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Haunted By The Spirit


Background information - I believe I was haunted by the spirit of a man that committed suicide when I was about 7 - I know this because I use to see him hanging from a noose at the end of my bed. I managed to get rid of him when I plucked up the courage to assertively ask him to leave.

I didn't have any more experiences for years after that.

Also having intuitive things happening ie woke up early as I was sitting down I said to myself imagine if my house got raided (which has never happened before) then a few hours later my friend called me crying saying her house had been raided.

Recently I've been having premonitions/visitations in my dreams ie last week I had a dream that I saw a little boy and I felt so sorry for him, I went over to him and gave him a hug and said you're going to be missed soon, he said why what do you - all of a sudden a bright light shone down between and I said don't worry you're going to be just like that light then the light took him. All day I just felt awful anyway that after noon my friend text me to inform me that the baby boy she was carrying had died in the early hours of the morning. I believe that the boy in my dream was him and I was there to comfort during his transition to heaven.

Also I keep seeing a shadow hand not forearm just a hand cut off at the wrist and it taps its fingers on the my quilt like how you would do if you was getting impatient waiting at a counter - I keep thinking it means its waiting?

Also when I was laying in bed with my eyes gently shut a boy about 18 came right up in face and then disappeared.

I'm still in doubt of what is going on here? What is this called?

Does anyone know anything about this black hand?

Is this all my imagination and nothing but coincidences?

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IONEK (17 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-07)
its a lost soul seeking your help to guide him away to his resting place. He see's what you have done. He wants your help. They all want your help. Be carefull most are evil some are good. Don't bargain for more don't bargain for less. Stay focused be alamred make slow moves. You never know what's going to happen.

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