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A Game Gone Bad


Having been on this site reading the various types of stories and reading the replies. It has made me more curious looking back on my own experiences.

This particular experienced happened when I was in my late teens. I held a small get together. A Halloween party a week before Halloween. Everyone came in some form of costume. It was very low key and casual, Bunch of friends enjoying time together, there was lots of food and yes, chuckles, disco music playing!

My older brother had been staying with my family during that time and he was told, by request of my friends, no boys allowed! Chuckles, though he was a charmer, it was still a girls only party. He watched tv inside while I had my party in the enclosed outside patio.

With the lights down low, music lowered in the background and a few hours into the party, a few of girls suggested we either tell ghost stories or play games like making a homemade Ouiji board. I immediately shot down the board game, as did a few other girls. So one of my friend suggested we play a simple game called. I can't remember it clearly but it sounds like the Concentration game.

All of us agreed this seemed much safer so everyone partnered up with someone. You sit facing your partner. One person would place their palms facing upward and the other would place theirs facing downwards over their partners palm. I think the whole idea was to try and see if you could read the other persons thoughts.

A half hour into this game most everyone had partnered up with each other. We were laughing and carrying on. It seemed pretty harmless for the most part. We weren't calling on any spirits so it seemed safe. As I partnered with one girl she said she saw a tiger. That confused me a little as I thought I was going to read Her thought.

Well moving on to the last of my friends, we sat there facing one another, our palms facing each other, My palms were facing upwards, her palms facing downwards over mines. We left a small space in between. I began to concentrate on her face, no expression, quiet breathing until I no longer saw any distinctions of her face. It was now blank.

She then began to say something, but it didn't sound like it was something good she was experiencing. I know I felt a low grade energy pulsing between our palms. I was aware of the other girls. There were 9 of them it very quiet. It must've been just minutes, before she pulled her hands away from mines. This was unsettling to everyone, especially me since her eyes started to tear. It was clear she was very upset, and for this particular girl, being a tomboy that she was, made us All uncomfortable.

I guess with the party sounds quieted, my brother was snooping from the bathroom window and said in a stern voice...*Knock it off, whatever you're doing out there quit it Now!*. Wow that just spooked us all even more. And with that we turned on the lights, and gave her time to chill.

All the girls gathered around her, which made her uncomfortable, but when asked she gave us this explanation. She said she saw herself, dressed in a dark green dress. We all know shes never worn a dress in her life. She continued, she said she was laying on an asphalt road, it seemed wet because she could see the streetlights reflection on it.

She said there were cars with flashing lights and people standing as onlookers upon her. She was not moving but her eyes were opened. It got very quiet by this time as we waited to hear the end of it. One of the girls had her hand on my friends shoulder consoling her as she looked right at me and said. *I saw a man, standing off to the side of the road, in the shadows looking at me, grinning... It was You! I know your eyes and he had them! You killed me!*

Well you can imagine all of them looking at me as if I had some kind of a answer for it... But I didn't. I just played the game, did it how I was told and now this happened. Needless to say, everyone had enough of the game playing as was I. The party ended as my friends left for home, one girl and her sister stayed overnight and we talked. She shared with me paranormal experiences she and her mother has had. It was a night I'll always remember, yet not sure what exactly happened.

I've always had and interest in the paranormal, has had enough experiences to live on. But can anyone clue me in as what you think went on that night?, who was doing what, or possibly if I was channeling something? Replies and comments are greatly welcomed. Till then...Peace...Letum*

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Kristaannem (4 stories) (44 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-04)
What you did was very bad!
You went into her soul and awakened her biggest fear.
She saw you as the killer because you had awoken that fear.
That is the worst thing to do!
It can traumatize people forever.
Letum (5 stories) (10 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-01)
Restless...Thanks for your reply, was your post meant for my story? There never was a OB used at all. I never owned one, never wanted one in my home, not then or now. I have no plans to get close to one now or ever. Opening oneself to positive or negative spirit is in my belief is if one is aware of it. However I have read spirits have taken over someone even without giving it permission. These things varies. Thanks though for your words of concern...Peace, Letum*
Letum (5 stories) (10 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-01)
PsychicJR...Thanks for your response. At the very least its an interesting theory. Switching souls, invading a persons soul. Fear creates many things. I always believed a persons Soul is colored/shaded by the persons true self. Reading your reply sounded as if, you are scolding me, its sweet of you to show such concern for others and I assume myself as well, thank you!
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-31)
What you did was bad very very bad you were trying to switch souls but what you did was go into her and awakened her fear death and see seen you as the killer because you were evading her soul
Restless (1 stories) (19 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-30)
That's some baaaaad mojo. Ouigi board= asking for possession. You were more than likely being in the company of a not so good intentioned spirit. You all could of possibly even opened up yourselves to host a spirit. Never ever ever use Ouigi boards! Baaaad karma. Very bad.

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