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The Burned Child


My story begins in South Park, PA, when my boyfriend and I were waiting for friends to come to a pavilion off of a back road. We pulled over to wait for them to catch up, my boyfriend was driving and I was in the passenger seat. I seen out of the corner of my eye a movement in the brush behind us, I thought maybe it was a deer so I was looking behind us to see if I could see anything after a few seconds I let it go and said it was just the wind. My boyfriend asked if I was alright, I said yes, I'm fine and we continued listening to the radio.

After a few minutes and us getting impatient I seen what looked like a person standing behind the car in the mirror, I jumped and looked behind me and nothing was there. I have never seen a spirit like that in my life so I thought my mind was playing tricks on me and I just let it go, and our friends finally got to where we were and we went up to the pavilion to relax. While talking to our friends I kept seeing what looked like a person rocking back and forth behind our friend, again I brushed it off.

Later that night we got home and we were sitting in the car smoking our "goodnight cigarette" and I kept seeing this dark figure in the mirror. Finally I got the courage to ask my boyfriend if he'd seen anything and he said no and had me explain what I had seen, I did just that and after we went into the house. While brushing my teeth the boy appeared in the bathroom mirror again and when I turned around I could see something moving behind the morphed bathroom window. I opened the window and nothing was there, remember it is late at night, with no trees around the house. The next morning I got up and went to brush my teeth, this time I seen him in the mirror and didn't move just looked. He was a boy, looked about 7-9 years old, with burns all over his head neck and body, after I quickly turned around and looked and nothing was there, not even the shadow this time.

Through out the next few months I would see this badly burned little boy in weeds by the woods, in mirrors and through windows that you couldn't see in/out, such as bathroom windows and tinted windows. After a while I started to talk and tell him it was alright and he was okay now, always offered to help and never got a budge. He always stood the same way and I couldn't see his face, mostly due to the burns, it almost felt like a statue was following me.

One night, right before bed, I felt a burning pain go up my legs through my back and up to my head and I started to cry, it was almost like I felt the little boy's pain. While crying I asked "what do you want" and shortly there after all of the pain went away, I felt relief but I was still burning up.

The next day I told my best friend about it and she was in shock, she was scared that the little boy was trying to hurt me, and she made sure that I was okay. She asked all about the whole experience and I shared all of the details with her and my boyfriend. After I expressed everything I felt a cool chill run down my spine, followed by a 'breath of fresh air', I felt that I could breath again, on my own, without having to worry about any fear, sadness, or anger. After that day I haven't seen the little boy or get an explanation or why he chose me, but, since I am a medium and know how to take control of the situation, I'm happy he chose to express himself in me and not someone I love.

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