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Psychic Smell And Deja Vu


For as long as I can remember, I have been able to smell when somebody is or is becoming sick.

I can walk into a room, without knowing someone was sick, even sometimes they didn't know that they would soon to be sick, but I did.

Only recently I have learnt of psychic smells and I was curious if I am fortunate enough to have this ability. What I don't understand is, I can only smell sickness, nothing else. I was wondering if anyone could help me with what this means and how I could enhance this gift I have been given.

I feel like I should also add (I don't know if this will help or not), when I was 3, I fell extremely sick and the doctors didn't know what it was. My parents were told that if the doctors didn't find out what I had, I might not have much time left. Lucky for me a doctor that worked overseas specializing in this field, realized what I had (Kawasaki disease) and I was given the right medicine and before I knew it I was fine and here I am at 17 and I am still fine. Could this possibly have influenced my ability?

Another thing I often experience, at least once a month is Déjà vu.

It happens anywhere and at anytime. Sometimes it's a dream I have and then at least a month later, what happened in the dream comes true. Other times I could be speaking to someone and I know exactly what they will say or do next, it is almost like it had happened before.

I have been in class before and I knew exactly what the teacher was about to say and I knew exactly what other people in the room were about to do that exact moment. Its like I had seen or been there before. Is there any reason why I experience this so often and remember it so distinctly?

Hopefully I can get some answers, thank you very much.


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DeeMari1324 (3 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2014-07-10)
I use touch to do the same thing. It is normally helpful for things like small colds to quickly get medication. But sometimes things like miscarriages and cancer can also be sensed and they give me a very strong pain in my chest and thighs. 😕 Kind if similar, I suppose.
PathR (4 stories) (1268 posts)
7 years ago (2014-07-08)
The root chakra deals with smell.
This also affects immune system, bones and blood.

It sounds as if your chakra is quite sensitive.

If one is smelling, they can detect illness.
I have had the sensitivity in smell, noting urinary tract infections and a few other health issues.

For heightening meditation.

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