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How My Ability Came To Be


Since I was a little kid I knew I always had some sort of connection with making the weather but I never dwelled on it. It just was what it was. Around 5th grade my best friend told me she had the ability to control weather and I was shocked because I could too. (I guess people with similar abilities are more likely to find each other). So afterwards we just messed around with the weather amazed and excited about how everything was happening. Anyways we didn't go to the same middle school but I continued to practice the power.

I think that everyone who has this ability can control weather in their own way. For it to work for me, I have to either have my eyes closed or be staring directly into the sky. I have to strongly envision whatever weather I want to happen, for ex: snow. I have to picture snow falling and imagine myself pulling the snow from the sky. It's very stressful and I find myself feeling physically tired afterwards and out of breath like I just ran a pacer test. Unfortunately the results only happen the next day, never immediately. Well there has been only two incidents so far when it has happened immediately. That's another story lol.

But anyways, I can always feel the connection to the sky, and sorry if this sounds super weird, but like I am almost part of the sky.

I really need some tips on this ability, besides practice. Any similar experience you have is strongly suggested to be shared! This is my first submission so I'm not sure exactly how this site works and all lol. But any advice on how to get results a lot quicker would be super appreciated. I want to pull in the coming blizzard to where I live. Right now it's just barely missing us and my parents want a snow day so badly. But any tips you've got, don't be afraid to comment! Thx!

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Wind20022002 (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-23)
I can control the weater to, not strong but I can make it rain and sometimes make it snow when its cloudy outside. It dosent always work but I get really exited when it does. But first I learnd how to control the wind, I find that much easier. This is wery new to me so I don't have that meny tips, but if you have Any questions just ask.
Winter_Solace (109 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-06)
That's interesting how you can control weather. Quick question: Whenever you feel sad, does it ever rain?

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