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Development In My Abilities


It's been a bit since I've used this site, maybe 2 years exactly. Made a new account for this though. I like to think I'm a rather talented precognitive. I trust my premonitions more than anything which brings me to this question. How do I develop my precognition further to, for lack of a better term, feel or see a greater distance of time. I'm rather limited to a few minutes in the future. I can say that my abilities progressed further through meditation, but when I'm in specific locations I seem to get premonitions easier. It's just been a while since I've had them and with my skills returning so sudden I'm looking to find a better way of honing my abilities.

Also I had a bit of a question about the different facets of telepathy. I wouldn't outright say I'm telepathic, but I will say mind control comes easy to me. I tend to get my way quite often without much effort and its more uncanny than not. I've gotten quite the reputation in my circle of being a puppet master. Never for the detriment of others but I can say I'm quite fond of using it to my advantage. Different things like getting out of trouble to talking my boss into giving me a raise when I haven't been working there enough to get it.

Plus if it is telepathy, it seems to work in conjunction with my premonitions. I hear thoughts before they're said. I just want a better understanding of where I fall in the different facets of ESP. I had it explained to me a while back thst I was a seer with a vast possibility of becoming stronger but its been so long I'm not sure.

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