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Astral Projection Issue


I've never really posted any stories about my psychic experiences but this particular one has been troubling me.

Over the past several years I have been practicing OBE's/astral projection/et cetera. I have never successfully done one though. I looked on many different websites, doing all the techniques suggested and they never did fully work. For example; about a week ago before I fell asleep I got myself into a relaxed, meditative state; all of my body was motionless and asleep. As I was in this state I would go into very brief changes of consciousness where I could hear bits and pieces of spirits talking to me or talking around me. I relaxed more and saw for about a few milliseconds a face floating above me then my arm jerked causing me to come out of the meditative state I was in. I got myself into the calming meditative state again, heard snip bits of spirits speaking, and every time I did this one or all of my limbs jerked. I have no idea why this happens every time I get into this mental state.

I have conversed with my spirit guides and they have told me that I am running away from "them" (whoever "they" are) and if I connect to my higher/inner self then "they" will be able to find me. Also death seems to haunt me. Throughout my life I have constantly had death there, as if it was trying to get me but keeps getting deflected by some force. Here are some examples of death being "near" me (so to speak) and they are out of order;

Passing of an uncle I was never really close with

Passing of my grandparents' friend

Seeing a dead snake on my driveway (I basically live in a woods so seeing wild animals is normal for me)

Witnessing a dying weasel/possum (I get these two animals confused)

Having a large, dead tree at the end of my driveway

So any suggestions or ideas to why this happens to me? Has any else had similar experiences? Thank you in advanced for the help!

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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-29)
First withe death around you you probaly just thinking that it is and your fear of death is awakening to you the fact your spirit guide said THEM and death is one of the freaky people/spirits that where cloaks that are actually wings (forgot the name of the spirits like that) but ll post rules for astrial projection

Never go too far from your physical host
Dont let an entity possess you
If your spiritual or physical host dies you die
You spirit guide or guardian angle WILL be with you

Hope this helps
mabus (guest)
10 years ago (2014-05-29)
Thank you very much for responding! I had no idea that hypnogogia/hypnogogic imagery was what I was experiencing. Thanks again for your help!
The-Astral-Peace-Soldier (1 stories) (18 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-25)
I have had experiences where I lie down with a binaural beat playing through my headphones to help me with an Astral Projection state if mind. Sometimes, my relaxed state becomes disturbed and my leg or arm twitches and jumps. After that, I will just abort my experience and go to sleep, not because of negativity, but because I assume I wouldn't easily get back into the relaxed state.

As for your theory that death appears to be haunting you, I believe that everything happens to be a benefit to you and others around you in the end. For example, you may go through the death of a friend or relative and go through the mourning stage first, then you'll meet then again whilst out of body and all that worry in the past will be replaced with ecstatic joy. Another example of a benefit may be how you arrived at this forum. Someone may tell you something very useful. If you're not sure, speak to your guide.

As for the instant flash of a face and noises of people speaking, I must kindly insist that they are they for your benefit. The speaking and visions are very common and are known as hypnogogia / hypnogogic imagery. It is common when separation begins. Because you've been spending a long time trying to astral project, the entities will help pull you out, albeit in a peaceful way as possible. Once you get out, you will probably have a group of entities around you and they may say when you get out, "Finally." as if they want you to see something.

You can email me if you have any further questions at: harleydune60020 [at]

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