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A Clair


Short and simple. I am a very intuitive psychic who has had strong abilities since I was born. It wasn't until my 12th grade in high school, when I started to realize how powerful my abilities are.

I was driving to class and when I was approaching a street light that was green and I had a general feeling the light was going to turn yellow soon, after watching it stay green for quite a while I knew it was going to turn yellow any second. As it turned yellow an image of a cop badge flashed in my minds eye and I decided to try and shoot through the light to try and make it in time before it turned red. As I'm heading through the street light trying to not get pulled over at this point, I looked to the right while I was in the middle of the intersection to see a cop car watching me at the other side of the intersection while I slid through the light just in time to avoid a ticket from the police.

Thank you to whatever sent this image in my mind because it helped me confirm even more that I do have Clair's. Which help guide me in life. Random moment but it happened.

So that was pretty interesting for me. It was like a way to tell me to either speed up or come to a stop at the light. Not only did I see the image of a cop badge, but my instincts also were telling me this cop was watching me.

Just for my readers sake, I know this doesn't have much significant meaning other than I didn't have to end up paying a fee in court for running a red, but I have many many more moments where these random Clair's occur.

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Gabbie (55 posts)
5 years ago (2016-05-23)
Hello Lilyhorn,

This experience you are describing above, might seem simple, but is quite amazing, as it stands as another proof of your capacities:)

What other types of experiences have you had? I would love to hear more from you, if you would also like to share.

Talk soon

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