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How Do I Get Learn More About And Depict My Vision?


I am a very mature 24 year old I don't drink or do drugs and I've always felt I could, as I call it, open myself to things but never had because I fear what could happen if I did.

Here recently I was talking to my mom and explaining to her how I feel I could and so and I decided to try to prove to myself that it was in my head and started explaining things I pictured in my head and a specific person I seen in my head and describe not only her grandfather but memories she had as a child with him. I also did the same with my fiance's mother about her father who had died before my fiance was born.

After doing this I've become interested in all of these visions I have but I don't know how to control it or sometimes understand what I see and feel. I don't even understand how to explain this its all new to me in the since of opening myself to it but I've even seen, in my grandmas house, a green swirl of what I call energy that I feel can change peoples moods its weird how I explain it its not human more if like maybe an energy portal.

I'd like to learn more about things like that and if I can do more then I realize I'd love to have someone help me learn more about this and hear stories like mine. I normally can see almost like a picture in my head but it moves like a movie but I can also get words or sentences that just pop in my head but when they happen my emotions automatically connect to it if its sad my eyes will even start tearing up as if I feel the spirits emotion I have also felt that but in anger or fear or even depression but I can tell the difference between random things that pop in my head because then there's no emotion to it. I could also see like symbols but I have a hard time trying to figure out what they mean.

I've never physically seen apperisions I've heard voices here and there and I have also seen a shadow in my house and I was the only one home in the physical form Id probably run screaming if I did because as much interest I've recently gain in this I also have a long standing fear of it as well because I don't feel I have control over it like I want to. So more less I feel like a blind man reaching for a strangers hand I can't tell if who grabs is good or bad. If you have any advise or would like to talk about my experience or similar experiences of yours I'd love to talk to you... Thank you!

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Winter_Solace (109 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-06)
You are opening up more spiritually. This is a great opportunity to learn more about your purpose. Just beware, the more you open up, the more you will have evil spirits latching onto you. I know of ways to shield yourself from them... Among other things. It is good that you can see things behind your eyelids. Means that you can more easily navigate spiritual realms, one in particular in which your whole spiritual progression requires and depends on significantly.

You're seeing symbols when you close your eyes? When they appear, does anything happen in particular? Like you can't "see" anymore for a while? If so, this would mean you already have made some enemies. There are organizations out there working hard to eliminate potential threats, you being one of them. So they try to seal people's powers away through magick spells, hence the symbols.

Dark shadows are demonic spirits. If you feel fearful or like you're being watched out of nowhere, that is a demon causing that feeling. One more thing I must warn you about. If you hear voices while in bed, falling asleep, do not answer to them. This is a trick evil spirits use to form small attachments to you, which weigh you down.

You mentioned that you felt like you could open up spiritually... Was it a yearning to do so? And if so, why do you want to awaken spiritually?

I have been on my path of awakening for over three years now, and have been through a lot of things, much of which I don't feel comfortable sharing publicly on here. If you are serious about spiritual awakening, contact me by email, which my address in on my profile page. We can discuss some of my experiences there as well. Talk to you soon.
Boson (179 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-29)
Hello Cholland,

I can understand how you feel powerless and confused when all these different psychic phenomenons manifest for you right in front of your eyes. It may seem without order and structure what you experience, but everything has an explanation (as much as you can explain non-physical things). From my own life with many years experience of psychic and spiritual matters, I have gathers certain understanding. I would gladly give you some guidance if you are willing to accept that you have been given this rather unusual gift.


PS. You can contact me at my website (

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