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Number 9


I keep seeing numbers in my dreams and every time I add them up the answer is 9.

My dad past away few years ago. He appears in my dream. I was on the floor where there were two sets of nuts. He told me that a set is "such" number and the one set is "such" number. All the numbers are two digit numbers. When I add them up to get a single number, the answer is 9 (for instance I got 54, so I add 5 and 4;5+4=9)

The second time, my friends visited me and gave me a list of things to buy for them. I add them up, I got 9

The third time, a man well dressed asked me to work for him. He gave me his phone number. I add the numbers, I got 9

And just last night, I was buying something and the clerk asked for my number to contact me later. I gave him my cell phone number that I have for more than 7 years. When I woke up, I thought about adding my phone numbers to see what single number I'll get. Surprisingly I got 9

This one is not a dream. My roommate bought a shirt with a big 9 on the back. I saw the number on the shirt and I smiled. But I don't know if seeing 9 is good or bad. What's going on in my head?

Could you please help?. All I do is adding the numbers. No division nor subtraction nor multiplication.



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Evanescent (5 posts)
11 years ago (2010-12-01)
Granted I am no Authority on this BUT, it seems to me as though the number 9 is a sign between you and your father. Maybe its his way of letting you know that he is and always will be with you no matter what. Death is merely the loss of the physical body... The soul is eternal and your father and you shall always be connected eternally. It is a bond death cannot break. 😁

Love and Light ❤

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