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Psychic Powers Or A Vivid Imagination


Wow I've read some really interesting stories on this site. I'm posting my story for the first time because I'm starting to feel that all of my life the things that I experience is not normal. Since I was a young child I could feel things that were going to happen before they happen. However, they are to numerous to mention. But, this one might explain if I'm gifted, psychic or just plain crazy.

I'll start with this experience. Maybe 9 to 10 years ago I dreamed of a really bad car accident. This dream was so real that I was standing there looking at it and I could see all the colors in this dream because it was sharpe. The color of the car was dark that's what I remember and there was young teenagers in the car. I could see them laughing and having fun. The driver was a male and there was a young beautiful girl sitting in the passages side next to him, you could see how white and straight her teeth were. There was another young boy and girl in the back. However, I could not see much of them.

So as this dream went on it changed its course. I suddenly, saw the driver in a high speed chase and I could see and feel the fear of the passengers, I could feel there screams. The car suddenly fliped over and the passengers were all thrown from the vehicle. I saw gym shoe all over the street, and the one I remembered the most was a black converse style gym shoe with an untied clean white shoelace. I saw bodies on the ground in ditches and on the street.

So for several days or maybe weeks I would not let my teenage son drive or be driven by any friend. For weeks I could not shake the feeling of dume off.

Then one day I got a call from a cousin who told me to turn the news on, and what did I hear, I heard that four young people were involved in a tragic accident in a neighboring community. The news stated that there ages were from 14yrs. To 21yrs, and it was two males and two females. The new reported that the car was involved in a high speed chase by local officers who received a report that a gold Lexus sadan had been stolen.

The bodies of three of the victims had been ejected from the car by such force that there shoes had been knocked off and were all across the highway. The driver was the only person who lived, the one who stole the car and picked up his freshman college friend girl, her 14 year old cousin who cut class to go and her male companion who was a mere 16. The driver was 21 and the oldest girl was 20.

The cops involved in the high speed chase were later sued because when they stopped the boy and asked for his license, they should have pulled the kids out of the car and made them stand there until they confirmed his licenses and the stolen car. However, the cop walked back to his patrol car to run the drivers license and that is when the driver took off and the high speed chase began. The car flipped, the passengers bodies were torn to thread and their shoes were all over the highway. The 14 year old girl was my cousin's only child, the other young girl was her 1st cousin, her mother's niece, her sister's only daughter. This incident happen during Valentine and the two girls were funeralized together.

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stephyw2001 (3 stories) (108 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-12)
How very sad. I would not say you were crazy, as the women in my family have "psychic" tendencies, from my mother's side. Sometimes, you just know something is going to happen, or feel it, or dream it. The trick is, to pay attention to these signs or warnings. My problem is, I'll hear that voice in my head telling me something, but I ignore it, and it happens and I'm like "DARN! I KNEW IT TOO!" I am sorry that your situation ended in a young person you knew dying. That must be horrible.
IntuitiveMama (22 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-07)
Well first of all you are not crazy. I have had dreams come true as well. I don't know if it is psychic per se, but it is definitely some type of intuition. I am so very sorry for the loss and sorry for those kids. We had a similar incident in our town where a young man was speeding with a car full of kids, the car flipped, and one young soul died. Tragic. I often wonder why we see these things but not enough detail to know how to stop it. Best of luck and please share more stories if you have them!

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