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The Vision


In 2005, I had a vision about my dad, who was very ill. He had diabetes, and he was suffering from congestive heart failure. This took place just three nights before Thanksgiving that year. What I saw was this:

He was laying on a hospital bed, and there was a bright white light around him.

There were people around him, grieving.

The date of his death-November 24.

The time of his death-8:30 am.

The room number-4207.

I actually saw this as clear as crystal, and it scared the life out of me. I told several people about that vision, and they said it was a premonition of what would happen. Sure enough, my dad died that very day three days later.

That really scared me. Today, if I so much as sense something happening, it actually happens. Can someone please tell me what that was so I could be at ease with myself? I know for a fact that what I saw was very real. I never told my dad about it, although I told my mom. The day he died, she said that my vision had come true, which it had. To this day, I've had similar visions of events that happened. One was seeing the world burn, another was about Heaven. I believe these are precursors of things to come. I also had a vision about an eagle superimposed above me; it doesn't leave my side at all. In fact, wherever I go, it goes; this spirit bird, whom I have named Jophiel-Aquila, has kept me out of danger many times. This bird is the form of my guardian angel, Jophiel. Yes, I believe in angels, and they can take on many forms even giant eagles.

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Winter_Solace (109 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-21)
I have a question. How do you know for sure that this is your guardian angel? Have you tested it properly? Does he only come in the form of an eagle? What does he look like in his true form? If you test it asking if it comes in the name of Christ and it doesn't burn up or even flinch at all, then most likely it is an angel of God (unless it is a strong demon/devil who can withstand the Holy Spirit to some degree). If you pray to God to shine down the Holy Spirit and it doesn't do anything, then I would say you're mostly safe. I ask simply because you never know for sure until you are proven with undeniable evidence. I have seen old friends be tricked in the past, it hurts to see the same thing happen to others.

About your post, I believe Our Father could be showing you these events of the future. Can you tell me in detail about your visions of seeing the world burning and Heaven, please?

Look forward to hearing back from you.

All my best and God bless.

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