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I Can Sometimes See Ghosts, Feel Peoples Emotions Etc


I hope that no-one thinks that I am crazy but how do I explain it, I'll try my best. Hopefully someone can give me some answers.

I am fairly sure that I am psychic, I have seen, and heard ghosts. The last one I saw was my old pet dog a few weeks ago. I can also sense when their around sometimes.

I get daja vu extremely often compared to others (don't know if that makes a difference)

I had a vision a few days ago, not sure if it's past or future. I was elderly, in a house full of people I didn't know but I had a feeling that I knew them but i've never met them. Any way I bent down to talk to my grandchild (i'm 16!) and she showed me something. I remember saying something along the lines of

"That's beautiful sweetheart"

And then it faded and I was back to the present. Still trying to figure it out. As it felt so real.

I also have a brilliant 'gut feeling' and it always proves me wrong when I ignore it.

I can sense peoples emotions a lot of the time (empath?) I can't stand being in crowds much and I feel overwhelmed, and I always know when people are upset, angry, happy and such and it effects what I feel. I also hate people getting to close to me or touching me for example hugs, handshakes etc. And other thing to add to this is I can feel peoples emotions when they are really stong, its hard to describe but its like sensing heat waves I guess

And I don't know how but seem to predict unknowingly what people will say next and say it at the same time, even when I'm not listening to what they were saying. And also I think of something and they say it.

Also to add to the list, I think that I have someone watching over me, I believe this because there have been times in which I should have died, for example I was crossing the road once when a car came flying round the corner, I should have been hit because there was nowhere for me to go or the car and the next thing I new was I was on the other side of the road, safe. It freaked me out however I was thankful, there have been many times where I should have died but didn't and I came out with a few bruises or completely unharmed. Could this maybe be a guardian or something?

Not sure if this helps but I feel as though I was born in the wrong era, I should have been born in the victorian times as I feel a strong attachment to it. Same goes for the Egyptians and even further back the forest and a tribe.

Can someone give me any answers at all? I just feel so lost

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ZettaSlowpoke (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-11)
I personally don't believe in things like ghosts or spirits, but somehow I'm able to do the same thing as you, but just in a lower level (maybe because I'm younger?).
When I talk to people, somehow, my attitude reflects their own mind and personality (expressed in a different way) and I start feeling the same emotions they do. This allows me to easily tell their thoughts and predict their actions. Also, I dream about scenes before they occur (mostly trivial stuff) and realise of things before they happen.
When you mentioned that there are times when you should've died, but you didn't, it remind me of something else. Over the course of my life, there has been times where I almost die or almost get severely injured, but I didn't. Also, many people find hard to "see" me or "hear" me or even remember me (like if I was ghost or something), so that might have something to do...
Lscott34956 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-30)
I too thought I was crazy for many years growing up, due to living with a very, very religious Mother who told me it was the devil or demons speaking to me or tricking me, only later for her to admit that she has some abilities for vision, premonition, and dejevu'. I also have dejevu' experiences, almost to the point that I swear out loud when it happens at least 1x per month or more, but I just take them as a sign that I'm on the path in my life I'm supposed to be at that moment. My empathic skills have served me well in my profession as a mental health therapist and supervisor of other MH therapists, because it allows me to open me up to more in-depth view of human behavior and thought than those without this gift. It also gives me a chance to encourage clients who also have these gifts that have been either historically medicated or treated like they have psychosis and to educate other therapists and Psychiatrists to be more open by "normalizing" and accepting these abilities in our clients, although I am very cautious in sharing my own abilities with my professional peers. I don't see auras or do "readings". I don't practice meditative practices or do trancing, but probably would enhance my skills even more if I did. I would like to learn how to help spirits cross-over, but respect spirit too much to open doorways or portals to attempt direct contact without further training. Finally, you most likely have an ancestor or mentor (mother or father- like figure) watching over you, we ALL do, just we're more open to the idea of it. Mine is my Grandmother, who I speak to and thank often for her protection. I am just a Normal, everyday person who has a free mind and open heart to ALL possibilities of a higher being (in my case God) who uses our special gifts he has provided us to help others in our own life journey.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-06)
The idea of watching you is a guardian.
It would be very helpful if you connect.

All Empathies have difficulties and feel drained,
Overwhelmed when interacting with energies that eminate from other humans. Due to exchanging.
As an Empathy you heart is very open.
Medicate to concentrate of closing the heart.
And practicing being in the body as well as living
In the moment.

Utilizing protection will help you.
Some ideas are looking for a protection that disconnect you and another individual.

Please read the article by AnneV: Empathy

As move into a spiritual journey the soul seems to
Open to the memories of previous incarnations.
For some individuals it can feel like a preference to a country or a paticular era. For others it can be lucid dreams or de-ju-vu when an event is celebrated.

Love light
lamb (guest)
11 years ago (2013-04-01)
Im highly empathic myslef, I was told that Aura strengthening helps... I found out what strengths me is the latin prayer of saint benedict and sun gazing. I gaze at the sun, which I feel is my third eye and I can feel my feet heat up, salt water in the sea is also strengthening. Dont live with your heart on your shoulders, that's what I'm doing right now. I noticed if someone is a threat I will feel uncomfortable around them. So I'm somewhere between because I know your a threat, I carry this rage in me to protect myself and without fear and at the same time my sensitive side...

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