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Twin Flames, Twin Telepathy, And Visions


I went to a psychic around april 2015. This psychic was a clairvoyant who does angel communication. I met with her for thirty minutes. This is one of the conversations I remember from our once meeting. - "is my twin flame around me in spirit?" "Yes he is." She said smiling. "What's his name" I asked her. "Aaradon." She said slowly, "he's gone by many other names before." She eyed me, "you have been told a name already." Yes I had, but the name I heard was Herman Wildenvey. I thought I had been going crazy until she mentioned this. I had actually heard this name in my mind. I had never heard this name before and was repeatedly being told to look him up. " am I clairaudient?" I asked her. She smiled, "yes you are."

I often get in a trance and have visions when my twin flame wants to communicate with me. He sends me visuals through our thoughts. I was scared because of how aggressive he was being and I started putting up bricks to block him out through our shared link. And I had almost finished putting up my last few bricks. A wall between him and I. When suddenly BAM! A military truck rammed through the bricks. Bricks flew in all directions. And he drove into the room I was in. He got out of the truck and leaned against it. Crossing his arms. He gave me a smug smirk.

So for a while I had been sick of being a grown up and wanted to play in the snow with someone. But I don't know anyone who would want to do this with me. So one day I was either on my bed or couch and I was pulled into a trance. I started having a vision of a huge snow covered forest, a winter wonderland. Giant spruce trees covered in huge amounts of snow. I spotted white raindeer and cute white rabbits hopping about.

I was dressed in a long white peacoat, with white buttons on either side on the front of the coat, I had a long flowing white scarf around my neck. White leggings and white furred calf high boots and a white hipster beanie hat sat on the top of my head. My twin flame appeared in front of me and we took a one horse sleigh ride through the snow. The horse was also white. We got off the sleigh and I threw a snow ball at my twin flame. He brushed the snow off his face and crept towards me smirking. He stuffed snow into my jacket and pushed me down into the snow. He bent down and kissed me and grabbed a handful of snow stuffing it under my hat. My teeth started to chatter, "brrrrr I'm cold!" He helped me up and said, "come on let's go inside and get some hot cocoa." I stood up and there before us was a beautiful glass house.

This morning I dreamt I was standing in a room with people I knew. I was trying to straighten my hair but was failing miserably. I asked, "will one of you help me." they just sat there ignoring me. I suddenly felt very alone in the room full of people. Then I cried, "please someone." then I heard footfalls rush over and stand behind me. "lean over." his voice said. So I bent over leaning my head down and my twin flame brushed my hair over into my face and held his arms around me, "I will always be there for you." he spoke gently.

Recently I dreamt that my twin flame was bent down talking to my toddler version of me. I was really small. He was wearing a trench coat a fedora. I watched as he leaned down to my younger self and embraced her. I asked him, "who is she?". Then I heard his voice in my dream say, "wild rose."

A while back like a year ago. I dreamt I was looking at my self. As if I wasn't in my body. I saw myself dancing randomly with no music. I looked much shorter than normal. The dream shifted and I was looking straight at my twin flame. He was so tall. He pulled me onto his feet and into his arms and started to waltz with me. We danced. It was fun. Suddenly the scene shifted and I was looking down at myself again. I heard his voice say, "you were looking through my eyes."

The Third dream I had right when I was starting to realize I had a twin flame, but didn't know who he was. In the dream I stood in front of a mirror and an extremely tall guy who looked like me, stood beside me gazing into the mirror with me, I asked, "are you my twin flame?" and he nodded.

My second dream of my twin flame was even before I knew I had one. In the dream I walked into a public shower room and the two showers had people in them. I waited and looked at one shower. The glass was fogged up and there was a tall naked man, with lots of muscles and his hair parted to one side. He had his arms spread out and was using up all the hot water. Then I looked at the other shower and a naked woman with wild long black hair was standing at her shower door trying to talk to him. "Hey you can I join you in there." She said. But he ignored her and got out of the shower. I was happy he was done with the shower and made my way into the shower and started washing myself. I enjoyed the hot water. I felt watched and saw the same tall guy who looked like a male version of me leaning against the door frame of the shower I was in, with his arms crossed staring at me. He wore loose pants and a olive green tunic. It exposed His chest quite a bit. I glared at him. I was like how dare he interupt my fabulous shower.

My first dream of my twin flame before I ever knew what a twin flame was or that he was with me, I dreamt I was walking across a parking lot and a tall male walked with me. I got to two trees and we lay down beside each other each under two different trees. He turned to me looking sad, "my girl friend broke up with me." I didn't want to pressure him to talk about it. Cause that could cause someone to relive the hurt when it's not needed. So I looked at him softly and said, "let's just lay here together."

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ARYA (guest)
8 years ago (2016-04-02)
hiya! This s my blog post of all my twin flame experiences I have written down, that are not on this site and some of them are. But anyway, here's the link:)

ARYA (guest)
8 years ago (2016-04-02)
These are some weird funny vision experiences with my twin flame in spirit;) He know how to make me laugh! He heals my abused inner child a lot, by pretending I'm a baby. Which annoys the heck out of me. He's very playful and mischievous like me! These are my experiences from memory. I usually write them down as soon as they happen.

One morning I was mad at my twin flame and thought he didn't want me and suddenly he pulled me into a vision. I was in a bedroom and I stood there and stared at him. Suddenly I started shrinking down and he picked me up and placed me in a high chair. He smiled and placed a white old fashioned baby bonnet on my head. I glared at him "I'm not baby!" I yelled. I threw off the baby bonnet onto the floor and tried to get out of the high chair and ended up tumbling to the floor. I tried crawling away, but he immediately placed me back in the high chair. He placed the baby bonnet back on my head, "baby!" he cooed playfully. I sat there dumbfounded and my head fell down on the table in angst. "stop it!" I laughed. "aww what a fussy baby. I think somebody needs to be held!" he said happily. He grabbed me from the high chair and carried me away in his arms. "hey! Let me go!" I cried. Aaradon sat on the couch and placed me on his lap. He tried to feed me out of a bottle. I growled at him and struggled in his arms. "I think somebody needs a diaper change" he said smirking. I struggled in his arms violently, "no! Please don't!" I begged desperately, but all it came out as was baby talk. He lifted me into his arms and carried me to a changing table and began to undo my apparent diaper, "hey what are you doing?!" I shrieked. He smirked at me and kept undoing it. "stop it right now mister, hey don't touch me there! Nnooooooooooo!" I screamed very freaked out. He was almost done changing me and added baby powder. I glared up at him. "I hate you." I mouthed. He laughed and shook his head.

I just had a dream a few minutes ago. In my dream I was ranting allowed, "I could of had a life by now if I hadn't been abused." Then I spotted my twin flame sitting on a recliner across the room, "I'm a psychologist. So no you couldn't have. While the other kids were growing up and making friends you were just a baby." He said. "I'm not a baby!" I snapped at him. "You aren't listening to what I'm saying, while the other kids are getting older and thinking they are hot stuff, you are just a baby, you never grew up." He said looking serious. I glared at him. He smirked. Then I woke up.

A few minutes ago I had a vision of my twin flame. I saw him staring at me smirking in my thoughts, "don't worry I'll help you into your diaper when you get home" he said. "Aaradon!" I gasped, "I don't wear a diaper!" I said. "yes you do hun" he responded. "I am not a baby!" I whined to him. He stared at me through our thoughts nodding. I shook my head at him. He nodded back. I shook my head at him once more. He nodded his head again in response. My twin flame grinned. I stuck out my tongue at him childishly. He did the same thing back to me. I instantly got a vision of him applying a diaper onto me as I walked around my living room. In the vision I yanked it off and I saw a vision of my twin flame clutching his stomach laughing hard in amusement. I smiled at him, "I love you" I said to him. "I love you too sweetheart! Marry me when you get home?" he asked like a cute puppy. "Of course I will, I'll never leave you." I said warmly. "mine forever?" my twin flame asked me. "always and forever, I'm not leaving you!" I said happily. "good. Always mine" he said in a deep husky voice. I laughed. I felt his presence standing beside me.
EthralHeart (guest)
8 years ago (2016-03-02) my blog about my psychic experiences.
EthralHeart (guest)
8 years ago (2016-02-23)
I saw angel sparks and angel lights by my bed several night ago. I heard an angelic voice speaking to me, "you need both Arradon and Thomas while here on earth." then tonight on the couch I was pondering whether I will have them both forever. I felt my guardian angel Luke tap my right shoulder, "for the time being yes" Luke said. I felt my twin flame sit down beside me on the couch, "I here forever" my twin flame said. I heard my guardian angel respond to him, "Arradon you can't promise her that." this is so sad I thought to myself. I won't get to spend forever with either my soulmate and twin flame. My twin flame is like my Romeo and Thomas is my own Peter Pan. Oh well. "spend the time you were given" luke just said to me. "I love you hun" my twin flame said nudging my left shoulder. He tapped my shoulder again, "I'm not alway's going to be there, but I love you" he said sweetly.
epoy1984OoO (7 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-21)
watch this is the greatest illusion of all time 😆
EthralHeart (guest)
8 years ago (2016-02-21)
I remember there was a time when there were no pictures saved on my phone nor even downloaded at all. I woke up and usually I sleep with my phone in front of my feet. I got up and there was a picture I had never seen before of my twin flame downloaded to my phone. I looked around the room and shook my fist in the air. My twin flame likes messing with me.

The letter 'P' appeared on my phone on a Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Each time I deleted them. Though. Though every other day it would be downloaded on my phone. This happened only three times.

I had three pictures of my twin flame saved on my phone, just cause I like looking at them. So four nights ago. I was laying in bed and staring at the ceiling. Suddenly I noticed my phone glowing and the screen was on. I quickly picked up my phone and checked the pictures. The three twin flame pictures were gone. They had vanished. My twin flames spirit plays with my phone a lot. Then I sighed and set down my phone and it started glowing again. Then I noticed my three favorite pictures of myself had been deleted too. "hey Aaradon that's not funny!" I laughed aloud to my twin flame.
EthralHeart (guest)
8 years ago (2016-02-21)
Aaradon left. Thomas and Noah are here ready to pounce, "if you know what he was really like you'd choose me Kate" Thomas drawled. "You can't see into his heart like I can, leave us alone" I said tiredly "I will not allow you to be with you twin flame" noah added. "leave my twin flame alone!" I screamed at them through my thoughts. "sweetheart are you alright?" my twin flame asked through our shared telepathy worriedly. "duna duna duna" noah said dramatically, pervert. "No they won't leave me alone, they aren't being nice to you" I said sounding scared to my twin flame in my mind. "duna duna duna duna" noah pressed obnoxiously. "I'll be right over" Aaradon said to me. About two minutes later I felt his energy burst through my room and I felt an energy hand tap my knee, "stop it sweetheart, I'm right here, you both need to leave my twin flame alone!" Aaradon said pressed to Noah and Thomas. Btw, Thomas is my annoyingly immature wood elf soulmate. Noah is my fallen angel guardian.

New blog link. The old one doesn't exist anymore.
EthralHeart (guest)
8 years ago (2016-01-29)
My blog with my twin flame and soulmate experiences and other experiences with angels and beings from the faerie realm.


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