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Now You See 'em, Now You Don't


I'd love to share a few stories and possibly gain some insight on my sister.

I have a sister and a brother, and there's a decent age gap between us. We grew up in a, what we believed, was a "haunted" house. The people that bought the place after us knew it too.

My mother is fairly spiritual, but doesn't see things. She claims she can feel it though. Anyways, one day when I was about 4 apparently we were watching tv in the living room and I looked into the kitchen and asked my mom who that little boy was standing there. She looked over and having not seen anything, asked me who I was referring to. I apparently responded with nevermind, he's gone now. In that house, from a young age my sister has always spoken about her "angels" that watch over her. I'll get to her a little more in a bit.

I'd say I'm spiritual as well, I believe in the paranormal and know there's so much more than we as humans on earth know and are able to comprehend. I've never (at least that I can recall) have seen a full blown ghost. Somewhat frequently I find myself alone and feel that I am not in fact alone, and sometimes "see" a figure or something in my peripherals and I get a chill run through my body and as I dart my eyes over nothing seems to be there. Also recently I have gotten sensations of force almost... Like today I was walking to school and we were walking through a trail and I felt like someone took two hands and pushed me from behind, only to look behind me and see nothing there.

On a separate note, we have since moved into another old creepy place. I absolutely loathe going and refuse to call it "home", (I'm currently away at school). My mother and I are very close and have a great relationship. Something about being in that house though makes me very on edge. I'm a kind person who seldom gets angry, but find myself getting upset or mad often when I'm there. Like get really mad over stupid little things that I normally wouldn't care about. I'm also quite mean to my mom when I'm there which is unusual and doesn't happen elsewhere. I have also seen my dog stare at random things as if there were someone or something actually there. Anyone have any insight on this?

In high school I had a good friend who passed away in a tragic accident. I'm not sure why but I don't often dream, or at least remember them when I wake up. But a few days after his death, I had a dream that I was with him and it felt so so real, and I was crying and hugging him and telling him how much I missed him and it truly felt like he was there and hugging me back, telling me he was okay. I knew in my dream that he was dead in real life, and it felt like a goodbye of some sort the entire time. It was truly special and I'll never forget it. Prior to this dream I had another little occurrence, a couple days after he passed. I was listening to a new playlist on my iPod, and was feeling really emotional. I pressed shuffle and a song played like normal. This playlist had 50 or so songs on it. I had this strong connecting feeling that my friend was there with me "in spirit". I feel sometimes, that spirits are with and around me, like within reaching distance but I can never see them. Anyways I was thinking to myself, friend, if you're with me would you please play "xx" song? As the playlist was on shuffle, I had no idea what song was on deck. Sure enough, the song in my mind had played right after and I cried happy tears knowing he was there with me.

I sometimes get these moments of "you should do this because this will happen later" I'd say on a monthly basis. For example the other day I was rushing out the door but remembered to grab my headphones before hitting the library. My eyes then gravitated to my second pair, and had a feeling of you'll want to bring these too, which I never do. Why bring two sets? But I did, and sure enough my friend forgot his pair and asked if I had extras. Last summer, before going out for a drink with colleagues, I had a strong urge of "leave your purse at home, bring only what you need" (being cash, IDs, and phone). I spent a solid minute debating this, which I never do. I bring my purse always. Against my better judgment I decided to bring it anyways, after all I have never lost or had anything stolen from me in the past. Yep, you guessed it, I woke up the next morning only to notice I had lost my purse. Ever since then I vowed to always listen to the gut feelings and it has proven helpful over the years.

Now to my sister. She's the real specialist. She grew up seeing "spirits". One story for example, she was sleeping and woke up abruptly in the middle of the night. She sat up and froze when she saw a man going through her drawers, before walking out her bedroom door. She says she thought she was actually being robbed, but it turned out to be nothing. She was in her mid twenties at the time.

She had an ex boyfriend who had a habit of never wearing his seatbelt. Usually she let him be, but one day she had a sense, reached over and buckled it up for him. A few moments later they were struck and spun out. Luckily they were both wearing their seat belts and were fine.

There are plenty more occasions, as she had minor experiences and interactions quite often, but those are the major ones. Those, and having always spoken about her "guardian angels" from such a young age. The strange thing however, and what I would love some insight on, is that ever since she had gotten pregnant and had her first child (8 months old now) she hasn't seen or felt a single thing. She also claims that the baby will sometimes stare at nothing, or directly behind my sister, and just giggle as if she were looking at someone. I'm wondering if my sister's abilities have been passed down to her.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Is there a way I can make my abilities more apparent and connect more with the other side? Is there a name for people like me/my sister? I'm a rookie when it comes to this stuff! Any insight is welcome and greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking time to read my story!

- skeptic

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Nightingale (145 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-20)
Hello skeptical,
It's great to hear that you can talk to one another about these things. I am happy to hear your gift and hers have already been put to good use.
You may be able to increase your abilities with meditation, or become more aware of others around you. This will help you make contact with spirits. Just pay attention to what their intentions seem to be.
As for your sister, I am unsure of why that is. Perhaps the baby has some abilities. Some people believe it is hereditary. Also, your sister may be experiencing a lull of sorts-a relatively uneventful time. She might also benefit from meditation.
You may want to look into the terms "medium" and "clarisentience" to explore what exactly you each might call yourself.
If your sister would be okay with this being on the internet, and you feel she'd be interested, I'd recommend showing her this website.
Always trust your instincts.
My best to all of you,
BabySing54 (2 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-14)
keep a note book with you and write down 'feelings' you may have and your dreams. You are young, so do not rush or force the sight to come. I went through the same thing, even seeing my deceased cousin in my house when I was a child. If you do have the sight, it will come on its own. Try meditation and relaxation. As to the house, I believe there may be a history there, maybe a past life? You might want to do some research on it, but you are aware of how it makes you feel. Keep a check on that when there. I believe we all have a 'gift', but not all of us are willing to let it grow. Just my thoughts, hope they were helpful.

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