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Need An Explanation For My Possible Abilities


Ever since I can remember I've seen small things like an episode of a TV show or next song on the radio at random times of the day. It happens all too often to just be a lucky guess and it seem the older I get the more it happens.

I normally don't dream but when I do 9 times out of 10 what I dream happens. Most recently my girlfriend and I got into a big fight and broke up the night before I dreamt her storming out of my house and myself taking off the ring she gave me and the bracelets. And the next day we broke up

One other thing happens a lot also. If I'm about to be hurt by an object like a soap bottle dropping on my foot in the shower or something falling off a shelf I move out of the way things seem to slow down and I can move or catch it before it hits me.

From what I've Ben told my father has this kind of ability also he told e that he saw a near death accident a few days before it happened. A lot of the time he knows who is calling before he looks at the caller I'd.

Could I of gotten this ability from my father or is it just a coincidence that we both have similar abilities. Not sure if this means anything but computers come natural to me same as word games, puzzles and other mental tasks.

It kind of scares me some time because my mind is always running and I'm afraid that it may become more advanced and I'll start seeing deaths.

Some strange things have Ben happening lately also. This morning was watching TV then went to take a shower and I came back and the TV was on a different channel I was the only one home at the time other then the dog and he was in my mother's room. Not to log ago tonight I got up to go to the bathroom and my phone was charging and when o came back it was unplugged from the wall and there was no possible way I could of unplugged it. Also things have Been falling off flat surfaces in my room when I sleep.

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