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Orbs, Burning Smell, Sweet Smell. Smoke


I met what I thought was my twin soul 7 months ago, and now I can see orbs time to time, smell burning smoke, a sweet smell and as of last, I went and looked at the sun and I saw a bird, which I believe is the holy spirit, Now I can absorb the energy of the sun from sun gazing, see peoples aura if and purple all around if I concentrate. My feet heats up when I do sun gazing. I have woken up at time 3.15, which related to Adam and Eve and this was at the time I dated my false twin soul, and then it took me to reptilians, seeing symbols, the number 7, related to the bible, red orbs, right now I feel our world is in war with the other world, I started linking it to reptilians, aliens, orbs and spirits. I started noticing satanic symbolism in family guy, looney tunes. I saw a green orb with a face on a guy driving a car, I can see golden sparks around me,, and even in the sky. I wear the chain of Saint Benedict now. I have been writing down the symbols, numbers and other information these things have been leading too. When I broke up with my girlfriend, I noticed twice her face formed once on my laptop and then in the book, and she was upset both times when I contacted her. In her presence I used feel drained, angry, sick and she was a terrible person. We used to share physical issues, for e.g. An acne on her body would be also on the same place of mine. And another illness that I got that told me to tell her to do and STI test, this was online,, and what do you know, she had something. When I finally moved away, noticed a lot of purple orbs playing with me. And I sleep better, I prayed a lot for her during our relationship and I noticed energy flowing down my hands and then later my face and hands use to burn,, I see people differently with my soul eyes. Now I feel this year has a lot more that we can see. I feel negative spirits are the ones that push us into anger, and other negative emotions,, as soon as the get a negative energy with us, they link on, I started realizing the emotions aren't mine. I do a prayer and then they leave, and even the smell of smoke disappears, I started linking orbs to aliens. I don't even trust psychics because I believe there is the link to satanism, so does reiki. Numbers that are linked to this are 11.11, her birthday was on 9.27,1993 and mine is on 10,22,1989, I have calculated the numbers with numerology, I noticed our paths linking, and even our telephone numbers are opposite path numbers. I feel the spirits wanted me to move away because she was a sick person.

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lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-24)
At KKMarie
I think I can explain the smell.
When I read your comment, I remembered a psychic ability that reminded me of your experience.
I don't know much about it but I think this can answer your question.
This psychic ability was categorized in the Premonition and Precognition area.
Claircognizance Clairalience: The ability to smell something before it happens.
I think this answers your question. You should also search online for information about this ability.
KKMarie (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-24)
Thank you for you post! It's hard for people to understand such experiences who have never had them. From the outside looking in we look crazy or obsessed. Personally, I try to avoid it. When I see orbs, spirits, smell strong smells I do my best to just not worry about it. Although it is unavoidable. The first time I got a psychic sense through smell was when I was pregnant for the first time and smelled the strongest smell of death. For a week it smelled like a dead rotting body was in my face. Everywhere I went, no matter what scented lotions I put in my nose it was completely strong. Then I told my sister "My baby is dead and this is how I'm receiving it." She was upset that I would even say something like that. And the last thing in the world I wanted was my baby to be dead, but a couple of days later I had a miscarriage. These other people commenting are talking about coincidences. So explain that one for me? After the miscarriage the smell was gone completely. I can't explain it. I don't want this, but I have it.
RevSilverson (103 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-09)
i'm a little worried for you. You write of hallucinations and sparks and purples and green orbs. These might be symptoms of a physical abnormality. I would get yourself checked out by a doctor. I can't really tell from your text what you think is going on. You ramble a bit from experience to experience. Taking symbols and making them what you want to be and seeing things in TV shows is something everyone can do. Lately i've noticed a lot of 5 pointed stars with rings around them for sale in stores and as logos for companies and it makes me swell with pride and smile.

Spirits usually put people together to help each other not hurt them. If your twin was a sick person there must have been something that attracted you to her in the beginning. Think on that and try and clarify the different aspects of your life. You might also want to keep a dream journal and get a book to interpret your dreams. Not every incident in your life needs to be jam packed with symbols or smells or colors. Try and pick out the one strongest symbol and let the others fall to the side. They might have improtance or they might just be cluttering up your thought process.

Love and light... Always
star325 (2 stories) (15 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-07)
I feel as though you took your studies too far and it caused to to lead to a conclusion when really these could have all been coincidences

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