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Starting To Notice Things


I have always thought it was odd that some people can experience things while others are totally blind to these events. My wife is one of these blind people (blind to the supernatural world), I have very seldom spoke to her about my experiences but recently she has became very curious about it. She has been asking me questions and pointing out things she has noticed. The other day it was just my wife and I at the house having a chill day while our animals were all in the living room sleeping around me (a house cat, and two dogs). My wife heard a sound from our bedroom and she turned toward me when she heard it, expecting me to tell her what the sound was. I responded by telling her "that was her" my wife answered "how do you know" I told her that I have been in the bedroom when she did the same thing (the sound is coming from the floor boards creaking under someone's body weight). Yesterday we were all watching a movie together and at the ending of the film a book was lunched from the bookshelf, which is a very rare occurrence. My wife tells me "there is no way" I asked her "are you sure of that". So I pulled video from the security system that I installed for my wife as a Christmas gift. I showed her that their was no one near the bookshelf and the book was in it's proper spot, then it was pulled off the shelf and fell to the floor. She looked amazed, but I see things like this all the time. In my world this is normal activity that she is seeing for the first time. It is a cool feeling that I might be able to someday be more open to my wife about the things I see, hear and feel almost daily.

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