body type. Since I have Brown hair my predominant B-Vitamin is Niacin because Niacine is responsible for Brown Hair. As I went along working with the Guides I learned that Black Hair has as a Dominant Factor Thiamine and Folic Acid. Red Hair has as their Dominant Factor Folic Acid and secondary Thiamine. There are Blondes who descend from various hair color in parents and grandparents and you have to study the parents and grandparents to see what colors may influence you not only in hair color but Body types as to tall, short, fat and or skinny.

Over the years he has expanded on this and as a result we have made up many other fortified flour combinations and I try them and say things like this is right for so and so with black hair and etc.

I am doing automatic writing at this time with the Guides in the Spirit World and at this time, he says we should stop typing now for a time and rest my brain, then we will come back and tell more stories about things I have received from the Guides in the Spirit World because they have lots of information to share and I have a lot of stories to tell about my psychic experinces and I am hoping you who are interested in the paranormal will benefit from my experiences.

I would also like to add I am also reading others here with interest, and feel I have finally found others who share my interest in the Paranormal.

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quixoticqt (2 stories) (53 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-16)
You remind me of my mother... Some parts. My mom has a way of believin in God/Jesus/Holy Spirit and my mother prays EVERY day. She finds out the same information as you by "talking to God."
My mother is currently in the phase of "God made all this food on earth" too. I love eating all natural foods as well and meat. I love the natural meat and if I could go out and kill a cow for dinner then freeze the whole thing, if I had enough money I WOULD!
Kodiak Alaska cow meat's the best. I also know that Alaska plants and vegetables have the highest counts of vitamins because the sun goes around during the summer. For example the blueberry has a higher count of antioxidants in it then per say fresh blueberries from lower 48.
I know there's bread out there that can make me lose weight as well. There's a tall Native tribe someplace down there that always eats bread everyday for their staple food and there tall and skinny. My mom made it once and it was delicious. I lost the ingredients for it though.
I know of wild foods that can be picked and eaten in Alaska. My mother was the one who taught me. There's wild parsley up here that "cures" my meat for me. I had spaghetti with a meat in it that was sour like and I couldn't eat it but I put some of the dried parsley in it and it tasted normal.
My mom would know when we had sugar when we were kids. Our attitude on life would be cranky and sour. She would pick raspberry leaves each year and pull out my tea cup, boil some raspberry leaves put some honey in it and we would have "27 cups" of tea *laugh.* Right away our attitudes would get back to normal. Raspberry leaves extract the affects of sugar.

As always,

❤ qt
pinkbabe63 (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-15)
hi how do you make your psychic abilities stronger and better because I've heard of meditation but I don't know how to do it please can you help me with all of this? Reply by writing a comment under my story so I can read it please I really need help! Anyones thoughts are welcome please help! 😢
Lisa (guest)
16 years ago (2007-12-22)

I found it very interesting that your guide (the one with the white hair) has instructed you with nutritional help. Even though our modern society is basically a mess and many think--- "Why bother with worrying about our health", We will need this enlightment in the future. We need as much knowledge as we can about natural herbs and nutritional restorative healing.

Reason being that eventually the Earth and the poeple in it are going to be in much needed of this type of restoration. Right now modern medicine, pharmaceutical companies and our governments intend to keep us all in the medical dark ages.

Eventually the World will be going through all types of upheavels politically, financially, etc., and there will come a time when our civilizations will fall into ruins. Then comes the restoration after the ruins. I feel this restoration will be similar to how God restored Earth after it fell into ruins (before mankind was created in the book of Genesis in the scriptures)

The difference is that those who are enlightened on true ways of restoring and healing will join God and help with the Earth's restoration process.

People will take part in restoring the health of our Animal and Plant Kingdoms., and there will be much Spirit led holistic and nutritional healing for all those in physical health ruins.

The World will become the beautiful place it was meant to be. On Earth as in Heaven.

Please tell your guide that I sent my regards and am grateful to him for sharing what he knows to those of us who are stuck in the "dark ages" brought upon by other men.

God Bless him and give him a hug for me!

love and have a beautiful Christmas.
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
17 years ago (2007-10-27)
To Abbey:
I will tell you how I got started, I went to a Spiritual Church and was so amazed at the information they gave me from spirits I knew beyond the Veil of Death that I began going there and took classes and as time went on Guides and Relatives appeared and I began to get amazing Information.

My problems began back in the l986 when three of my Relatives and Dr. P. Who was a Psychiatrist when he walked the Earth decided they didn't want me to get all the Spectacular information I was getting which I was giving to the world and they set out to try and drive the Guides Away through threats and intimidation and when that didn't work on the First Anniversary of Dr. P. Death they declared themselves Satans Followers and entered my body as possessing Spirits and have been sitting there ever since.

In the beginning I was terrified and when they told me they could force my spirit out of my body and take it over I was terrified and ran to a local Catholic Hospital to get someone to do an exorcism but there I learned there was little help and no one believed me but a Priest did appear and give me a blessing which didn't work.

I went home with the Spirits still inside my body where they are still sitting I might add and still no one much believes me.
I am telling this story again to assure you they cannot take over a Human Body and they cannot take over anyones soul, and when you lose the fear of a few ugly spirits who tell channels this to discourage their work then you will realize as they do now that theya re trapped and afraid to leave the body because a Guide has told them if they don't get it together and if they are still inside my body when it dies they will immediately be destroyed, and in the meantime I am stuck with them sitting there and so I have told my story everywhere and no one much believes and thinks I need Psychiatric Intervention and when I tell them one of the Spirits inside my body was one of our Town's Leading Psychiatrists you can imagine their reaction.

At this time I am still negotiating with them to try to get them out of my body, and I am waiting for a Deliverance minister to see if he can force them out, and in the meantime I have no choice but to use this as Paranormal Research and tell others about my Experience and hopefully dispell some of the fear that everyone has about Spirits beyond the Veil of Death, because I have learned while these three relatives and Dr. P. Can cause pain and sit inside my body and tell me all sorts of things, and interferre with my sleep and my life they like I have no idea what will really happen to them once they leave my body.

I write here not only to tell Psychics what they can incounter, I am also here to put a face on Demons because in my case you can see they are three of my Realtives and a Man I knew when he walked the Earth who still have all the jealousies and control factors they had when they walked the earth and they believe I should send the other Guides away and work only with them to write about Evil and so I believe I may be doing what they want by telling my Story but on the other hand I think I should tell others this can happen to me and them and almost anyone, and I don't know how to stop what they are doing and so now they are Lab Rats and I am waiting to see how I get them out of my body and where they go when they leave and I want to know if there is any punishment for them by a Higher Power when they leave my body as I have been led to believe.
So no matter what happens in my situation, I have been able to gather some wonderful information and work with some very nice Guides and the only fly in the ointment are the four vicious, cowards sitting inside my body where they have been sitting since the summer of l986.

Whatever happens in this situation as I try to learn what the truth really is here I feel I have put a face on Demons, and I believe at some point in time my experience should further paranormal research and the belief in the Supernatural so when someone like me and others run into a problem like this there will be others who believe them, but at this point in time no one much believes but I can't let these four get away with what they are doing, because I believe this experience is very important to belief in the After Life.

I know this is long but that is what happens when I get on the computer and someone in the Spirit World which I believe to be one of my Guides wants me to write here in the right way to tell others there is Life after Death.

Yes sometimes we have realtives and others in the after life who may have been our enemies when they walked the Earth and they may still be our enemies in the after life but we must still try to deal with them and hope they will appear to us in the right way and not try to frighen us, because as anyone knows we are still in the virgin stage of believing in Life after death and its very difficult to prove these things to nonbelievers and so I am hoping my experiences and writing about them

will help others to believe and give people like me with a problem with someone in the Spirit World some sort of support system so we can deal with this because we never know when as a Psychic Channel we migh meet an old associate in the Spirit World who doesn't like us anymore now than they did when they walked the Earth and if they have a mind to they can cause us trouble so hopefully we learn sooner than I did how to distinguish between the good and bad forces in the Spirit World.
Too Late I learned that my three worst enemies in the after life was my Birth Mother who gave me away at the age of three and her sister and husband who had to raise me when she didn't want to take care of me and I guess they all had their own ideas of things and still do.

Now from beyond the Veil of Death they re trying to help Dr. P. Hang on to the woman who got away this time around, and they are trying to force me to send Thomas one of my Guides away because they think if I tell his Story to the World and the people begin to believe that I have the story behind the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, who by the way is my Guide called Thomas that somehow I will become quite Famous and my Realtives have set out to put evil all through the Kennedy Manyscript so no one will ever believe me or read about it.

I guess even from the spirit World JFK can cause a few problems for women like me who want to help him get his Story to the World about who plotted and carried out his Murder and Why and Eve, Carrie, George and Dr. P. Have set out to discredit me and this Story to the point they are willing to face whatever punishment awaits them outside my body if it means they can stop the Kennedy Book from being Published.

Note: In all these years I have never met another human who has been possessed by Evil Spirits but I know there must be a few people somewhere who have had to deal with what I have dealt with and I am hoping my writing here tells everyone who wants to be a psychic, they should not let realtives and others control them from the After Life if they want to work with the Good Guides because its a Higher Powers Responsibility to punish and bring these under control and I am still waiting to see how he eventually does that and in the meantime I am going on with my life and continuing to write to tell the World what I encountered when I stepped beyond the Veil of death and met three of my Relatives and Dr. P. Who wanted to write Evil and when I refused they entered my body and are now afraid to come out because a Guide has told them he is God and he is waiting for them and he will deal with them at some point in time, and they wee just told again yesterday its either Repent and go straight or face the Consequences.

Hopefully this is Helpful to those who deal with those beyond the Veil of Death because your worst nightmare could be your father, mother, aunt and Dr. P. In my case and you might know someone up there just like them.
When the Human dies the Spirit doesn't always turn into an angel flying around Heaven sometimes they come back to Earth and make people very miserable and at this time I am still working on solving my problem and thought I should tell others the good and bad of Spirit Channelling.
Abbey (1 stories) (3 posts)
17 years ago (2007-10-24)
Hi Abby,
I have actually tried to get in touch with you, but did not see a email address for you, Hope you don't mind me contacting you in this way... I have actually been reading some of your posts and comments and I was wondering if you could help me, I know I have some psychic abilities, I can see and feel presences and other peoples feelings, I can sometimes feel when something is going to happen, slowly but surely I am beginning to tell difference between good or bad, still working hard at that one also to try and establish if the feelings are my own or not. I have had some bad experiences with demons, I am not sure but I think one wanted to kill me the other take my soul. A friend of mine says it's because I walk in the light she also says I am a empath and have other abilities also but could not tell me what they are. I was hoping you could help me with that question and also give me advise on how to develop my abilities, I know they are there but I am afraid if I don't work on them they might go away, maybe I just need confirmation on what they are and how to let them grow... Thank you for reading this extremely long request, I do hope you could help me...
Thank you
Abbey 😁
Abby (99 posts)
17 years ago (2007-10-23)
Dear CVT6702,

Thank you for clarifying the last paragraph, now I understand what you are saying. I must be honest, and perhaps it is my own expectations, but I thought you would have received more of a profound and lengthy answer to my initial question from your guide(s).

I hope you are finding resolve in your release from your present state of possession. I really do not sense it is in your best interest to attempt such a possession removal by yourself. Please do seek out those who can help you to be free of such beings or at least seek counseling of various sources as well as from those in the field as I have already previously suggested.

Blessings, Abby
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
17 years ago (2007-10-22)
To Abbey:
I just meant once people pass over and get to the Spirit World sometimes they want to continue with their ideas and work and they need Channells to believe in them and want to work with them to help them continue the work they left unfinished.
For example if a Scientist left a half finished project it would be nice if he could finish it by working through a channel.
Abby (99 posts)
17 years ago (2007-10-22)
Dear CVT6702,

I apologize for my belated reply. I thank you for answering back per your recent comment in regards to my question to your guide(s).

I understand your first paragraphs, but I do not know what you mean by your last paragraph (When we get to the spirit world...). Could you please clarify your last paragraph in simpler, basic terms. Thank you, I will await your next reply from you and your guide(s).

Blessings, Abby ❤
Kyte (guest)
17 years ago (2007-10-20)
Thank you, I'm going to start taking these supplements very shortly. Hopefully they'll help out a bit.
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
17 years ago (2007-10-20)
To Abbey:
What we hope to do by doing health realated suggestions is to not only prolong peoples lives but encourage them to feel better and be more in control of their lives to a very old age and we can do that by keeping them healthier longer.
As to the other things people have been trying to control others and all the other things you have mentioned since the beginning of time.
When we get to the spirit world we have to realize that once there these Spirits know they still have a lot to say and its hard to get Humans to see and hear them and believe in them and so its better if they just stay right here on earth as long as they can and do these things themselves without the Middleman Medium doing it for them because sometimes they don't have time to listen to them and just want to get on with their own lives and it leaves little time for the Spirits Who have a lot to say to those on earth.
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
17 years ago (2007-10-20)
To Kyle:
I have been thinking about your question on hair.
I think if you add some foods rich in the B-Vitamin Niacin or perhaps take a supplement of it it could help.
The Niacin in a Pill sometimes causes a hot flushed feeling to the skin but there is another version called Niacimide which doesn't cause the flushed feeling.
The information comes to me from my Guides and they tell me Niacin is known to give people with brown hair very long straight hair and that is why I thought it might work for you.
Your short black curly or nappy as you call it hair is governed by two of teh B Vitamins Thiamine (black) and Folic Acid Black and while these are important to people with black skin and hair Niacin is also important to them.
Hope this helps.
I might also suggest if you aren't eating a good Multigrain Bread of 100% whole wheat bread this may also help with hair growth and it also might keep your from having gray hair appear at too young an age.
Kyte (guest)
17 years ago (2007-10-15)
Are there perhaps any formulas to make hair grow long? I'm an African American and as a male my hair always gets puffy and nappy. I'm also part Native American, and Irish and I still don't know why I don't have long hair like my ancestors, and some of my relatives. 😲
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
17 years ago (2007-10-13)
Abby I posted a long reply to this and somehow it was lost when I tried to Publish it perhaps I can try again later.
Abby (99 posts)
17 years ago (2007-10-12)
Dear CVT6702,

Thank you for posting your story here, as well as sharing the first submission of this story which I first read on the sister site, Spiritual Experiences.

Perhaps, I can be of help by posing the first question to you and your guide, and other readers will follow suit.

Please ask your white haired, guide what good purpose does it do to prolong a human being's life with proper nutrition, if all human beings are living in an already failing, unfair, overpopulated, human society and system; where all human beings are not allowed to live up to their full potential, in true freedom, contentment, happiness, health, prosperity, unconditional love and are free to live a life not under another's human being's thumb, control or in a state of indebtedness, beholding to another fellow, human being?

Thank you for your consideration, and I will await your guide's answer or reply.

Blessings, Abby

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