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My Astral Projection Failure Tries


I'm feeling that I almost popped out for times, but It's not happen.

Here my steps and signs, first I lie down on my back, start to relax my whole body muscles and focus on my breath. For a while, I feel my body becomes numb and my mind is relaxed, weird sensations happen then. I usually get hooked by my thought for short time, and then turn back to focus on my breath, when I turn back I feel my stomach is tightened and a little dizzy. About 30 minutes from beginning, My whole body tenses and heating up, my heart beats faster, I feel like I'm a balloon which is pumping (but not floating, just outstretched). I try to be calm and relax, focus on my mind then sometimes the vibration comes, sometimes it's nothing happen then. When the vibration comes, I keep relax and focus on my breath, then the vibration stops. I use the Rope method to pop out, climb climb climb climb... But nothing happen.

On my spontaneous signs, while I'm falling asleep and get hooked by some thoughts, I suddenly wake up without moving, I can feel the vibration instantly. Then I also use rope method, red dot method... But nothing happen too.

Do I do it wrong? I think my body or my mind is not fully relaxed and focuses, I don't have sleep paralysis in my entire life, I can feel my muscle all the time during the try, I just keep them not moving, but sometime my hand or my finger moves without control, maybe caused by my subconsciousness. If it is, how can I solve it? I really want to experient astral plane.

Sorry for my english.

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nhannamsiu (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-01)
Tks you so much Caitylin, hope that I can keep in touch with you for further problems then.
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-17)
Here is how I did it years ago. I was 19. I was I think in a haunted motel. Well, I was sleeping with my boyfriend Ken and he and I had smoked a joint. I was in a motel. This happened in Woodstock Illinois in 1984. Well I smoked pot then fell asleep. I then in the middle of the night woke up in a sleep atral body projection. I woke up. I saw the darkness of the motel and Ken lying next to me asleep. I then in my mind told my body to wake up. Well all this time I had my eyes closed. I could see ken and my body lying underneath my soul. I floated around the room and saw complete darkness. My body was still lying next to Ken's body asleep. My body's eyes were closed. I then told my soul to return to my body. I then saw all blackness nothing else. I then got real scared and saw my body finally after floating for a while. I did this for about 4 hours. I started the asral body thing at 3am I remember looking at the clock and then when the sun light came through the motel curtains. That is when my soul returned to my body. It was a scary experience I did not smoke pot ever again.
Now my father was an engineer. He told me he did astral body projection. Here is how he did it. He would raise his arms above his head and fall asleep. Then it would happen.
caitylin (2 stories) (38 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-15)
I'm not an expert on astral travelling, but I've read up on it, and think I may have accidentally been experiencing it instead of what I thought was lucid dreaming. So here's how I induced it.

I let myself fall asleep, without putting too much effort into it or trying too hard on keeping consciousness. As I'm falling asleep, I can begin to feel the difference between my physical body, and my spirit/dream body. My body and my mind. Recognise, that these are two different things. If you have not yet experienced them separately, you may not be able to recognise the difference. My guess is, you may be stopping yourself because you are wanting to take the feeling of your body with you. You may be trying to do the wrong things, trigger the wrong sensations. Your mind doesn't have a body, just the thought of it. Much like everything else in an astral experience. Anyway, after I can start to feel the difference between my body and mind, there's not much more to it other than getting my mind out of my body. Which can feel really unnatural especially if you have expectations of what it should feel like. I personally recognise my body is a shell. I feel the heaviness of it, and let it sink, like an anchor falling to the bottom of the ocean. I let it go and focus only on my mind, like a floating boat as opposed to the anchor. Then, I just roll out of my body, off the side of my bed and onto the floor. It doesn't take effort, I just will it to happen. I fully expect it to happen, and it does.

My final words are to just go into it, not having certain expectations or strict instructions for yourself to follow. Just go with the flow, if you can't make it happen, let it happen. Let the experience come to you. Work on focusing on what you can feel. Try different things. Follow your instinct, do what feels like it will work. Trust yourself, and don't try too hard. Also, I don't know if you know or have had much experience with your guides, but know that they will be there supporting you, if you want you could let them know that you would appreciate any guidance they could give you in the form of intuition. Other than all that, just keep trying. You will eventually get there, it may even be spontaneous.


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