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Am I Just Starting To See Spirits At Age 27?


So, I had posted part of this story under another person's story (Seeing Shadows) a few days ago. I found this website while searching for something to help explain what has been happening to me, and I am glad I landed here. Please, read and give me any helpful insights you may have.

I had an experience after falling asleep at the foot of my great-grandmother's bed just a few days before she passed. I was awoken by a wave of intense energy passing through me, which literally felt like it was vibrating my brain. This was followed by much talking and laughing, like a group of people coming to a party. I felt frozen and could not move, and I did not open my eyes until it was over.

Just recently (about 5 months after the initial incident), I have been getting the same feeling of energy (except to a much lesser degree) and have been seeing human shadows when I am trying to fall asleep. One was a female who was bending down with a hand out to my dog. When I speak to these shadows, it is like they suddenly notice me and come close, crowding around my bed, but they do not say anything (or I just cannot hear it). This is usually the point where I panic and turn on a light. I've been getting very little sleep because of the anxiety I now have.

Something else that may also play part in this: I was in a 4-car-pile-up about 4 months before all of this started. My car was totaled, and I had some whiplash, but I walked away relieved that everyone was okay. Since the accident, I have suddenly started getting panic attacks (seemingly out of nowhere).

I am 27 and do not understand why all of this is suddenly happening. I am concerned that there may be something wrong with me.

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infoseeker (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-13)
Thank you for your comments. You have given me things to look into that I am not familiar with. It definitely give me a starting point!
phinix (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-11)
I think that you may have always been able to see these things before, but due to your recent experience, you are now noticing them more, most people will say did someone just walk pass me? Not noticing anyone, ignoring it. Always stay true to your God first, always try and use your power for good things as in making someone smile, or helping someone maybe it's time to be a server of God. You should meditate or pray and ask for the answer, it will come to you.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-07-11)
You're probably new to much of this but your falling asleep then feeling energy and hearing voices is quintessential etheric anomalies and pre astral projection. You can read more on my sister site at Going catatonic is because your astral/etheric bodies are slightly misaligned from your physical one. This prevents us from hurting ourselves while we sleep or we'd all be sleepwalking and acting out our dreams and subsequently running into or creating harmful events for us and our sleeping partners. You just happened to be conscious for this. Before we project or enter sleep, our chakras also open and that energy is often kundalini that is flowing which replenishes our body. No sleep, no life! I personally always relate it to feeling like an 8.0 earthquake.

When we enter or exist sleep we bounce in and out of the hypnogogic or hynopompic state and our frequency band increased. This means we can see, hear and feel beyond our normal five senses. This is very normal but most people drop off to full sleep and are not conscious of this nightly event. I have heard and confirmed radio waves, other people's thoughts as they slept next to me that were sleep talkers and I could have full mental conversations (me sending them telepathic messages, them responding outloud in their sleep). We are more than our physical bodies!

Of course you're anxious (anxiety is caused by fear, pure and simple). Your whole world and life has been living a specific paradigm and now you're finding out a whole new set of bits of information that you're going to have to digest over time. Like you're more than your physical body, people on different planes of existence can be seen and heard on this one while in an altered state, people on the other side can see you, you can't shut them out by locking your door, etc. The car accident also adds to this sense of lack of control. But the fact is, none of us truly have control. Control is an illusion and we feel so safe when we think we have it but as we find out slowly over life, we can die at any time. People can break into our houses. Mother nature can do unimaginable damage. People we share a relationship with can leave us. Entities are often in our room. Who would not be anxious over all this?

Hopefully you don't medicate yourself but instead, seek a higher truth to this, such as, we are all we really have and it's best to hold on loosely and without conditions. Then that feeling of insecurity and dread will eventually move to a more peaceful state.

Hope this helps.

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