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What Is Happening With My Eyes?


I found this sight while trying to figure out what's going on with me. Before I start I would just like to point out that I'm a Christian and do believe in spirituality but not so much spychics: (. I have tried to find a logical explanation about what's going on but have not had any luck: (. This seems like the only sight that has had atleast somewhat of what's happening.

Okay so let me start:) I am able to blurr my vision at will and when I do I can see air move or the energy that air is just blowing. Also when I'm not blurring my vision out of no where I can see little atom like particles moving really fast. It's not like the regular little dots that I see moving continuously it's different. And there is one more thing when, somebody is moving or if I move something or I move my hand I see like a white thick clear something, I don't know what to call it following right after. All of this just recently started maybe about 6 months ago, (approximately). I can't really ask anybody about these things because they will most likely think I'm just really really weird. My parents aren't really any help either. I have tried searching this on Google but all it lead me to was this thing called synesthesia, (which I don't think I have)

That's the best I can explain it even though it's not very good. It's just something that happens on a daily basis and I don't know what it is. If anybody has something similar happening or can relate please tell me so I can stop thinking I'm crazy: (Thank you!

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viper564261 (7 posts)
3 years ago (2016-12-18)
Hi letitgo, are you referring to me? Because I don't mess with the occult, I elliminate all evil threads I get. Demons included...
letitgo78 (7 posts)
4 years ago (2016-10-19)
Are you messing with crystals, tarot cards, or ouija boards? Listen, there is always a reason for something and it doesn't just happen for no reason. I have been through hell and back dealing with demons and can tell you things that will make you think twice. If you are messing with anything occult, stop.
viper564261 (7 posts)
4 years ago (2016-07-17)
Hi Preya.

I also thought that I was the only one who could blur my vision. I wanted to create my own post, but somehow I ended up searching for similar posts and found yours.

I can blur my vision too, Even looking directly into the light... (lol I showed my GP to find out, and he couldn't give me an answer. So I am also looking for answers) And also the particles when I look up in the sky. As if you see thousands of molecules bumping into eachother.

But its a rare case of manipulating/using muscles (the iris muscle that relaxes or contracts, depending on the intensity of light that is entering the lens of the eye) in the eyes (said by the GP and Optometrist).

The light following your hand could be energy or just a form of light that you can mentally slow down, making you able to see it. That is rather cool. But also annoying on times when you are "ghost watching". Therefore you must train yourself to "not see" the light when you look at moving things. I had that for a short while and is almost gone now, because I trained my eyes to not look at it.

It might sound weird. But it is possible. And you can train your senses and muscles in many ways. Sometimes when I see shadows or other figures, and then "blur my eyes", I see it better. Like the 1 ghost that was outside my apartment a few months ago. Couldn't see his full details, but after bluring, I could see more outer body lines. (It was dark outside and the "blur vision" made me see better)

Also did you notice if you get changes in eye colour? Like in a totally different colour sometimes? My eye colour is nut-brown with darker brown rims around the iris. And more inside, around the lense, its yellowish/gold. But sometimes it'll change to greenish type with yellow/gold.

Also the part where I mention about manipulating muscles, I can manipulate my ears that I would hear this weird sound. Its difficult to explain. Its like in winter time when its quiet and all sounds that you hear is distant noises like humming or like a waterfall on a distance but enclosed as if you are in a cave. If I do that on times where there's a lot of noise, the noise seems less. Also when a person's ears experience pressure canges, giving you the feeling as if you can't hear clearly, and when the pressure equalize, it makes that popping sound?

If it happens to me, I just manipulate my ears, making that sound inside my ear, it kind of outomatically equalize the pressure or something. Because right after doing that, my ears will pop and I'll hear fine again.

I also don't know why it is happening or how I do it. I just do. And everytime I visit the doctor, my eyes and ears is fine. No decline or other medical problems etc.

All of this happened to me when I was still very young. About 7years old. (And I turn 26 in Oct). Thats more or less 19 years of being able to manipulate my eyes and ears, and maybe its there to stay?

Sorry for all the detail. I didn't want to talk so much about myself, but when I saw your post, I couldn't help but ask and explain my side aswell.

If anyone finds out more, please let me know. And I also hope that some of the things I explained might help?

Hope to hear from you guys

Tundra (1 stories) (2 posts)
4 years ago (2016-04-11)
I thought I was the only one seeing those things and blurring by vision
RockShan (guest)
4 years ago (2016-04-10)
The little dots you see constantly are energy, the quick orbs I don't know for sure but the "White" or thing following your hand is an after image for at least 0.2 of a second I too have it and I think it has something to do with being able to see energy.
diamondsdancing (1 posts)
4 years ago (2016-04-10)
A similar phenomena is happening to me! At first I thought it was because my sleep patterns are weird because I'm in college and I stay up late almost every night... But its not going away. If anyone has answers, please share with me as well.
cayce17 (7 stories) (192 posts)
4 years ago (2016-04-02)
Preya, I believe that the white clear stuff you're seeing is white light. I believe you do have spiritual abilities as well and I'd love to help you more with them. Here's my e-mail if you want help on them: rainashea16 [at]

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