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Brace yourself for quite a bit of reading, I'm sorry in advance. I'm simply going to run my mouth tell what I'm trying to say really forms into this story. I'm 17 and I'm simply looking for answers, stories, similar experiences etc. Etc. Ever since I can remember I have only ever striven to be peaceful, open minded, kind, and respectful. I've always felt older then my age and different then most like I just don't fit in. I've never had a hard time making friends, I've only ever made close friends, whether they lasted longer than a year or only a couple months/weeks. I've always gotten a long better with people older than me, example: I'm 17 and most my friends are ages 18 and up all the way to people in their 40's. Ever sense I turned 17 strange extra ordinary things have been happening, but I guess ever sense I was a child. I guess the first weird thing that has happened to me was when I was a very young I'm going to try and say I was 4 or 5, I used to hear my father call my name in random places when he wasn't around, like at the mall or at a friend's place. I'd hear him faintly but clear as a bell. My first experiences with spirits (ghosts) happened when I was about 10 probably. I had moved with my mom and her new husband into a house in Portland Oregon. It was small and had a strange feeling in it always. A couple days before Halloween a candle holder had been taken apart, one piece got moved by the garbage can and the other had stayed on top of the piano. No one in the house confessed to moving it. A couple weeks later my family left the house to go grocery shopping, when we came back all the picture frames had been taken apart and placed all over the living room/ dining room. A couple weeks later my friend and I woke up in the middle of the night hearing somebody drowning in the bathroom and in the morning my sister said she had a dream that she was drowning. When I moved in with my dad some strange things happened too. One night I went to my front yard and was talking to someone on the phone. I walked over to the tree in front of my house and saw a GIANT moth. Almost fake looking but it couldn't be. Because I looked at it and then looked away for a second and it was gone. I never saw it again. The only other strange thing that happened to me while I was living with my dad was during the summer, I started thinking of a humming bird out of the blue and then looked out my window and a humming bird was hovering looking directly at me for a couple seconds and then flew away. Ever sense I was a child I've had déjà vu. I'm 17 now and I've realized that I've had even more déjà vu from when I was a child. A couple months ago I got my first job, I'm going to say it was about 3 months ago maybe more, but I've had non-stop déjà vu sense then. On top of that I've met a girl that has quickly become the closest friend I have ever had in my growing life. First things first we met in my jr year of high school and I'm going to say it was her senior year. We never really went to class we always skipped and had amazing adventures with our friends. When we first met we didn't really become close friends it was after a year later. When we met each other again at a rave. We hadn't spoken in years and somehow that night we found each other amongst a swarming venue of high kids. We decided that night we had to hang out again. The first time we hung out I realized we had a lot in common just by little things she did. We were getting ready doing our morning routine and she happened to take out things in her bag and organize it while I was doing the same thing. I wouldn't have thought of it as anything except for neither of us were paying attention to each other at the time. Around the 3rd time of hanging out we did mushrooms together at a get together. We started talking and then we decided it was time to leave and as we were leaving the house, we started talking more and more and it was like we were talking to ourselves. We stayed up to 3 in the morning just connecting. Around the 4th or 5th time we hung out, mind you we hung out at her condo where she lives with 2 other people that are like family basically. There both in their 50's. Anyways, I felt 2 spirits and one dark thing in the other condo. In the half of the condo lived my friends friend who is like her sister basically and she's in here 20s. Anyways, in my job at the time I met my friend who is a psychic and she gave me a facial one time and it was the first time I had ever met her and she asked me if I was a psychic and we decided I was a psychic, I asked her why she asked and she said it's just like an antenna. She's a very strong psychic she's had many crazy experiences. I asked my friend if she'd come to the condo and check it out. She came to the condo and she felt the bathroom, that was the place that got the most attention from my friend that lives there. Her names Cat and my friend from my work at the time is Ayumi. Okay so Cat has had a couple times where she would be doing her morning routine and somehow end up in the downstairs bathroom somehow staring at herself in the mirror. Her pupils she said would be huge. The time before Ayumi came I got this over whelming nauseous feeling while Cat was in the shower that told me to leave. While I was in the shower I got this disgusting feeling as though someone was watching me. So when ayumi came to cat's house we told her to check out the downstairs bathroom and she said she saw a figure of a man, she couldn't see his face but she could see a man with a trench coat and a hat with slacks on. She said he was non-threatening. But he didn't want anyone to come into that bathroom. Other than that he wouldn't talk to ayumi. So we went outside out front the condo's and ayumi felt something nasty coming from the other side. Very dark and just peer dark energy. And somehow the man from the bathroom started talking a little bit. Saying that he has known cat and I sense we were in our mothers' wombs. That the two of us together if we develop and become aware of our gifts can become very strong together. That he's kind of like a father figure that he wants to protect us and that the bathroom is a weak spot between the condos that the evil shadow man from the other side can get threw basically and that he protects that bathroom. He said that cat and I can answer each other's questions in time. After that ayumi started feeling a spirit coming from upstairs in cats side of the condo. We felt a spirit that was going nuts searching every were trying to find a ring. I ended up being able to pin point the area for her. She left and then a lady came and she turned out to be my grandmas mom. She had messages for me. She hugged me and I felt it even before she ayumi said she was hugging me. After that I believe my ancestors were talking me. I remembered a vision I had a while back of myself, but I didn't look like myself, I was on a cliff in Ireland putting my face towards the wind breathing in fresh air from the seas. I asked if that was from them and they said it was. My ancestors foretold me the future. They said that Thanksgiving would be a memorable day and it was. They told me my dad was very sad and other things and they were right. That night I went home and told my sisters the messages they wanted to give to her and I told her about the vision I had and she said that she had had the same vision. We ended up connecting with my sisters spirit friend that had been with her for a long time. My sister is very psychic herself. We ended up looking in the mirror and our pupils were huge. Ever sense then I've been learning more and more. My friend cat read me and she explained me like a book and saw things that no one would see in me that I kept secret. I ended up telling her about this vision I get when I think of her and I ended up explaining her child hood house and room perfectly. Cat and I hardly get the chance to hang out but every time we do we create this beautiful energy and we basically see our faces in each others. Were the same but completely different at the same time. It's like if I was a Scorpio and was birthed from different parents. Therese this guy I've been friends with sense middle school, I went to elementary school with him too, briefly. He doesn't remember elementary school but I remember the day I saw his face clearer than any other elementary school memory. I remember the day I first spoke to him in middle school so clearly its crazy. I remember going to his house for the first time clearer than any day in the past. When I lived with my mom he conveniently lived a few blocks away from me in the same neighborhood. The days I spent hanging out with him and the people I met going to his house were the happiest days of my life back then, living with my mom was not so easy and the days I wasn't out of the house were the shiattiest times. This guy and I have gone years without seeing each other and still we hold the strongest connection I've ever had with someone. The time cat read me she said when she thinks of me she thinks of this guy as well, like we come hand in hand whenever she thinks of me or him. She said she's never met anyone like that. Whenever I think of this guy I see a falling angel that looks almost just like him. Cat told me she feels like he and I have been together in past lives. That we've been together for a long time. My sister told me when I first talked to her about him that we're going to get married and cat told me the same thing one time. Ever sense I've known him I've got this feeling of he's the one. Anyways, ever sense cat, ayumi and I got together at cats house, everyone cat and I have been meeting is spiritual. We've been learning the same lesson's but just in different ways. We hardly get to see each other now a days because I can't go back to the condo's because the shadow man. But somehow we learn the same lessons in life. My name translates into the appearance of god, I do not want to sound vein in this time and what I'm about to say. When I go into stores or get on the bus people always move aside or hold the door for me. I have easy control over men and girls are always coming off extremely insecure towards me. I've always had this guilty gut feeling that I'm superior to people in a way. I never let this show though, I treat everyone I meet with respect. I never start issues with anyone. I'm always complimented by people that I'm beautiful and that I'm wiser then my age and that I'm extremely smart. People always ask me if I'm 18 yet. Now when cat read me she said she saw the guy and I ruling but in a Greek god sort of ruling. Now if you read all this THANKU! I truly hope you have opinions or answer's, ideas. ANYTHING at all:], I don't know if I'm truly psychic, but I know in some way I'm gifted. This story is very generalized, I tried to not go into detail very much because I had a lot to say.

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RSterc (1 stories) (9 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-22)
Yes, that was a lot of information. I can understand your need to get it all out there. Have been in your shoes. My best advice is to meditate so that your information gets directed in stages. It will allow you to take control. All of it is real, you just don't want it to become unmanageable. When young all of mine was unmanageable so I took a dark path which made it all the more confusing. Today, now much older... I pray prior to meditating, requesting my shield of protection, focus on deep breathing and then ask outloud what it is I want to know. Keeps you sane and informed. One thing, one day --- at a time. Direct your energies

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