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These Images, What Do They Mean?


Every day I see things in my head. Something flashes in my head for a few seconds, then it fades away. It's usually people. Sometimes the people I see I see again in the future. Once I saw a ring my friend from years ago gave me.

Sometimes the images are scary. I saw a girl with scratches all over her face. And a woman looking scared in a house.

Sometimes things are in motion. Last night I saw people playing a sport. I also saw a girl stepping into slippers. And a few people walking together. I saw a blond woman dressed in black, with a cross necklace on her. The other people I can't really remember that well.

Once I saw the back of an ambulance driving. I also saw a tree with a fork in it, and a house, and a dark skinned man with glasses, and a young dark skinned boy in a black suit. All in the same night.

Once I saw my friend walking down the hallway at school. The next day I saw her and she was wearing the exact same clothes.

These are just a few of the things I've seen.

I also hear talking sometimes. Like a voice comes in my mind.

I have had paranormal experiences my whole life. One time a dream I had came true.

The point is, I see things in my mind every day. What does it mean?

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merw (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-23)
It means your clairevoyant. Do you hear voices too. If so, your claireaudient. You are seeing visions of the future, of the past, and you possibly are seeing spirits. I see visions in the reflection of the TV screen, on the wall, in my head. It's like watching a movie. I took psychic development classes and it helped me understand what was happening and how to control my abilities better. I have been studying psychic, mediumship and animal communication for about 7 years now. Reading as many books as I can on these topics and researching the internet, it helps.

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