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Confused About Visions About Life


I want to start off by saying hopefully someone reads this and responds cause I am very confused about this. I don't know when my visions started but I have always been different. I am very weird and I don't know if what I saw is a vision or me being stupid.

About 2 weeks after turning 16 I had a vision that Sayed I have lived 25% of my life. I didn't think much if it at first but than realized this might be true. I believed it more after another vision came to me today where a girl I really like doesn't like me and within that vision many other people at school don't like me. When I thought about it harder I realized what if this means no one likes me and is part of a larger spectrum. Thus made me very confused and this is why I am here.

I don't know if I had visions before these past few months but when I told people in school about the first vision they said I am being crazy there is no such thing as visions. So today I searched up can people have visions and this website came up. I wanted to know if these are visions or not.

Another story is that when I moved to my new house a couple years ago no matter what room I was in that room would turn off. This was weird to me but I didn't think of it as something supernatural. I have also been feeling like I am in a dream but its not a dream its real life and it lasts for a couple seconds or even a couple of minutes. What if these are visions and I don't remember it.

Also today in class I was putting up my laptop and people started laughing and said I tripped. I said I didn't trip, but they said I did. I was like how could I not remember that I tripped. What if during that time I was having a vision and that's why I didn't know what happened in real life. Anyways that's my story and hopefully can get this whole vision thing clarified.

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biker4jc2u (3 stories) (38 posts)
5 years ago (2016-05-24)

Just wanted to say I believe visions to be very real... As I to have vision's

That being said don't assume you know what a vision means at first... Somtimes it looks clear but the meaning is not really as clear... And Somtimes its just a knowing you just know what it means when you have the vision (also admittedly I've had s few vision I believe was just me being tired and mean nothing) you learn the difrence as you get older and pay close attension to your visions

But also kiddo your Very young I was about your age when I really started to embrace the knowing I was already having visions... You have very much plenty of time to learn of your abilities what they mean to you, it's a journey learn what you can, the best advice I could give you is learn to trust your gut there will be times you get older and wish you would have listened to your gut your knowing... Also keep a balance to stay humble because there also time we must remember we're human to and just as any human we can make a mistake misreading our vision' happens it not being a failer it's being human so believe in yourself and get up dust yourself off just as you would any other moment in your life

I hope this advice was helpful for you... You have a good day and best to you on your journey 😊

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