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Smells, Orbs, Spirits... I Don't Know What To Do


I'm in my 30's and have had all sorts of psychic phenomena surrounding me my entire life. Let me try and explain my past and the new stuff that has been happening. It's hard to actually tell people about this because I am a normal mom, just going about my day with strange stuff happening to me or around me. I've quite often had psychic dreams where the most bizarre things have actually occurred later on. I've always had the ability to make people's pool balls pull slightly to the right or left. I imagine where there ball will miss the hole and I can do it EVERY SINGLE TIME. That sounds weird but it's true.

The last time I saw a spirit was when I was in my 20's. Before seeing him he had brushed his hand across my bottom. I thought it was my boyfriend until I realized he was down the hall glued to the TV watching football. I was standing in my laundry room with my back toward the hall so I thought he had walked by touching me, but it was not him. I chocked it up to maybe I had goosebumps or I was imagining things. Then I was in my laundry room and completely alone in the house and felt a straight up smack on the bottom. I assumed this was my mother who had passed a couple of years before because she would pat my bottom. Then one night I actually saw him. I lived in a bad neighborhood and would leave the hall light on and my door cracked to see someone coming down the hall. Silly I know. Anyway one day I was laying in bed and just looking out into the hallway and I saw him. He was huge. He had to duck to get into the door jam because he was that tall. I thought he was a person and ran in there after him. Not sure what I was thinking, but adrenaline can make you do some crazy things. Anyway, there was nobody there at all.

I also have a sense of smell that is psychic or something. I don't know anything about what these things are called, but I will describe it. The first time it was undeniable was when I was pregnant for the first time. I could smell a dead rotting corpse like in my face for a week. No matter where I went or what scented lotions I put up my nose it was just as strong. Nobody else could smell anything. Then I told my sister "My baby is dead and that's how I'm receiving it." She got mad at me and asked why would I say such a thing? That's the last thing in the world I wanted to happen, but I could feel it. Two days later I had a miscarriage. Then the smell was gone completely.

A couple of years later I was at a friend's house for the first time and kept smelling deer blood and I told him that he had killed a deer recently. I opened the freezer and it was like a freight train hitting me in the nose of deer blood. I'm not a blood expert, but somehow I knew he had killed a deer. Strange...

Fast forward to current day. I had a friend that invited me to a psychic party. So I went and there were all sorts of games while we were waiting on our reading. One game was where you put everyone's wedding ring in a bowl and draw one out and explain how you feel. I only knew the girl who invited me and there was about 10 or so ladies there. I drew out a ring and held it in my hand and started weeping profusely. It was very embarrassing as I did not know anyone in the room. I proceeded to state how this woman was a virgin when she got married although it was later in life. Her husband was not a virgin, but she was very pure and right with God and all of this crazy stuff was coming out of my mouth. So I'm looking around and all of these women are looking at me like "Girl, you ain't talking about me!" lol All of the other ladies said something like "It's pretty..." So come to find out the lady who's ring I drew directly to my left so when I looked around I didn't see her expression. She affirmed everything I said and more. The reading was silly and the "psychic" I felt had no ability whatsoever.

When it's very quiet I hear what can be called a staticy radio changing stations between people talking and conversations. It's a little nerve racking and I sleep with a loud air purifier in my room so I don't have to hear the "radio station." Not sure what that is, but it's always there.

Just about a couple of months ago there were some bad/evil spirits in my house. They had been messing with my children and my electronics, and I could even hear their voices through the baby monitor. I'm not sure if anyone could hear them or just me, but they would be talking with just mean sounding voices (that's the best way I can describe it). This had been going on for a few days and my mother (who has passed away) would show up in the evenings and linger for a couple of hours. I know it's her when I smell cigarette smoke like someone is blowing it in my face. She was hanging around when the evil spirits were hanging around. During this time I was laying with one of my children as they fall asleep in the dark and I saw a flash of light. It was like when someone takes a flash picture of you and you can still see the flash even after it's gone. It was a human figure of some sort. I don't know if it was an angel or something. I've never seen anything like that before or since. The same night my baby woke up (who does NOT wake up unless spirits are harassing him) he loves to sleep. I was in his room rocking him and giving him a bottle when I spot this reddish orange orb floating in his room. I just was making my eyes look away because I didn't want it to be there. I couldn't completely look away because my peripheral vision was locked onto it. That's the best way I can describe it. After it was gone there was a bluish green orb bloating in nearly the same spot. It went away eventually. I've never experienced anything like this before or since.

Fast forward the end of this time of heightened spiritual activity (or whatever you want to call it), and it's late in the evening and my kids are asleep. I was Skyping a friend that I hadn't talked to in a few years that I used to work with. Anyway, I could hear the bad spirits talking through the baby monitor and my kids kept waking up screaming bloody murder. I would go in and calm them back to sleep and come back out. They both woke up about 3 times each. All the while I'm leaving the Skype and coming back. The room I was in shares a wall with my older child's room and I hear something hit the wall EXTREMELY loud and hard. My kid wakes up screaming in terror. I tell my friend who knows nothing of my spiritual gifts or whatever, "There are evil spirits in my house and I have to go." I ran out of the room and left Skype on and everything. I had left the conversation several times so he was just waiting for me to come back. I went into my child's room and started demanding they leave, and praying in the name of God that their sins have been washed away by the blood of Christ. Just crazy stuff coming out of my mouth. And I took my child put them in my bed and went to sleep. The next morning my friend who I was Skyping with who did not believe in ghosts or whatever said the lights went off in my house and the light from my computer was on. So if someone was standing in front of the camera you could see them through the light of the computer screen. He said he saw something packing back and forth for the longest time. All during the time I had taken my child to bed with me. That was the last of those episodes that have happened for a couple of months.

In the last few days I've been smelling my mother's spirit. Just to give some back story she was a chain smoker. Our house was always filled with cigarette smoke and she died from lung cancer. So I smell her around me almost constantly just recently. In the past it seems she comes around when she needs to protect me from something in this world or the next. Even when she has come around in the past it's only briefly and then she's gone. She will stay for a couple of hours in the evenings maybe. This time she has been staying around almost constantly. She will be in my children's room and I walk out of the room and can finally breathe fresh air again (I hate cigarette smoke), and she stays behind with them. Then she catches back up to me. She's been in my car, she's with me when I go to the store. I just don't know what to make of it. I'm wondering if I'm in danger of some sort. I keep wondering if my end is near. I'm very uneducated when it comes to the whole psychic thing, but if anyone could tell me what's going on that would be great! Thanks!

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hug100 (126 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-14)
ps side note though the wisp are likely water element if they appear in bathrooms or other water accessible spots. (sinks, spigots, ponds, rivers,) fire spirits prefer fire pits/ places, candles, and anything to do with fire. Earth spirits tend to be every where but prefer gardens woodlands, and other places that they can connect with nature. Air spirits go any where and every where the wind will take them. That pretty much wraps it up dark and light depends on the individual spirit.
hug100 (126 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-14)
Sorry that it took so long to get back to you life is picking up on the busy side as of late especially with school getting ready to get back in session. I indeed also think your son has the gift as well... If the "cow boy" does no harm to you or your son I say welcome him, you never know what good things might come. 😉 I have a few that I befriended a long time ago that have been my guardians of sorts. He might just do the same for your son. As for the waves you were seeing, I think were the aura of the spirits or what I like to call wisp spirits. They appear as more of moving mist or similar to heat waves and can be any color from white, black, to fire red, it depends on the elemental attachment. Some time spirits wounder around and wind up in your home this is actually quite normal as I often have seen it first hand every time I move. Spirits are curios things and love to know things just as much as we do in the living world. I doubt that any spirits in your house now are dangerous to you or your family. I wish you all well. 😊
KKMarie (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-29)
My pastor had said something to the church, although not specifically to me that "We are all spiritual beings living a finite human existence." He might have not been speaking to me directly, but God used his words to speak to me specifically. Thank you everyone for your encouraging words and advice. Allin thank you for the specific advice. I will say more prayers and bless my car. I don't typically say a blessing when I get in my car (kids screaming, running late, etc), but I should take a moment to do that. Thank you.

Jodenx stay strong and always seek the truth. There is a huge spiritual battle going on right now that most people are completely oblivious to. Demons latch on to people and influence them. Something that I can remember during this time of the demonic activity in my house I had been really thinking about another man besides my husband. It was as if I couldn't think of anything else. Like it was just welling up inside of me. I'm not the "cheating type" and would never consider something like this, but it was as if they had a hold on me for a little while. I'm getting better at recognizing the feeling of the enemy pulling you down. I need to do some prayer and fasting and get my mind right again. Jodenx stay strong and pray for your mother. She is having a spiritual battle right now. I know how hard it is to be able to tell someone you love about your abilities or clarity, but just pray for God to speak through you to get to her. Where she hears you and isn't thinking "My child is crazy" or something.

Hug something that I have noticed lately are wavy looking things (like when you see heat coming off of the pavement on a hot day), but it will be in strange places like my bathroom. At first I thought my eyes were just doing something strange, but I looked away and it will only be in a specific spot like it is a spirit. My 2 year old was talking to someone when he woke up from nap time yesterday. When he plays he doesn't have full blown conversations, he will be like "GRRR dinosaur!" Stuff like that. Anyway he was talking, and I didn't think much of it. I heard him through the baby monitor and realized he was awake and went to go get him. Then he says "Mommy, the cowboy is gone." And I said "What cowboy honey?" I've only heard him use the term cowboy when he's riding a horse or something. He says "The cowboy!" And he points to his sliding glass door. I said "Where is the cowboy now?" And he said "He flew away!" "I think he went outside!" Then he got up and looked outside, and he was like "The cowboy is gone." That is nothing like something he would do out of the blue. He was genuinely telling me about the cowboy he was talking to. I come from a long line of cowboy's on both sides of my family so this could be pretty much anyone (if it is someone related to me, which I feel that it is). He has always waved and said "Hi!" to people everywhere we go, and he does it to people that I cannot see sometimes. I just listen to him and ask him questions. I'm pretty sure he has the gift too.

Thanks everyone!
hug100 (126 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-26)
[at] KKMarie indeed I have seen spirits in many forms the orbs were the ones the appeared in my earliest encounters. Now I see very thing from orb to an full body full body aberration. That is when you see whole and clear forms of people, animals, and insects sometimes they are in color sometimes not. The most common form I see are ones that appear as mist or shadows. Blessed be everyone.
jodenx12 (70 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-26)
i just want to say I strongly admire your strength as a mother. To share something personnel with you is that I have chosen to follow a deep spiritual path a few years ago and one of the main reasons why is to help mother because there are a lot of things going on with her and with my pursuing of this path I know that God has blessed me, for that I have gained lots of knowledge along the way. I really love my mother but I don't like telling her because it feels weird somehow, but idk. Though someone like you to go through experiences that I can relate to puts me in awe because I would love for my mother to gain the strength like you. My advice for you is to keep moving forward because your kin will soon gain that strength and become very profound role models. 😊
allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-25)
Hi KKMarie, I just want to add that my mother has been using the method described by the previous poster, for most of her life and it's really effective. She does it a few times a week and sometimes burns flowers or incense. Rituals (including prayer) become more powerful through repetition, and according to the strength of your belief. A simple sign of the cross for instance can dispel a manifestation, but it depends on the level of your belief in it. The thing with homes is we never know who lived there before, what type of acts happened, so blessing it according to your beliefs is beneficial.

Your mother's spirit is obviously protecting you. She has become a guardian for you and your home. If you sense her in your car but didn't before, you might want to bless your car as well. You can place a protective token in it for example. From what you wrote you have a strong psychic sense which means you can react to many people and spirits' presence. It's important that you ward yourself, even if it's through a short prayer, when you leave the house, because when you go out there you come in contact with various energies. It's possible you feel your mother more because your wardings were weak and she was staying close to protect you from the negativity.

It's also possible she wants you to become curious, ask questions and learn things you need to know now, and that will come in handy in the future. Spirits know our needs on many levels, even before we face a situation. So trust the goodness that protects you. But given all these experiences, it seems like your self-protection was weak. It's something to reinforce.:) I wish you the best.
By the way if you're a church-goer this is something you can question your priest about. Most religions have specific prayers for warding against evil spirits, and he might be able to give you some advice. Cheers:)
KKMarie (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-25)
Thank you hug! It's refreshing to know that I'm not alone in this. My best friend's daughter is a powerful medium. She is like me a normal mom, and a Christian. Since her daughter could speak she would always be asking who these spirits were all around her. They are even in her baby pictures! You can see faces and flashes of light and just weird things going on in almost all of her baby pictures. She is the one person I can actually talk to this stuff about because it's a part of her life whether she likes it or not. She told me to do a cleansing prayer and tell them that they are forgiven through the blood of Christ and to tell them to leave immediately. I haven't had any issues since that night of praying. Thank you for your help! Have you ever seen orbs? That was a new one for me. I didn't even know what to call them, but the word "orb" came to mind.
hug100 (126 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-25)
I have had similar experiences myself with flashes of lights from out of nowhere and smells as well as harassing spirits. I also know very well how it feels went it feels like these things are happening only to you. From the way it sounds your home and Life are under attack by evil entities if they are harassing you and your children like that. Fortunately I also have had my share of them and know how to easily get rid of them
The best thing I can suggest is do a cleansing and prayer all over your home. Are you or any of your children allergic to sage? Sage has been smoldered and use in cleansing for many centuries by people all over the world. If you or your children are you can substitute sage for sandalwood. Find some sage incenses, stick works best for cleansing but cones work OK too or lose leaves. Find an appropriate container for the type cone,stick, and loss leave require different containers. For sticks and cones and their holds, you can find at Walmart or other places that sells incense. For lose leaf you can use an open glass jar or metal tin just be sure to use caution when handling they can all get a little hot when your using them. Light them until they catch an ember with in them and bring them down to a smolder. Next move it through the room while praying. Use caution around the smoke detectors it can and likely will set them off. Found that out the hard way once. To make sure it gets everywhere fanning it when needed will help a lot if you don't over do it. This will get out entities that are not welcome in your home quite fast and doing this a few time a month should keep them away. Hope this can help stop them in their tracks. ❤ and may your mother always watch over you.
By the way if you don't feel like doing this your self you could ask a priest to a blessing on the house and you and your family, But that can be costly and time consuming. I've always done my own cleansings with out fail.

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