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I was unsure if I really wanted to post this as I feel that people may call me crazy, but with all the experiences that I have had throughout my life I have to say, this was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me. It truly shook me up. Anyway, please tell me what you think of my story and give me your opinions as I really need some help with this, thanks.

Saturday 22nd March 2014 night/Sunday 23rd March 2014 early morning

As usual, I got ready for bed, climbed in and snuggled up in my quilts. I turned off all the lights etc and drifted off. I had noticed I had a fair few amount of déjà vu the past few days and increasing by the day, I thought I was unusual but didn't think anything of it. It took me moments to sleep.

In my dream, I found myself standing by an old English style cottage. The walls were white and the wood was old but clean. The wooden door was old in style and the windows matched. The number of the cottage was out of focus at first but it was three digits. The number then changed to 88a. I remember glancing into the window and saw some children staring blankly at me, like I was not suppose to be there. I got this chilly feeling and I walked off.

I spotted the church, the colours were pale and everything was damp and chilly. My senses told me something was off but I ignored them. I carried on, I looked at the graves, watching as the people walked past me, each wearing different eras of clothing. Some men, some children and some women. Their faces were pale and deathly white, almost transparent. I instantly knew that they were spirits/ghosts. They walked past me, each looking at me with caution and fear in their eyes. I turned round and they were gone from sight.

I carried on walking, this time more slower. I saw an old man standing by a grave I recognized. I remembered how in a previous dream, I went there for a funeral of someone I didn't know and I saw this old man at the time. However, I kept my distance and did not talk to him. Thinking he was mourning over the loss of his friend, however, I remembers stray he stood near the back of the crowd.

Wandering over, I stood by the grave, I looked over to him. He stood with a long coat coming down to his knees, he wore a hat and held a walking stick. He was hunch backed.

I stood a about 8 (most likely more) steps away from him, keeping my distance and remembered the rule stranger danger.

I asked him "Where I was" and "Who was he"

The old man, looked up from the grave and at me. Every fibre of my being told me to run, my instincts wanting me to flee and run for the hills. I had goose bumps run over my body and shivers up my spine. I have never been so terror stricken in my life as I looked at this old man.

His face was thick, pale/paste like and leathery. It was indescribable how I felt and how he looked, I psychically cannot describe it, all I knew was I wanted to get out of there.

I never got a chance to take a step backwards to run and I never got the chance to breath. The man launched at me, literally launched like a bullet. He was scary fast, too fast. He stood in front of me and grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him with strength that he should not have had. I didn't even get the time to scream out for help or resist.

He picked me up and held me like I was nothing, holding one arm around my waist and the other trying to subdue my fighting.

By this point, I kicked out, punched, scratched, bit and did everything possible to get him to let go. The tears running down my face in anger, fear, shock and frustration. All I knew was that he wanted me dead, he wanted to kill me and I have no idea why.

I then somehow managed to forcibly wake myself up, I looked up and froze as I quite literally saw an outline of someone standing over my bed, reaching out with their hand to get me. I watched them as they pulled back and faded away as quick as anything. Like knowing that I had saw them (Everyone in the house was asleep at the time). I flicked on my lamp and sat up in bed shaking with fear and adrenaline running through my veins. My senses still heighten from the dream. I checked the time through the tears in my eyes 5:23am.

I broke down into tears, and I was petrified of the thought of going to sleep again. I stayed up and eventually went down stairs after I exhausted myself after over an hour and half of crying.

Throughout the day, I felt like I had been drained of energy and not just because I was tired. I couldn't eat or do much, I just felt really off and not with it if that makes sense and I haven't been right since. I have no idea if I did some form of dream walking or astral travel to the spirit world, (as I have a bad habit of doing both) or an out of body experience (happened a few times before) but I'm not really knowledgeable in that area, so I don't know. Maybe it was someone invading my dream or something else entirely.

Also just out of curiosity would this experience have anything to do with the hat man? I have have noticed he has taken a liking to me a few weeks back, (also shadows, orbs etc) and I saw him in broad daylight and saw him directly on and I watched him for good few minutes before he faded in front of my eyes.

I am kind of used to seeing shadows, orbs, spirits/ghosts and so on. However, as of late I have noticed that they are becoming more active and more frequent. The hat man, was a really strange experience. I was walking down the road to the corner shop to pick up some milk etc. For the past few weeks I had felt that I was being followed and watched (sometimes seeing a shadow man and a ghost/spirit briefly), I just kept my head down and ignored the feeling etc. However, when walking back from the shop. I always keep my head looking forward while walking. I looked at this bus stop and as I blinked and re-opened my eyes he appeared. He stood near the stop. He wore a long trench type coat and wore what looked like a hat, maybe a fedora? He was kind of looking towards the ground and was really tall. I kept my eyes glued to him for a good few minutes, and at one point, I swear he looked over towards me. I didn't feel scared as such, I just felt that he was maybe lonely and curious, but hard to say. I arrived at the cross road, and I glanced to check (less than 1-2 seconds) that it was safe to cross before crossing. By the time I looked up, he was gone. I carried on walking, looking round for him, I watched as the bus suddenly arrived and drove past the stop. I quickened my pace to where he stood and looked round. There was no sign of him.

I don't know what's really going on anymore, everything seems to be coming at me all at once and I can't describe everything that has happened otherwise this post would be extremely long. Can anyone please help me? I already know that I'm psychic, and I don't take medicines, drink, smoke etc. What does everyone think of this/these experiences? (Mainly the old man in the graveyard attacking me)

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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-01)
Nights would go by when a ghost clown was in the corrner of my room it keeped on getting closer evry night on night I got pissed when it was at the foot of my bed and I started to read the bible out loud (th verses which God protects us sorry if it says c.l.o.w.n.s
NightFayre (4 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-30)
PsychicJR it kind of stood here for a moment frozen and then pulled away slowly, as in shocked itself that I caught it. I try not to be scared and I usually talk to spirits and the alike to help them or ask them to leave me alone. I will try praying, any idea of what I should say though as I'm not religious and never prayed before haha, thanks for your help:)
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-29)
When the figure was pulling away how fast was it because that could factor in because if it was lingering it might want to scare you but don't get depressed scared etc because some spirits eat/ live off off though thoughts and feelings try paying before going to bed

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