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Bad Feelings About Things Turn Into Real Life Situations


Since I was very young, I have always been very interested in the supernatural/paranormal. I have always just had a strong attraction to it. So, This may have a part in me,myself, believing everything I have experienced is more than coincidence.

From the time I was 14 to 16 I had smaller "coincidences" (as I thought they were at the time) of things occurring after I had a bad feeling about them. That is until the one major (in my eyes) coincidence happened.

When I was 16 I was to have surgery on my spine because I was born with inverse spina bifida that caused me to have scoliosis and a "Knot" of scar tissue that had grown on and around my spine. I had gone to the doctor before but once I was 16 and through with puberty it didn't get better so they had to operate and remove the cyst and straighten my spine out. It took a few months to get the actually surgery date, but once I knew the official surgery date, I did not like it at all. Every time I thought about it I felt so scared and just had the worst feeling come over me. I tried to tell myself the bad feeling of the date was that it was only 2 months away and I was afraid of surgery so soon.

About a month before the surgery I broke down crying hysterically about it. Finally told my boyfriend at the time about my bad feeling of the date, not the surgery. He told me to tell my mom and maybe we could push it back another month or so. I decided not to say anything to her but as the weeks got closer to the surgery date I couldn't take it anymore.

I told my mom a week before the surgery, that I didn't like the date of surgery but wanted to have it any other time. She sort of shrugged it off as me being scared a such a big surgery. So, I just tried to forget about it but asked my mom to tell the doctors to do more testing if they could at the next visit, which was the day before my surgery. It was set for 6AM the next morning. They did the extra testing we requested and looked over everything again, which took literally all day. Finally, at 9pm the night before the surgery, the doctor came in with the extra testing results. He told us that they had missed that the nerves that go to my arms and hands are entangled in my cyst and spine, instead of in my neck. They would have obviously made the incision right through my arm and hand nerves. The extra testing we had requested is what discovered this. That's when I started really listening to my bad feelings.

After this, I had other bad feelings. I once had to go to the store with my ex boyfriend and it was raining but not too hard. The moment we got in the car I got this sick and scared feeling that just took over me, I told him to watch out and be careful driving. We got there fine and on the drive back home, he was going to go through a yellow light but I told him not to. Right as he stopped this truck came out of no where and when through their red light very fast, if we had gone through, we could have been hit. I got a really bad feeling and urge to call my friend and tell her to be carefully over the weekend and she said she would but ended up in a car crash that weekend. I had a bad feeling about our family pet the week before it got hit and killed by a car. I got a bad feeling about someone I know, who is quite a bit older than me getting very sick and dying... And my uncle was diagnosed with AIDS (he hasn't passed away though). Most recently I had a very serious, random panic attack while laying down watching tv and immediately thought of my mom, which nothing has happened so I'm scared

I just get these overwhelming bad feelings. I can't eat,sleep, go to the bath room, anything. It usually last a couple days and within a week something bad happens. I have learned to listen and focus on what will happen, but usually I can't really know who it is going to happen to.

Also, a week after our family pet died, It was Easter and I had this weird feeling that I should talk to my aunt about what had been going on with me and my bad feelings. When I told her, she revealed to me that since she was very little she has had dreams that come true. I was amazed because I never had a clue about her dreams. She also told me that she can communicate with spirits. She told me she had always been afraid to tell anyone for fear of what others will say, but she had been experiencing all of this since she was 6! I couldn't believe what she was sharing with me. She said she did not like talking to spirits because she was scared to know what she was capable of. She said they have always come to her randomly for help and she just tells them to please go away because she cannot help them. Usually, they try for a while but eventually go away. I find this amazing and I only wish she would help them, but I understand how she could feel scared. Anyways, She also told me that she remembers my grandmother, when my aunt was little, doing witch craft and spells and trying to contact spirits. I have no clue if that has anything to do with what me and my aunt experience but it might.

Sometimes, I get really scared because even when I warn people, it still happens or its something out of my control.

Any advice or help for me or my aunt? Really would appreciate any help/advice/comments, thanks for reading.

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Valkyrie_Ravel (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-13)
Well tell her to stay strong and tell her not to be afraid but to take control and stay calm if one comes to her
cez (2 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-13)
I know what you mean about my aunt. As far as I know she has only ever had 3 spirits that she talked to other than telling them to leave her alone. The first when she was very young and that scared her. Since then it was 2 others and they were people who lived in her house before they died and they were upset she was making changes to the home so they hid things and tried to mess with her but never tried to hurt her. She just says she won't after those experiences, I don't push it because its her decision
Valkyrie_Ravel (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-12)
your aunt should not tell them to go I can understand she is scared but usually when helping them they will help you in return with something troubling you and also if she talks to them they will leave quicker and not try to get her attention because once they are helped they leave just like that and she might get a feel good sensation the first few times as it is overcoming a big thing for her,
cez (2 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-01)
Thank you for the input 😊 I'm happy I found this site, because it was starting to feel weird not talking to anyone about it. I mean my family knows but no one really knows what I feel, you know? I didn't know if people had "feelings" instead of dreams, like I have heard of before. I have more about myself in another submittion I wrote early but I'm not sure when it will be approved and posted. Feel free to read that one when its on here.

Thanks again!
lucy12 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-01)
I am 17 and have also had similar experiences. I get a really sick feeling in my stomach and sometimes headaches and feel like something bad is going to happen or something isn't right. It might be something small but when I get these feelings something bad always happens. I also have had dreams about things and later something similar happens. And I have had dreams where I had a feeling it meant something of significance and it did. Also I have thoughts about things and they come true. I have only had a few of these experciences but I seem to be having them more and more all the time. Youre not the only one!

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