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Vivid Dream About a Boy in the Freezer


Throughout the years I've had "experiences" as I've described them. Dreams that have come true relative to births, deaths, and other life events pertaining mostly to those in my daily life. This "experience" was different in that it was unexpected and not someone I knew of personally.

I had a dream that was so vivid, I awoke sobbing into my pillow, and immediately dialed my daughter-in-law to tell someone the details before I lost them. In the dream, I was in the garage of a home that was in the process of being abandoned. By this, I mean to say the family that lived there was moving, and had left some items behind. In the garage was a white stand alone freezer. I walked towards it and noticing there was no lock, only a latch, opened it. Inside, was a small boy about five or six, with dark hair and features.

I asked the boy what he was doing there and he told me he only lived a few houses away but had accidentally locked himself in the freezer. He thanked me for keeping him company as I assured him everything would be okay. I asked him his name, but before he could answer, we fast forwarded into a hospital room. There were flowers, and people I didn't recognize. The little boy was in the bed and he told me I was right. He thanked me for being there with him and for making him feel safe. I woke up and called my daughter-in-law.

The next morning, she called me frantic, yelling at me to hurry up and turn on the morning news. I caught the end of the segment. In one county over from us, a little boy who had been lost was found by a search party two houses down from his own locked in a freezer. It seemed the neighbors had been moving and the boy wandered into the unlocked garage. They showed his picture and I immediately knew he was the little boy from my dream.

My daughter-in-law made me promise never to tell her if I dreamed anything about her. To this day I can't shake that dream, and I wish I knew how to channel and use my dreams to help people. I plan to learn more.

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CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
14 years ago (2007-11-09)
You are right sometimes it is a bit of a curse, because along with the gift and the ability to gather many things comes three of my realtives in the Spirit World and Dr. P. Who have been out to interfere with my gift from the beginning and make life as miserable as they can for me for various reasons.
I am trying to write the good and put them as much out of the copy as I can but still I must deal with them and this is why I have written about them in
I feel if I am to write the good things I have learned as a psychic Channeller its also my responsibility to tell everyone some of the other things that I have learned through spirit communication.
kerri (guest)
14 years ago (2007-11-07)
WOW! That's an amazing gift! I'm sure it's also somewhat of a curse as well huh?
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
14 years ago (2007-11-05)
These are the things that happen once a persons Psychic Gift begins to open up.
You never know what will come to you in dreams and in Psychic Movie like information that comes to you once you begin getting this kind of Information.
As I understand it you didn't set out to meditate and develop your Psychic Gift and if this is true it could be things could come to you about all sorts of things and some could be frightening and this is one of the reasons I have been posting stories on this site telling how I got started Channelling for Spirit and the Universe and I say the Universe because there is an never ending source called the Akaskic Records that sometimes Psychics can tap into and you will not believe the things that might begin coming to us once we open up the channell.
I have written several segments on here under the name CVT6702 and I have written all the things to try to help others understand their Psychic Gift, because in some cases as I read these stories it appears that some people just begin without warning getting this Psychic Information and in some cases if they don't understand what is happening to them it could be frightening and so I have tried to help by writing about my work as a Spirit channeller which began back in l985 when I first visited a Psychic Center and learned how to develop my Psychic Gift.
Hope everyone who reads my posts don't think I am a grandstanding know-it-all as some have accused me of being elsewhere because I am here reading peoples posts and writing the experiences I have had in an effort to help others to understand everything that I and they may learn as Channels for Spirit.

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