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Starting To Realize My Gift


I am currently 11 years old and have been starting to realize my gift. I am not sure of what my gift is called and it truly frightens me to be like this. I have been open to psychic ability for most of my life and am able to sense a spirit and their emotions. I can also sometimes see things in my dreams that will happen to me a year or two later in life and before even meeting somebody by looking at their eyes I can tell if they are going to be good natured person or not.

I have always had this gift but just a year ago on the new year of 2009 my senses were drastically heightened after a very odd experience. At around midnight, my friends family came over to my house to celebrate the New Year and at around three o'clock in the morning I started to get a fever and felt extremely cold. After about two hours of this I finally fell asleep with the help of my mother. After that day my brother and I have both started to be psychically aware of everything that I have listed. So we told our parents of our new discoveries. We found out that about half of my mother's side of the family has had very similar gifts. Seeing into the future being the most common among my family.

But even then my parents would not believe that I can see things and I really need to learn to control this power because as I said earlier in my story being able to see and feel these spirits truly scares me and I am often finding myself around lots of other people to try and lose the fear but all that really does is numb the pain until I am around other family members again. Somebody please explain what is happening to me.

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FrostedEclipse (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-07)
Yeah, I think I'm just started to realise my abilities too, but I'm almost 14. Mine isin't the same as your's, but I suggest trying to embrace it and talk to people who have gone through what you are now.
melody1084 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-23)
You are psychic. Let me tell you, you shouldnt be scared of this but rather try and understand it better. When I was 5yrs old is when I started to experience strange things. I ventured out of my body at this age and something was always there with me. A spirit guide. When I became 7 I saw outlines of people walking in and out of rooms but the only spirits that were able to see me were the animals... You should use your gift to help others out but first try and have a understanding of it. I have bent metals with energy, I sense people there and can pick up on mental images and if I wanted I can speak to entity's by allowing them to channel but I prefer not to... You arent alone and there is a reason you have this. I also forsaw the pope dieing before he did...
shikamaru95 (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-22)
i have almost exactly what you have. I'm currently 14, and about 5 years ago I was able to read peoples energies, emotions, a few thoughts, see the future several months to years in advance, I can see and talk to spirits too. I really don't know what all those abilities are called but I know being able to read emotions is called empathy. Youre probably doing about as much research as me to find out what your psychic abilities are and what exactly what they do. Knowing I'm not alone is a relief.

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