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Over the years I have come to the realization that the spirit/animal activity that I seem to attract isn't what most people would consider normal. I have no idea if these two are related to each other or not. When I was very young (7-9 years old) I had no reason to think that these things were not something that everyone dealt with on a day to day basis. There was a few times that I woke up to a very bright light shining in my face. It was a floating orb, that made no sound. The orb was about 6-9 inches in diameter and was pulsating. They never got within arms reach and after a few minutes of watching me, they would leave. I remember one exiting my room though a closed window without breaking the glass. As I got older my family moved from Baytown, TX to Ashley, IL where my Uncle owned a vending machine company and promised to give my Dad a job and a house if we moved. The offer was to good to pass up. So we moved (when I was 14) and my Uncle kept his word. We moved to 176 N. Second St. Where I would see, hear and feel a lot of unusual things.

One event that sticks out in my memories was an event that took place on the front porch of the house across the street from us. The people that were living there would go on long trips leaving their home vacant for weeks at a time. One night a friend and myself were sitting on this porch (because they had a porch swing) talking to each other. While we were talking I noticed a man about 5ft 6in with a medium build dressed in a flannel shirt and jeans, was walking down the street toward us. I could hear his boots as he walked and I was able to get a very good look at him since the house had a street light right next to it and this man walked under the light. As he got closer to the front of the house he had a telephone pole cross his path, and it was as if he disappeared behind the pole. I asked my friend "did you see that" he stated "ya the man stopped walking dead even with the pole" I replied "I don't think so". So we both stepped off the porch and into the street, looking all around the street, the pole and we couldn't find any sign of the man.

This could be viewed as a isolated event, except for the fact that I have these types of occurrences happen to me all the time. They happen so often that sometimes I ignore them like an annoying little brother pestering me for attention. I see spirits of animals and of people. As far as I can tell they know I can see them and like it when they are noticed.

I have since moved back home to Texas and the rent house my family and I are staying in has it's fair amount of activity. There seems to be a lady that wants me to see her as she runs from one room to the next. She has even ran her figures down my back on two different occasions. Once she sat down on the edge of my bed with enough force to push the springs down and I saw the bed rise when she got up. They normally don't have the energy to move physical objects, but it happens from time to time.

On the other subject, attracting animals! All of my family members will tell you that I am some kind of animal whisperer. This is incorrect, I can not speak to them and don't know what they are thinking. What does happen is animals are attracted to me. I have known several people over the years and three really stick out because they believed that they owned a "mean dog". This is because they have bitten people in the past. Each time the owner tells me "don't pet him, he'll bite you" each time these people can not believe that not only can I pet there dog, but there dog is wanting to play with me, wanting to jump into my lap and doesn't leave my side the whole time I am visiting them. I have the same effect on wild animals, and I have had deer, coyotes, possums, raccoons and bobcats follow me and allow me to pet them.

I have never met anyone with these abilities before, please feel free to comment, ask questions or just tell me what you think.

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PraveenNewman (3 stories) (34 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-11)

I can communicate with animals too they act very different with me more like a person with emotions but they pretend they are very dumb when they see others. I went to zoo all animals were paying attention to me. I think they see me as one of their kind. I learnt one thing always bow to the lions they are the king of the wild and it will not tolerate people who act bigger than them. Apart from this I see and communicate with people from afterlife check my post I recorded a message from J F Kennedy. See you 😁
WolfBeast (4 stories) (35 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-05)
Thank you Penny

I treat it as a gift the best way I know how, a gift I hope I never loose. 😊
Pennies4U (46 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-05)
Normally wild animals do not allow humans to touch them. What a lovely gift.
We share this earth plane with people who no longer have this mortal coil a (body). They are earth bound.
I have seen them and helped those who wish to cross over.
Greggb (6 stories) (25 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-03)
There's something very special about dogs. Dogs have been a true blessing to humanity, when you consider all the things they bring into our lives. They protect us and give us unconditional love, and remain loyal no matter how horribly they're treated.

Dogs have probably suffered more than any other animal at the hands of humans, largely as a result of their very loving nature. In the same way that nice, kind humans are often mistreated by others, so are dogs, but to a much more severe degree, because dogs don't have many rights.

Still, dogs are deeply emotional animals and feel pain, both physical and emotional, as much or more than any human. And their feelings are as real as those of any human's.

I think that dogs have a sort of "collective consciousness" (a term coined by CG Jung in regard to humans). Which is to say, they have a kind of vague psychic connection to each other. When dogs have certain emotionally-charged experiences, they go into the collective consciousness and become privy to other dogs.

I think that people who have those certain "ways" with dogs have an unusually deep understanding of the plight of the "dog race", above all else. It's because of this understanding that dogs know they can truly trust such a person. Not only can they trust such people, but I think they want to help them too.

This is the impression/feeling I get from my own experiences and observations.
WolfBeast (4 stories) (35 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-03)
ThlsaDune it is awesome to hear from you, I appreciate the support and Thank you for the advice, sometimes it can be a pain not able to discuss this with the people closest to me. My wife knows about the spirits but I don't let her know the frequency that it occurres and she can see the animal attraction daily. Sometimes I joke around with people and tell them I would rather be an animal because human cheat, steal murder and all kinds of unspeakable acts, but you don't see animals doing that to each other! A lot of the time I feel connected to the animals I interact with and I admire the simplicity of their lives. And as for the darker spirits, I have ran into them as well but I deal with them much like a high school bully! Thanks again, and take care of your self! 😁
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-02)
Hi WolfBeast,
You are not alone. I have been the same way all my life. Everything you have stated, I have also experienced. I also have the ability to know what they are thinking at times. I am real good with dogs in peoples homes. Many times I will walk into someones home and their dog will immediately stop barking and walk right up to me and want attention. I form an instant connection with them. The people usually say that they have never seen that before. I have that happen with many animals. I have even had wild predatory animals come with in speaking distance from me and hang out and let me talk to them for awhile before moving on.
Now about the spirits or people. I have been able to see them during the middle of the day and even in big crowds. I have watched them walk right into and through walls even with other people right near them. Some of them I believe still think they are alive and going about their day.
Some of them though are not spirits but evil entities and are following and trying to influence people. Just protect yourself and keep ignoring some of the more pesky ones and they may get bored. You will know in your gut how to handle each event.
Enjoy your life and try to spread positivism and Love.
Form a good relationship with the creator and you will be protected by God.

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