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Retracing from my previous entry, 'Real shadow person?', I've been feeling a bit down about my cousin scolding me and I told this to my friend Nikky and since then both of us were upset with her. One day, Nikky told me that he's been having dreams about the shadow person but I don\'t remember all of it but I do remember that he said that the shadow person was following me in his dream. Overtime school started and my focus wasn't there anymore and as for the entity that was once my friend... We didn't end in good terms (refer to real shadow person) so he left and the shadow person did too.

One day, me and Nikky talked about all the supernatural stuff we've experienced back then for nostalgia and then he started talking about dreams that he had and he also said that our 'friend' came back (im just going to call him that I can\'t reveal his name). After a while Nikky started to act wierd and then I realized he was possesed by him but he did get out of his body later and Nikky recalled nothing of it. He said that he can see our 'friend but I couldnt, even back then I just relied on what my cousin had to say. So I was hooked on this, the The next day I brought my quartz crystal, I believe that crystals can help you connect with the spirit world, He took it and closed his eyes and he said he can see something, what I can remember is that the shadow person is back and that he and his brother now lives inside of the crystal, his brother was gold in color and he decided to help us. Nikky then opened his eyes and bit the crystal and said that it was as strong as my willpower that's why I was never possesed by him. He then saw our 'friend' and his family (yes its true he does have family) and his minions. The gold guy then said to Nikky that we must capture all of them and I guess the gold guy gave Nikky equipment that I can\'t see, to capture them and he did and I just stood by in the sidelines. When he did captured the minions, the family members were left.

After a while Nikky had succeeded in capturing them too and he gave me the number of the lock for his family members and I must never lose it or else they'll break free, for some reason he strapped two of our 'friend's' brother on my arm and I could LITERALLY feel something on my arm and it felt warm. After that Nikky was blabbering more nonesense I was having doubts because it sounded too ridicoulous and child-like. Nikky had to go back home to eat dinner and I did too. I went back down around eight and I was... In a serious state of mind, Nikky and his brother saw me outside and then I just asked "was everything you told me true?" the tone of my voice was dead serious so he had to tell me the truth, and he admitted that everything was lie, then I asked how was I able to feel something on my arm earlier because I REALLY felt something and he said he didn't know how that happened he said then maybe it was the shadow person. I wanted to ask why he lied to me but I couldn't because I already knew.

I can\'t take it anymore... Tears were already welling in my eyes but they couldn't see it because of my bangs, I just ran off into my house and shut myself in the room and cried my heart out for 2 hours. He lied to me so he can get a kick outta it, he made a fool outta me. He was

Like a little brother to me and he, himself always called me his big sister and he would lie to me just like that, its just... It sill upsets me to this day, I couldn\'t care less if he's just 9 years old, everyone knows how bad it feels to be lied at. He should know how the supernatural means to me and he knew what I was going through when I discovered something about my 'friend' which drove him away back then and he just played with my emotions, its just very insensitive. The next day he called me while I was at the balcony I just glared at him and slammed the door behind me and I never looked at him.

In the afternoon he had an accident, he was riding a bicycle with his friend and what I know they just went out of control and Nikky got his shoulder dislocated. I just thought "serves him right" it was karma. Several days later, whenever I would see him he just glared and never talk to me, at times he would call me only hide from me or glare at me. I was rather astonished that he's acting so impulsive just because he knew I was angry at him, he should know why! Till this day he never apologized (but were good now) even when I clearly stated that he really hurt my feelings and made me cry but it would make me ponder if the shadow person did this on my behalf. Nikky did said say and presented him in a wrong way maybe that made him angry, maybe he was the one who messed with the bike, maybe he's doing this as a 'thank you' for saving his life the other time, maybe it was him back then when I felt something on my arm. So what do you think? Could it possibly be him?

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jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
7 years ago (2016-07-05)
Dear littlemissBlankeyes,

I'm sorry that the person you care about lied to you and made a fool out of you. It's always sad but you also shouldn't dwell on it, some people just don't change and enjoy making others feel bad.

Getting back on the topic. When Nikky was making up all the stuff about seeing another being, you could or could not feel the touch. From what I understand about it all, you were deeply believing that Nikky was telling you the truth and at that time you didn't take it into consideration that he was simply making fun out of you.
Now, you need to answer within yourself and think a little more about it. Was the energy on your arm coming from another being or you have been so manipulated that your body played a trick on you?
The true answer lied within you. Yet, you shouldn't doubt that you've felt something. It may take some time to find out the truth especialy after you've been so mad at Nikky.

I hope it helps a bit, the answer is always hidden within


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