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It was January 27 2015, I was 13 at that time I've been very into a particular tv show (which I will not say the tv show's name and same goes for the demon's name I think its a major give away and people will instantly think its ridiculous and think that I'm making it up) that has a demon as the main antagonist but only appeared for one episode at that time and I was really obsessed with him at that time and when I was at school I was acting like him in a way with his hilarious attitude with the way he talks and thinks but I only do it in my mind I don't have the guts the express what I feel at school or talk at all, so I have been carrying that mood until I got home.

When I finally went to sleep I had this dream and he was there, it went like this.

At first I was with my classmates in some kind of science machine field trip after a while he showed up to me and showed me around a mall (it looked like sm sucat) in its stock room I think with no lights and air conditioner. He kind of showed me a symbol and we were trying to find it and when we did it was some kind of glittery candy or chocolate with glittery wrapper it looked like a star on a pillar but I didn't eat it, he was so nice to me and his voice was so gentle that it was very uncharacteristic of him to be.

After that there was an activity in class which involves a maze but I just distanced myself to them and then one of my classmates shouted if I was doing the right thing and I think he also said that I was an idiot and I was kind of pissed. I know somewhere along the lines I made a deal with him, I don't know what deal we made, but we didn't really do a handshake which he usually does but instead we used small mail like paper that we ripped apart a bit later I returned to my class and it rained so we moved into a mall (I think it was the same one that I visited but it was active) the demon did something with his powers that related to an occult book with a bunch of creepy images that I found and when people saw suddenly LOTS of people were crazy to make deals with him so he was packed with the mail paper stuff and I helped him arrange. When I woke up I was stoked about this, after school my aunt who was my tutor came along with her daughter Trisha, we were very close, and I immediately told her about about the dream and she was intrigued by this and I said that if I have another dream about him I'll believe it for real (because this demon is very associated with dreams), that he was watching me. I was really stupid back then.

The next night I did dream about him again but he wasn't part of the main focus. As I was preparing to sky dive together with a bunch of terrorists I saw him at the back end at the airplane, watching me, it was a bit creepy. When I woke up I said to myself that I\'m officially going to believe it even though I kind of didn't.

This is when shiat got real

Later at PE I keep seeing a bunch of triangles on the cement floor (he is also associated with that sometimes I would joke about the illuminati with that) I saw a crack on the door glass in the shape of a triangle that wasn't there before and even on the inside of the 2 vents in the third and fourth floor which I was sure didn't had a triangle inside of it and I was so scared and ran back to the classroom, the creepiest thing I saw a dirt image of him on the wall looking directly at me it was small but at that time my heart just dropped to my stomach, when I got home I immediately told my cousin everything about it another creepy thing is that when we went in my house, just the two of us, I left her outside because I was changing inside the bathroom and then Trisha was just calling for me to hurry up because she was getting scared then I asked her what was that about (my cousin already had a history about supernatural stuff because her third eye is wide open and spirits affects her very much and she's just 10)

She said she heard loud footsteps of someone going up the stairs but when she looked at the stairs no one was there and the footstep sounds where still there but after awhile it stopped. After chatting she had to go home and in honorary of this event and possible events to come we called this "Mystery time" where we would have this exclusive meeting with just the two of us. I know stupid right? It seems like were encouraging it. I'll have a part 2 of this since my experiences happened a lot at this time sometimes even in recent events.

And the demon isn't lucifer or something like that its a different one.

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Magickyg413 (8 stories) (96 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-04)
That's almost related to my story! Except its different, you see I also have seen images of a specific character in a video game. But I only saw the gameplay a long time ago. After that I stop because I saw his red eyes glowing as I fell asleep for a few seconds, and almost every time I wake up I kept seeing him, and now I see him every where. After that more characters came and I kept seeing them every where especially in my dreams! I'm soo glad I'm not the only one
If you want we can talk about this to my email ygarza216 [at]
You and I are almost related.
Now I don't know much of manifestations but it sounds interesting. Where can I learn more about this? Thank you for posting, I thought I was going crazy.
Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-04)
Hello littlemissBlankeyes,

This is what I think is going on for you. So there are 2 factors that are in play here that made all this occur to you. Perhaps it's easiest to illustrate my answer with a movie. Have you seen the X-Men movie (any of the movies)? Each of the characters in the movie has a special supernatural ability that's unique to them. Some abilities are more well-known than others. In your case you have the rare ability to manifest "things" from thought form. I haven't meet too many people who has that ability as their main supernatural ability. If lots of people had this certain ability of manifestation there would be chaos in the world - but it's not the case. It seems to be very strong with you since it happened rather quickly for you form what I read in your story.

So that was the first factor (the ability). The second factor was your intent. You had put your mind's focus on this demon and your intent was strong and that triggered a manifestation into reality. What you need to do now is to be mindful about your own thoughts. I strongly suggest that you tread carefully as this is all new to you. And learn how to harness this ability and how to use it for goodness in the world.

I hope that helps a little.


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