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People Really Started To Notice


Hey everyone, I haven't been online and try to do my favorite thing which to help people. But really weird stuff start to happen. I was at school doing my work and waiting for my friends to come because I was early that day. Than all of sudden this freshman came up to me crying and their were a lot of seat out there and came to sit with me. So I asked what is wrong and she told me stuff that you shouldn't tell strangers. This is not the only time happened my friends and even my parents tell me stuff that they need to keep it to themselves. And I'm very nice to say stop telling me and stuff like that and of course I tell them do this and don't do that and whatever comes out my mouth comes true bad or good. So I ask them why they like to talk to me about their problems and they said that I make them feel better. I don't have problem helping people but it has been gone to point were everyone I meet start to open up and its so weird to me. And I'm also a healer.

I meditate and astral project and I develop this power that makes me go to this place its really white and their is this humongous light brown door. And the first time I went to that place was on the bus and this girl started to talk to and she told she is died and she wanted to go back to earth because she died so early and she deserve to live longer. I told her that she need to be here and her time is over. Than she gave me a hug and last thing I felt was her soft dark hair. Then my friend came and we started talking and she told me about this died girl. Who died on snowy day because their was ice covering the whole house and they tried to get out get water and the left her their because she was so little. Then I asked her how she looked like and she said she had very long and soft black hair and she was light. And from than I was so shocked and scared. And month past by and I started to do what I did again but for some reason now I can't wake up. I sleep for days.

I'm also a very good mind reader. I also started to see demons again. Last time I saw one was when I went to my room to get paper and I saw a white demon coming out from my parents room and disappeared and came behind me and I was so scared I scream down to the living room and I never screamed before but boy that was freaky.

Hopefully you thought my story is interesting and if you have any question feel free. And if you can teach me what these called and how I can improve it I will be so happy.

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InjuredAngelHeero (4 stories) (87 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-01)
You sound like a classic Empath, you have a few other gifts (I can't really decode which), but meditation is the best way to develope them.

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