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Psychic Since Childhood, Looking For Mentor


I've been a psychic since childhood, being able to feel other people's emotions and see shadows, hear voices, etc.

I've totally dedicated this side of me in my teen ages, but after being haunted by nightmares and panic, I ended up becoming an evangelical Christian, that means all my powers got suppressed until recently, and I cannot hold anymore.

I am starting to be able to separate my own feelings from the others, and I still do not recognize when the voice I hear is good or bad.

I am going through personal issues and I know once I get my psychic side organized it will get better. I still hear more white noises than real voices, but I can hear full sentences already, but cannot develop full conversations with the spirits.

I have full visions of some of my past lives, and I am right now feeling in a prison, I feel like dying.

My energy is so strong that the only psychics that can do readings for me are the ones who use mediunic powers to do so. The card readings get very messed up and some even refuse to read for me as my energy sometimes mess with their energy field.

I am looking for a mentor, man or woman, or both:), with strong psychic powers, premonitions and willing to really help me. I am looking specifically for Yogi gurus (high), witches (white or black), sangomas and mediums.

My yoga teacher once said: when you decide to look for a mentor, the mentor will find you. I know you are there, and I smell flowers near you. There is a yellowish lamp or light bulb in your room, a human figure statue, your curtain is white and your room is bright. You don't smoke anymore, but keep the ash tray. Is that you?

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fairybutterfly (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-09)
RevSilverson, thanks so much for your answer, it helped a lot. I am still looking for a mentor and I am sure I will find her ❤
RevSilverson (103 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-09)
it is very important when selecting a mentor to find someone who has like abilities, values and purposes. Black witches are mostly drawn to destruction (not necessarily bad as everything decontructs) and darkness (also not bad if used properly) but generally uses psychological fear to accomplish change. A witch who uses destruction in conjunction with construction and darkness with light is known as a gray witch.

Your mentor should also be someone mature enough and experienced enough to know when NOT to use abilities to make change. For example someone who will know not to influence weather to make it NOT rain during a drought or rain when there are mudslides in the area already. Also someone who will use nature's abundant energy to make change versus the energy of humans or other animals. In short they must be ethical people not just having fun in seeing what their ability can do to others- using others as guinea pigs.

And they should know about the energy changes in the human body as we grow. From baby to young adult to adult to middle aged adult to senior, physical complex changes in mind and body occur. These changes affect our decision making processes and must be recognized. For this reason I also suggest you find someone of your own sex to guide you.

You will have many mentor influences in your life. They do come to you as you have written. Be prepared to realize when your time with one mentor has come to an end- when they have nothing else to teach you and move on. This can be very hard to do as we create bonds with our mentors... That can last a lifetime.

Love and light... Always

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