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My Life Hasen't Even Started Yet


This started when I was two years old and my mom hit black ice and slid into a tractor trailer head on, because of this another car hit us and the back windshield shattered all over me, my brother, and my sister. Out of seven people total only one went to the hospital in critical condition, me. A shard of the windshield went into the back of my neck and should have killed but I stayed alive.

When everything was all fixed up my mom took me to my grandmother's house and left me there until she got back from a trip. My grandparents house is built on a battlefield. How do I know this? I'm the only "medium" in my family. Again how do I know this? I've been experiencing things since that glass went into my neck.

I told my mom when I was younger what was going on because I always saw black shadows lingering in the corners of our apartment, yet she blew it off as a creative imagination. My dad on the other had had me tested and we found that I did have a slight difference in my brainwaves than that of the average kid. I was six then. My "abilities" have been tested every year since that day and each time my doctor locks himself in his office to reveal the results to my mom.

I was about eight when I first saw him. His name is Edward, he's six or seven years old dressed in either early Victorian or late Colonial fashion, short but moppy brown hair, and bright red eyes. He likes to climb on the wall above my head and stare down at me while I sleep and when I turn over scream and attack me. It's been years since he's done this but he's waiting for the moment I'm at my weakest (He just gave me a little view as to where I'll see him again when I'm awake). He's a screamer when you're awake too. You'll be driving down the road and out of no-where he pop's up in the middle of the road and screams.

Everyone has déjà vu. Me more than most. I'll dream it and the next day I'll see it. (Just happened too. Shadow movement by the door of my room. Saw it out of the corner of my eye. Lucky me. Not) The average person experiences déjà vu three to four times a month but with me it's a daily thing. I can't be surprised and it sucks. I know that my boyfriend is going to propose to me the day after my birthday next to the Ohio River and have my family behind him on the rocks.

I do a lot of paranormal investigating. I have a yearly pass for Waverly Hills Sanatorium for crying out loud. I've helped a lot of kind people move onto the other side, mostly the elderly and the ones that want to go ever so much. I'll see them, watch them, talk with them, I've even helped a little boy see his momma in her room and bring her flowers. Crazy as it may sound but this is my favorite part of being different.

I'm eighteen now and my mom has finally accepted that I'm different. My grandmother says that it's old magic running through my blood as the proud chieftess I should be. I'm Choctaw and am proud but hating this weirdness. I can't come to actually believe that I am a medium or psychic or anything. Some help with what has happened and happening would be amazing. Thanks for taking the time to read my random banter.

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SabreLynn (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-08-29)
My mom does run him over. We'll get farther down the road and then, BOOM, there he is again. He scares me. I'm half tempted to get myself cleansed and Blessed.
Rockypelt (1 stories) (66 posts)
11 years ago (2012-08-28)
i'm choctaw too 😜, and I have lots of deje vu everyday too. Read my story... But seriously! A child that crawls on your walls and screams at you... Thats just plain creeeeeeeppppiiiiee! 😐 and it ATTACKS YOU! Hide yo boyfriend man hide him! I'm so sorry for is I can't tell you how much that creeps me out... Next time run it over! FULL SPPPEEEDDDD! Oh and wear ear muffs. ALSO... Uhhhhhh! It climbs up your wallllll! Sorry I know but that just is creepie bro. Sorry if I offended you

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