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Telekinesis and Emotions


I had experienced several forms of telekinesis. To get a good idea on how I experienced it, I'll try to be as detailed as possible. Several years ago I went to an amusement park (the Efteling in Holland) with a friend at my mother's costs, I was very excited the morning I woke up, usually I am kind of an... when I wake up for school. But not that morning, because I DO want to do this. So it motivates me to easily get up.

It also was the first time I went alone with a friend to an amusement park, no parents, no feeling constricted! At times when I went with my parents they always say "Sit down, don't walk around, hush this hush that". I couldn't do anything but wait until we arrive at the station.

Whenever I felt joyous at any given moment they block my joyful feeling. Typical adults! But anyhow, we (marcel and orlando) had as much freedom as we had joy that day in the park. On the way home by taking the train, I was frustrated because he showed me no appreciation of what I did for him, and when we sat on a bench waiting for the train to come at a given moment, I really went feeling berserk on frustration, but calm on my mind, trying to think thoughts of happiness (thinking of the joy we had, without thinking about the non appreciation). And when he went to the toilets while I was still waiting, at that moment, in that state (calm mind, frustrated emotion) I watched the clock with a thought of "how long do we have to wait for the train to come", and at that second I turned to the clock, IT STOPS, really stops, while other clocks everywhere around just goes on. But after 20 seconds or so, I calmed down with a state of mind thinking "whoa did I do this?" and immediately had a different emotional charge and I reacted different to the friend when he came back from doing his business, with thinking and trying to figure out and hold that thoughts and the emotional charge in memory for this is what I experienced more often.

I don't just want to notice what I did, I want to learn (know) in what state I am and all about this. I want to explain to myself how I am. It's better to do these things with knowledge to be in a better state of mind to yourself. Knowledge is learned from the outside in, while WISDOM is learned from the inside in! Knowledge is learned from books and all the happenings outside you, while wisdom is learn through experience, actual experience.

A while ago, I experienced a similar thing but only with a opposite state of emotion.

I was playing soccer outside with a friend I really cared a lot about and we were having so much fun and JOY (that is the state of emotional charge I had). Conscious feeling I feel through myself is REAL joyful feeling (feeling fulfilled and concentrated in the NOW the current time) and fascination! Noticing the fun we have in the NOW and feeling even more the feeling I had.

At one time when we played the ball so high in the air it went over a ledge and into the water near a dock where a lot of ships lay.

And he was quite upset, almost crying, because it was his only ball and his mother gave him that ball.

When we stood by the water he said "oooh no, we will never get that ball out..." while I was thinking a way to still get it out, I felt the difference in emotional charge which bounced in my belly and I really wanted to feel joyful feelings again and only that.

I tried different things, but the last I tried was a long stick but still to short and I kept staring at the ball with imagining it to come to me (like a movie in my mind), I had a really joyful feeling inside my belly and a little urge or haste (pressure) for the ball to come to me, and also said ┬░come to me come to me ball┬░ in my mind. While we sat at a side of the wall, after 5 minutes of staring or so at the ball, it actually came as I imagined it in a straight line to me. I was a little dazzled but kept this state until it came close enough to the side for us to pick up. The thought that it could be a fish or so came to my mind but while it was happening I pushed that thought away and kept going.

Willing to feel joyful and recognizing the sadness around me, which I did not want, is the strong motivation that somehow made the ball eventually move towards me (just the way I imagined in my mind), when it happened, it released a little shock of amazement of what was happening and I tried to analyze but kept focus on the PURE thoughts instead, and I somehow made it. It was a nice experience, but I still want to experience it again, that's why I am on a mission for that kind of truth!

Pure thoughts are conscious feelings that when your attention goes to that feeling, the brain analyzes it and turns it into just thoughts, when pure thoughts are set in motion, it always looks accidental. Accidental happenings, I want to learn to create these.

But still I tried to unravel with joy and amazement on how I did it.

How can I control telekinesis, can you please explain as much, share as much info as you can on this, please help me. I tried a a psy wheel but couldn't get it to turn,.

Great love marcel MSP

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CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-09)
I too try these experiments and I am amazed at some it and still don't know how it all works.
For example I try this experiment all the time.
I have tried this over and over again and still do not understand what is happening.
I go into the backyard on cloudy days and position myself looking up at the sky and put my palms up and pray and ask God to give me a sign as I pray and no matter how cold and overcast the sky is when I begin this suddenly the clouds open and the sun that shines down on my face is blinding.
Sometimes I ask things that I would like to have the weather do and almost invaribly it happens over the next day or so.
Sometimes on the weather people will say things like this is very strange weather for this time of year, or there has been a significant change in the weather.
These are always experiments and I try not to project bad things.
However sometimes I pray for abundant rain in drought areas and they not only get water but sometimes the rain is disasterous in other parts of the world and as you can see I am not sure how any of this works, because I only want good to come from what I ask for.
Abby (99 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-08)
Dear Marcel Stegers,

I do not have your same ability, but I share in some similarities for the basis of your ability.

It is mind over matter you speak of. And, as a typical adult, I would say the way one hones one's abilities is to learn discipline and patience. Keeping things simplistic and uncluttered will also help the process. Seeing the present as in the NOW is very helpful. NOW, try seeing everything as ONE and connected all at once where there is no division or difference. No past, no present and no future, just all as one with no time, no human made boundaries.

To me knowledge, wisdom and truth are all the same inside, outside and not defined by humans or time past, present or future. Everything is "knowing" it just "is" and how do you create what you wish in this 3D physical reality, you do so by "being" and by intent of your mind over the matter.

How far will you go will be up to you and your belief system. Many a human being has been overcome by their own greed for power and control. I do not think abilities are meant to be controlled, as they are meant to be like all things living and non-living, a part of the whole and to flow freely between each other, all energies living as the one we all are together with the end result being unconditional and eternal love.

I am aspiring to return to this level of awareness of unconditional, eternal love. I have a long ways to go yet, but I "know", no matter what happens, I am who I am because I am a part of the whole, and will always "be" perfected and connected at any level I attain in this present human lifetime or all that will follow now and forever.

Patience is a virtue, and I wish you well upon your journey.

Blessings, Abby

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