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Smell Of Sulfur


This evening I believe I had an experience that has me worried. My husband and I were walking down a side street to get to our car after leaving a restaurant. We were off Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, which is an older part of town. At night, it can be quite eerie. As we were walking, I thought I heard someone walking closely behind us, so I turned around to look. There was no one there, we were the only ones out walking. When we got into the car I was overtaken by the unmistakable smell of sulfur. My stomach began to drop as it does when I sense a presence and I looked around in the car but didn't see anything. The smell eventually dissipated but I can't shake the feeling that something bad was following me. This was my first encounter with such a strong sulfur smell and it made me feel so uneasy. Most of the time when I sense a presence I don't feel uneasy in that way because I've come to know they're just there but not threatening. This just feels different. I hope that makes sense, but since it's my first encounter like this I'm not sure how to describe it.

In research I've done in the past, I had learned that bad smells, especially sulfur, is associated with an evil presence. So naturally, I'm worried about this experience. When I got home, I asked out loud for anything that may have entered to leave. Is this enough? Is it possible that if this was an evil presence it could follow or attach itself to me? Reaching out to see if anyone has advice as to protect myself if I have come into contact with an evil presence.

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Ven0m (18 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-02)
Yeah I smelled sulfur to then got possessed, because I read many talk about that smell I know its real now its not just me. I'm here to help, iv'e seen a lot and been trough a lot, so please test this! Call upon Jesus! Say in the name of Jesus I rebuke you devil! Pray to Jesus to help you and ask Jesus if he is real to please show it to you, so you know the truth! Their is no excuse to not try what I just said! WHY not? A lot of people don't believe but why not just TEST and see what happens? If you really need help do as I say! They fled from me when I did that, they are really afraid of that name! It really woke me up and I'm researching the bible and Jesus all the time now to believe even more! I want the truth and I want more people to try and seek and see if Jesus is the truth as he said! Because IF he is! Then thank God that you did as I asked you to do because that saved you! And that saving is really from God trough me not only my own works.:)
CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-03)
Hello Mrs. Moon
Are you fine now? Is it gone?

Perhaps it got attracted to your energy. Maybe shield yourself? If you don't know how, you can imagine a white light enveloping you and protecting you from everything that is out there trying to get in. If you see something black trying to enter, perhaps you can imagine the white light blowing it off. I used to do so. Also, if you believe in God or whatever you have faith in, don't let that faith dwindle. In the end, that is the biggest weapon. If you order it to leave, do so with faith and strength. Spiritual strength I mean. It will go away. I believe.

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