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My Mom Used To Ask Me Who I Was Talking To


When I was maybe 6-7 years old, my mom used to asked me who am I talking with at the back of our house. She said when I was playing at the back of our house and when she called me somebody answering her not me and she's afraid of that. I turned 17 just last year, my mom died and my father had another family, I used to go home alone at night, my family used to see things at our barrio and also me but we didn't mind those things. By the way, what scares me is when I was about to take a bath in the middle of the night. That night, it was just me and my brother in our house. I heard voice of a man in my ears calling my name, I didn't mind the voice and maybe it's about 10:30 pm and I decided to take a bath. I'm almost done, when I heard footsteps on the grass behind the wall of the bathroom. Well, I used to hear that footsteps every time I took a bath at night, but that one is different. Footsteps are coming nearer and nearer. Well, I took my towel to cover my body, and I wait for someone to show his/her face at the open window on the top of the wall of our bathroom. In my shock when I saw a face not actually saw, it was blurred but I can say, that his very dark, I mean black, and his very hairy, and his eyes are red and I can say that he was looking at me. Weeks, before it happen, I once heard someone following me when I was walking way back home at night, but when I turn and look no one there. One time I can hear a voice of a man, laughing, and calling my name. Hope You understand my English thank you.

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